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Dynasty and producer
The Zhongshan area was part of Dongguan during the Tang Dynasty ( 618 – 907 AD ), and was a significant sea salt producer.
In 1995, Samms appeared as the villainous Grayson Louder in the prime time soap Models Inc., a spin-off of Melrose Place, both produced by former Dynasty producer Aaron Spelling.
In 2005 Hammond portrayed television producer Aaron Spelling in Dynasty: The Making of a Guilty Pleasure, a fictionalized television movie based on the creation and behind the scenes production of the 1980s prime time soap opera Dynasty.
Dynasty: The Reunion also reunited much of the crew who had worked on the original series, including writer / creators Richard and Esther Shapiro, Eileen and Robert Mason Pollock, Edward DeBlasio, producer Elaine Rich, cinematographer Michel Hugo and costume designer Nolan Miller.
As with most of the Dynasty album, session drummer Anton Fig took the place of Peter Criss, who had been deemed unfit to play by producer Vini Poncia.

Dynasty and Aaron
He also commissioned series from Aaron Spelling such as Charlie's Angels, Starsky and Hutch, S. W. A. T, Hart to Hart, The Love Boat, Family, Vega $, and Dynasty.
She had earlier turned down the role of Sable Colby on The Colbys, the Aaron Spelling spin-off of the nighttime soap opera Dynasty.
Throughout her career, Locklear has appeared in eight television productions made by Aaron Spelling, these being Dynasty, T. J. Hooker, Matt Houston, Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, Hotel, Melrose Place, and the made-for-TV movie Rich Men, Single Women.
Produced by Aaron Spelling, it was a spin-off of Dynasty, which had been the highest rated series for the 1984 – 1985 U. S. television season.
Another Aaron Spelling production, Dynasty was ABC's answer to the highly successful CBS series Dallas.
Interestingly, Loren was also Aaron Spelling's first choice for the role of Alexis Carrington in Dynasty, but was passed over as she was requesting too much money, thus allowing the role to go to Joan Collins.
In 1980, Evans was cast as Krystle Carrington in Aaron Spelling's opulent new primetime soap opera, Dynasty.
" Executive Producer Aaron Spelling said during production of Dynasty: The Reunion that " Beethoven can leave a symphony unfinished ... We didn't think we could do that with a soap opera.
* Aaron Spelling: Beverly Hills, 90210, Charmed, Charlie's Angels, Dynasty, Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, Melrose Place, The Mod Squad, Starsky and Hutch, S. W. A. T., T. J. Hooker
Friend Aaron Spelling loosely based the " Carrington " characters of his hit TV series Dynasty on the Davises, even filming an episode at their Colorado home.
The 1980s Aaron Spelling soap opera Dynasty uses outside shots of The Desert Inn as the hotel the main characters use while spending time in Las Vegas.

Dynasty and Spelling's
Debuting with much fanfare ( Show was on the covers of both TV Guide and People immediately after the series ' debut ), the series ' ratings in its first season were not up to expectations, and the show was revamped in the middle of the first season from an episodic straight-laced drama format to a melodramatic soap opera serial format in the tradition of Dynasty, one of Spelling's earlier hits.

Dynasty and final
The first attempts towards implementing a constitution in China were made during the final decade of the Qing Dynasty.
* August 30 – October 4 – the Battle of Lake Poyang is fought between the Dahan rebel forces of Chen Youliang and the Red Turban Rebel forces of Zhu Yuanzhang on Lake Poyang, during the final decade of Yuan Dynasty control over China.
A variant of the program called Dynasty was used in the final battle sequence to create a crowd of 3, 000 in the Forbidden City.
Sima Qian stated, based on preceding Chinese records ( Bamboo Annals ), that the Xiongnu's ruling clan were descendants of Chunwei ( 淳維 " Chun tribes "), possibly a son of Jie, the final ruler of the legendary Xia Dynasty ( c. 2070 – 1600 BC ).
In the final years of the Han Dynasty, incompetent eunuchs deceive the emperor and persecute good officials, and the government becomes extremely corrupt on all levels, leading to widespread deterioration of the empire.
Though the work shows the journey from unity to division in the final years of the Han Dynasty, that is only the beginning of the book.
In c 1600 BCE, King Tang of Shang defeated Jie, the final Xia Dynasty king, and built Western Bo (), a new capital on the Luo River.
* Annals of Joseon Dynasty ( final volume )
Krystle and Alexis famously brawl in Alexis ' cottage and later in a lily pond, hurl mud at each other at a beauty salon, and slide down a ravine together into a puddle of mud before their final showdown in a fashion studio in the 1991 miniseries Dynasty: The Reunion.
She later returns to Denver and Dynasty for its final seasons.
Sable ( now divorced from Jason who was still involved with Frankie who survived the car crash ) and Monica Colby ( who no longer had contact with ex-lover Cash or their son Scott ) also later reappeared on Dynasty for the series ' ninth ( and final ) season in 1988 – 89.
During the final season of Dynasty, it is revealed that Monica and her twin Miles may not have been Jason's children, as Sable had been raped around the time they were conceived.
In the south, after the fall of Xiangyang in 1273, the Mongols sought the final conquest of the Song Dynasty in South China.
Cao Cao ( Wade-Giles: Tsao Tsao ; ; 155 – March 15, 220 ) was a warlord and the penultimate chancellor of the Eastern Han Dynasty who rose to great power during the dynasty's final years.
In the final years of the Eastern Han Dynasty and at the beginning of the Three Kingdoms Period around 210 CE, of the original administrative districts only 13 provinces zhōu existed as first tier territories with commanderies relegated to second place in the administrative hierarchy.
Jian ' an poetry refers to those poetic movements occurring during the final years of the failing Han Dynasty and continuing their development into the beginning of the Six Dynasties period.
From the territories he gained, Liu Bei established a position for himself in China during the final years of the Han Dynasty.
During the final years of the Han Dynasty, the Wu region-in the south of the Yangtze River surrounding present-day Nanjing-was under the control of the warlord Sun Quan.
Between June 68 and December of 69, Rome witnessed the successive rise and fall of Galba, Otho and Vitellius until the final accession of Vespasian, first ruler of the Flavian Dynasty, in July 69.
Eastern Zhou was a tiny splinter state of the Western Zhou state, both existing during final decades of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty.
He was the final ruler of the Yi Dynasty.
A final section of 5 " Eulogies of Shang " purports to be ritual songs of the Shang Dynasty as handed down by their descendents in the state of Song, but is generally considered quite late in date.
Following the cancellation of The Colbys after two seasons, Scoggins reprised the role in the final season of Dynasty.
After Chuluo Qaghan's death in 621 A. D., Princess Yicheng remarried for the fourth and final time to Chuluo Qaghan's successor and younger brother, Illig Qaghan, who revolted against the Tang Dynasty and was captured and killed in 630 A. D.

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