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August and 1937
The Second Sino-Japanese War broke out in July 1937, and in August of that year Chiang sent of his best-trained and equipped soldiers to defend Shanghai.
Donald Campbell Dewar ( 21 August 1937 – 11 October 2000 ) was a Scottish politician who served as a Labour Party Member of Parliament ( MP ) in Scotland from 1966-1970, and then again from 1978 until his death in 2000.
Born at 194 Renfrew Street, Glasgow on 21 August 1937 to mature parents, Dewar was an only child.
His siblings were August ( 1872 – 1952 ), Johannes ( 1873 – 1937 ), Lilli ( 1879 – 1950 ) and Elisabeth, who died shortly after birth in c. 1880.
With the help of lawyers in August 1937 he was successful in claiming a pension ; he received a cash settlement for his house, which had been taken over by the city of Cologne ; his unpaid mortgage, penalties and taxes were waived.
When Franco ordered Paraguayan troops to abandon the advanced positions in the Chaco that they had held since the 1935 truce, the army revolted in August 1937 and returned the Liberals to power.
A baby crying in the ruins of a Shanghai Railway Station bombed by the Japanese in August 1937
Michael Powell made The Edge of the World in 1937, a dramatisation based on the true story of the evacuation of the last 36 inhabitants of the remote island of St Kilda on 29 August 1930.
* Yakov Abramovich Popok ( August 1930 – 15 April 1937 )
* Batyr Atayev ( acting ) ( August 1937 – October 1937 )
This terrified baby was almost the only human being left alive in Shanghai's South Station after brutal Japanese bombing, August 28, 1937
* August 30 – Richard Jordan, American actor ( b. 1937 )
* August 11 – Gaston Doumergue, President of France during the Third Republic ( d. 1937 )
* August 1 – Chris Short, American baseball pitcher ( b. 1937 )
* August 30 – Ernest Rutherford, 1st Baron Rutherford of Nelson, New Zealand physicist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry ( d. 1937 )
* August 1 – John Ogdon, English pianist ( b. 1937 )
* August 19 – Alfred Dyke Acland, British military officer ( d. 1937 )
* August 16 – Abu Nidal, Paleiostinian militant ( b. 1937 )
Joseph Allen Towles was born in Senora, Virginia on August 17, 1937.
The first between August 1929 and March 1933 and the second starting in May 1937 and ending in June 1938.
De Marchis and Rossellini had two sons: Marco Romano ( born 3 July 1937 and died of appendicitis in 1946 ), and Renzo ( born 24 August 1941 ).
They had three children together: John Philip, Jr. ( April 1, 1881 – May 18, 1937 ), Jane Priscilla ( August 7, 1882 – October 28, 1958 ), and Helen ( January 21, 1887 – October 14, 1975 ).
Dustin Lee Hoffman ( born August 8, 1937 ) is an American actor with a career in film, television, and theatre since 1960.
In 1934 – 36, Berle was heard regularly on The Rudy Vallee Hour, and he got much publicity as a regular on The Gillette Original Community Sing, a Sunday night comedy-variety program broadcast on CBS from September 6, 1936 to August 29, 1937.

August and was
School began in August, the hottest part of the year, and for the first few days Miss Langford was very lenient with the children, letting them play a lot and the new ones sort of get acquainted with one another.
The street that is full now of traffic and parked cars then and for many years drowsed on an August afternoon in the shade of the curbside trees, and silence was a weight, almost palpable, in the air.
Ironically no president we have had would have regretted more than President Eisenhower the possibility to which his own words, in the press conference held at the beginning of August, testified: that unable as he was himself to say his running was best for the country, unconsciously he had placed his party before his nation.
From the night of August 30 to the morning of September 2 there was no Union cavalry east of the Macon railway to disclose to Sherman that he was missing the greatest opportunity of his career.
The 15th Street deposit is not to be confused with the nearby famous Mayflower Hotel cypress swamp on 17th Street reported in The Washington Post, August 2, 1955, which was probably formed during the second interglacial period and is therefore much younger.
Its ground for this recommendation was that, while petitioner claimed before the local board August 17, 1956 ( as evidenced by its memorandum in his file of that date ), that he was devoting 100 hours per month to actual preaching, the headquarters of the Jehovah's Witnesses reported that he was no longer doing so and, on the contrary, had relinquished both his Pioneer and Bible Student Servant positions.
He was born in the small Danish town of Rudkoebing on the island of Langeland in the south-central part of Denmark on August 14, 1777.
The final mailing of the questionnaire was made late in August, 1960, to 4,900 firms consisting of 3,450 from the AIA list and 1,450 from the TR list.
This was working by the end of August and giving satisfactory service.
Bailly, after leaving Fort Snelling in August 1821, was forced to leave some of the cattle at the Hudson's Bay Company's post on Lake Traverse `` in the Sieux Country '' and reached Fort Garry, as the Selkirk Hudson's Bay Company center was now called, late in the fall.
The normal rate of suicides in East Berlin was one a day, but since the border was closed on August 13 it has jumped to 25 a day!!
She glanced at the man nodding beside her, a man with weather cracks furrowed into his lean cheeks, with powdery pale eyes reflecting all the droughts he had seen, reflecting the sky and the drought which must follow now in August -- yes, with eyes predicting the drought and here it was only June, only festival time again and thoughts of Gratt Shafer would not leave her.
President Lincoln rejected two geographically limited emancipation attempts by Major General John C. Frémont in August 1861 and by Major General David Hunter in May 1862, on the grounds that it was not within their power, and it would upset the border states loyal to the Union.
On August 12, 2011, a plaque was unveiled on the Wolff building at Third Ave and La Mesa Bl commemorating Dwan and the Flying A Studios origins in La Mesa, California.
He was named Adjutant General as a colonel in the Republic of Texas Army on August 5, 1836.
Andy Warhol ( August 6, 1928 – February 22, 1987 ) was an American artist who was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art.
Andy Warhol ( né Andrej Varchola, Jr .) was born on August 6, 1928 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
From 2002 to July 2008 under Turkmen calendar reform, the month of August was named after Alp Arslan.

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