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December and 1890
Edwin Howard Armstrong ( 18 December 1890 – 31 January 1954 ) was an American electrical engineer and inventor.
Friedrich Christian Anton " Fritz " Lang ( December 5, 1890 – August 2, 1976 ) was an Austrian-American filmmaker, screenwriter, and occasional film producer and actor.
Fritz Lang himself was baptized on 28 December 1890 at the Schottenkirche in Vienna.
Heinrich Schliemann (; ( January 6, 1822 – December 26, 1890 ) was a German businessman and amateur archaeologist, and an advocate of the historical reality of places mentioned in the works of Homer.
On Christmas Day he collapsed into a coma and died in a Naples hotel room on December 26, 1890.
The first piece was published on December 20, 1890, five days after the killing of the Lakota Sioux holy man, Sitting Bull ( who was being held in custody at the time ).
Following the December 29, 1890, massacre, Baum wrote a second editorial, published on January 3, 1891:
It rapidly spread west and hit North America in December 1889, South America in February – April 1890, India in February – March 1890, and Australia in March – April 1890.
* The P & O ship Nepaul sank on the Shagstone in December 1890.
** 20 December 1947 – 29 October 1955 Johannes Hoffmann ( b. 1890 – d. 1967 ), CVP
Britain established a protectorate ( 1890 ) that became an independent sultanate in December 1963 and a republic after an uprising in January 1964.
* December 10 – Maurice McLoughlin, American tennis champion ( b. 1890 )
* December 23 – Anthony Fokker, Dutch-American aircraft manufacturer ( b. 1890 )
* December 8 – Clinton B. Fisk, American temperance movement leader ( d. 1890 )
* December 30 – El Lissitzky, Russian artist and architect ( b. 1890 )
* December 16 – Nina Hamnett, Welsh artist ( b. 1890 )
* December 25 – Fred Thomson, American silent film actor ( b. 1890 )
* December 29 – Paul Whiteman, American bandleader ( b. 1890 )
* December 23 – Princess Zorka of Montenegro ( d. 1890 )

December and urged
A meeting in London of the Admiralty and General Staff urged that the Flanders operation be undertaken in 1917 and Joffre replied on 8 December agreeing to the proposal for a Flanders campaign after the spring offensive.
When President Taylor in his December 1849 message to Congress urged the admission of California as a free state, a state of crisis was further aggravated.
Stokowski had previously given the US premieres of Shostakovich's 1st, 3rd and 6th Symphonies in Philadelphia, and in December 1941 urged NBC to obtain the score of the 7th as he wanted to conduct its premiere as well.
Frederick's chancellor, Christian I, Prince of Anhalt-Bernburg, urged Frederick to call a meeting of Protestant princes at Nuremberg in December 1619.
On December 6, 2007, the Opposition urged Charest to testify to the Canadian House of Commons Ethics Committee in its investigation of Karlheinz Schreiber.
On 23 December 1680, Shaftesbury gave another fiery pro-Exclusion speech in the Lords, in the course of which he attacked the Duke of York, expressed mistrust of Charles II, and urged the parliament to not approve any taxes until " the King shall satisfie the People, that what we give is not to make us Slaves and Papists.
In December 2010, Lauder publicly urged Serbia to extradite Peter Egner to the United States where he was wanted to stand trial for serving in a Nazi unit during World War II that murdered 17, 000 Jews.
* December 14, 2009: In an audio recording released on December 14, 2009, al-Zawahiri renewed calls to establish an Islamic state in Israel and urged his followers to “ seek jihad against Jews ” and their supporters.
At a secret meeting of the NSDAP leaders on December 5, 1932, Strasser urged the NSDAP to drop the demand for Hitler to become Chancellor and support Schleicher in exchange for which Schleicher would give the Nazis several cabinet portfolios.
On December 16, 1655, in Sokal, Polish Crown hetmans urged the nation to fight Swedish armies.
He attributed the country's political crisis to the December 1999 coup and he urged all Ivorian politicians to denounce the coup.
He was brevetted brigadier general of volunteers, 10 November 1864, and mustered out of service at his own request on 22 December of that year, refusing to remain in the army on light duty as he was urged to do.
Faupel, in November – December, urged the creation of a single German unit of 15, 000 – 30, 000, believing it would be enough to turn the tide of the war to the Nationalists.
His wife Sophie had already given up her ambitions, when she urged Franz Karl to renounce his claims to the throne at the time of his brother's abdication on 2 December 1848, allowing their eldest son Franz Joseph I to take the throne.
On December 14, however, the Treasury Department announced agreement had been reached the night before and urged Congress to enact into law the agreed upon language.
The Habsburg family tried a new start with a new emperor: Ferdinand I on December 2, 1848 was urged to hand over government.
On December 6, 2005 the Anti-Defamation League ( ADL ) urged the United States House of Representatives to delay approval of Ukraine's graduation from the amendment.
In December Bolívar returned to Angostura, where he urged the Congress to proclaim the creation of a new state: the Republic of Colombia ( Gran Colombia ).
King Conrad I of Germany, duke of Franconia, had died in December 918 without a son and urged his brother, margrave Eberhard, who was to succeed him as Duke of Franconia, to nominate Henry as king, although they had been at odds with each other from 912 to 915 over the title to lands in Thuringia.
As National Security Adviser, McFarlane urged Reagan to negotiate the arms deal with Iranian intermediaries, but McFarlane says that by late December 1985 he was urging Reagan to end the arms shipments.
In McCulloch's first annual report, issued on December 4, 1865, he strongly urged the retirement of the legal tenders or greenbacks as a preliminary to the resumption of specie payments.
Finally, in deference to the strongly urged views of Sir George Napier, Lord Stanley, in a despatch of 13 December, received in Cape Town on 23 April 1843, consented to Natal becoming a British colony.

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