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August and 1892
From July to August 1892 he served in the Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert while Queen Victoria was holidaying in the Mediterranean.
On leaving the ship he was promoted to Lieutenant on 25 August 1892.
He rejoined HMS Ruby 31 August 1892, remaining in her until 5 September 1893.
In Berlin, Munch involved himself in an international circle of writers, artists and critics, including the Swedish dramatist and leading intellectual August Strindberg, whom he painted in 1892.
Originally a Cossack born in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Russian Turkestan ( now Kazakhstan ) in a family of Cossack Chorąży and his wife of kazakh origin, Kornilov entered military school in Omsk in 1885 and went on to study at the Mikhailovsky Artillery School in St. Petersburg in 1889. in August 1892, he was assigned as a lieutenant to the Turkestan Military District, where he led several exploration missions in Eastern Turkestan, Afghanistan and Persia, learned several Central Asian languages, and wrote detailed reports about his observations.
However, in 1924, Czech physicist August Žáček ( 1886 – 1961 ) and German physicist Erich Habann ( 1892 – 1968 ) independently discovered that the magnetron could generate waves of 100 megahertz to 1 gigahertz.
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< tr >< td > 17 < td > Henry Dobson < td > Conservative < td > 17 August 1892 < td > 14 April 1894
In August 1892, George W. O ' Brien, George W. Carroll, Pattillo Higgins and others formed the Gladys City Oil, Gas, and Manufacturing Company to do exploratory drilling on Spindletop Hill.
Stefan Banach (; March 30, 1892August 31, 1945 ) was a Polish mathematician.
On August 9, 1892, Edison received a patent for a two-way telegraph.
Edison filed for a U. S. patent on the duplex telegraph on 1 September 1874 and received on 9 August 1892.
* August 7 – Edwin Harris Dunning, British aviator ( b. 1892 )
* August 7 – Oliver Hardy, American actor ( b. 1892 )
* August 31 – Stefan Banach, Polish mathematician ( b. 1892 )
* August 31 – Marina Tsvetaeva, Russian poet ( suicide ) ( b. 1892 )
* August 27 – Herman Potočnik Noordung, Slovenian rocket engineer ( b. 1892 )
* August 6 – Alfred, Lord Tennyson, British poet ( d. 1892 )
* August 8 – Johnny Dodds, American jazz clarinetist ( b. 1892 )
* August 23 – Hoot Gibson, American actor ( b. 1892 )
* August 11 – Hugh MacDiarmid, Scottish poet ( b. 1892 )
* August 29 – Lowell Thomas, American writer ( b. 1892 )
* August 21 – Louis Vuitton, French fashion designer ( d. 1892 )
* August 9 – Alfred Steux, Belgian road racing cyclist ( b. 1892 )
Tazio Giorgio Nuvolari (; 16 November 1892 – 11 August 1953 ) was an Italian motorcycle and racecar driver, known as Il Mantovano Volante ( The Flying Mantuan ) or Nivola.

August and Tretyakov
On August, 15 1893 the official opening of a museum under the name " Pavel and Sergey Tretyakov City art gallery " ( nowadays Tretyakov Gallery ) took place.
On the following day, 20 August 1904, Tretyakov asked for reinforcements but, just as at Nanshan, none were forthcoming.

August and donated
Before his death on August 11, 1919, Carnegie had donated $ 350, 695, 654 for various causes.
With this deed dating back to August 15, 805 A. D., the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, she donated her entire property in Dachau, including 5 so called Colonenhöfe and some serfs and bondsman, to devolve to the Bishop of the Diocese of Freising after her death.
He also returned to Comerica Park on August 12 and 13. In December he went a 12 city club tour and donated proceeds to various charities in each city to support his single " Care ".
The owners of the land on which Lindow Man was found donated the body to the British Museum, and on 21 August it was transported to London.
As previously promised by UP, the D & RGW 5371 was donated to the Utah State Railroad Museum at Ogden's Union Station on August 17, 2009, and will reside in the Eccles Rail Center at the south end of the building.
It was first presented to August Belmont, Jr. in 1896 and donated by the Belmont family for annual presentation in 1926.
In 1886, 40 residents each donated one dollar to form a public library, and a primary and secondary school was completed in August 1867.
Morrison donated forty acres for a town, which was surveyed and platted in August 1894.
In August 1946, Fleet and his sister, Lillian, bought a parcel of land in Montesano and donated it to the city for Fleet Park, named in honor of their parents.
The estate and house are open to the public during the summer months ( 1 July to 30 August ) All profits made are donated to the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.
The museum was originally called the National Air Museum when formed on August 12, 1946 by an act of Congress and signed into law by President Harry S. Truman, some pieces in the National Air and Space Museum collection date back to the 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia after which the Chinese Imperial Commission donated a group of kites to the Smithsonian after Smithsonian Secretary Spencer Fullerton Baird convinced exhibiters that shipping them home would be too costly.
* The Alte Nationalgalerie ( Old National Gallery ) completed in 1876, also according to designs by Friedrich August Stüler, to host a collection of 19th century art donated by banker Joachim H. W. Wagener
He donated aircraft to Wernher von Braun who was investigating rocket propulsion for aircraft, as well as sponsoring the research of Hans von Ohain into turbojet engines, leading to the flight of the Heinkel He 178, the first aircraft to fly solely under turbojet power by Erich Warsitz on August 27, 1939.
Wilson donated US $ 2. 5 million to the construction of a " Pro Football Research and Preservation Center " at the Hall of Fame ; the facility was named in Wilson's honor on August 13, 2012.
* August 2011: California Zephyr is removed from Sunshine Plaza and donated to the Western Pacific Railroad Museum.
The National Park Service removed this locomotive from its property listings in August 1995 when it was donated to the Nevada Southern Railroad Museum at Boulder City, Nevada.
Sainsbury has donated £ 127 million of the Gatsby Charitable Foundation's money to Cambridge University in the last decade: he gave £ 45 million to Cambridge University's Botanical Gardens in August 2005.
The Papers of Hiram L. Fong were donated to the University of Hawaii at Manoa Library in August 1998 when over 1000 boxes, crates and trunks of documents, photographs, videos, and memorabilia at the senator's home were delivered to the University of Hawaii for inventorying, fumigation and preliminary processing.
At the end of August 2011, the final Eclipse rolled off the assembly line, and was auctioned off, the proceeds donated to charity.
In August 2010 it was announced that Priest's papers, along with the research files of Rebecca Stubbs, author of the biography J. Percy Priest and His Amazing Race, had been donated to the Tennessee State Library and Archives.
Many donated hours in helping with the open house, held 15 July – 3 August 1985, during which over one hundred thousand people toured the temple.
Legal processes delayed the acceptance of the donated property until 16 August 1928.
In August 2010, Jane Henson donated ten puppets from the show, including the original Kermit, to the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History.
On August 8, 2007, he donated the land to Lincoln County, which guaranteed that hunting and logging would not be allowed.

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