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Egypt and 1887
The new couple traveled to England, France, Italy, Egypt and Greece from 1886 to 1887.
In 1887, excavations at Tell El-Amarna in Egypt uncovered the diplomatic correspondence of Pharaoh Amenhotep III and his son Akhenaton.
In Egypt in 1887 W. M. F. Petrie found painted sherds of Cretan style at Kahun in the Faiyum, and farther up the Nile, at Tell el-Amarna, chanced on bits of no fewer than 800 Aegean vases in 1889.
His subsequent works of the same kind — Uarda ( 1877 ), Homo sum ( 1878 ), Die Schwestern ( 1880 ), Der Kaiser ( 1881 ), of which the scene is laid in Egypt at the time of Hadrian, Serapis ( 1885 ), Die Nilbraut ( 1887 ), and Kleopatra ( 1894 ), were also well received, and did much to make the public familiar with the discoveries of Egyptologists.
Early study of the language, however, was entirely based on the Mitanni letter, found in 1887 at Amarna in Egypt, written by the Hurrian king Tushratta to the pharaoh Amenhotep III.
Holding the post of private secretary to George Goschen, he rose in rank when, in 1887, Goschen became Chancellor of the Exchequer and, two years later, used his influence to have Milner appointed under-secretary of finance in Egypt.
In 1887 she published a second volume of poetry A modern apostle and inherited a considerable fortune from her grandmother which allowed her to travel to Constantinople ( Istanbul ), Palestine, India, and Egypt.
René Adolphe Schwaller de Lubicz ( 1887 – 1961 ), born René Adolphe Schwaller in Alsace-Lorraine, was a French occultist and student of sacred geometry known for his 15-year study of the art and architecture of the Temple of Luxor in Egypt and his subsequent book The Temple In Man.
Though he died six months after the fall of Khartoum, Abdalla's call was fully echoed by his successor, Abdallahi ibn Muhammad who invaded Ethiopia in 1887, penetrating as far as Gondar, and the remainder of northern Sudan and Egypt in 1889.
Wolff then assumed the role of British high commissioner in Egypt from 1885 to 1887.
A considerable number of Jews have held diplomatic posts, among the more prominent being Mordecai M. Noah, consul to Tunis, 1813 – 16 ; Edwin de Leon, consul-general to Egypt, 1854 ; August Belmont, secretary of legation at The Hague, 1853 – 55, and minister resident, 1855 – 58 ; Oscar S. Straus, minister to Turkey, 1887 – 89, 1897 – 1900 ; Solomon Hirsch, minister to Turkey, 1889 – 92 ; B. F. Peixotto, consul to Bucharest, 1870 – 76 ; Simon Wolf, consul-general to Egypt, 1881 ; Max Judd, consul-general to Vienna, 1893 – 97 ; and Lewis Einstein, third secretary of embassy at Paris, 1903, and London, 1905.
In Uruguay, water supply was privately managed from 1867 to 1950 ; in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for a brief period from 1887 to 1891 and again from 1993 to 2006 ; in Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt, from 1867 to 1956 ; in Beirut, Lebanon, from the 19th century until 1951 ; in Shanghai, China, from 1875 to 1949 ; in Casablanca, Morocco, from 1914 to 1962 and then again after 1997 ; in Senegal until 1971 and then again after 1996 ; and in Côte d ' Ivoire from colonial times until today without interruption.
Lillian Hunt Trasher ( 27 September 1887 – 17 December 1961 ) was a Christian missionary to Asyut, Egypt, as well as the founder of the first orphanage in Egypt.
New missions were started in Moldavia ( 1885 ), Pune ( India, 1886 ), El Minya ( Egypt, 1887 ).
Between 1887 and 1907, Hogarth travelled to excavations in Cyprus, Crete, Egypt, Syria, Melos, and Ephesus ( the Temple of Artemis ).

Egypt and W
* Legends of Babylon and Egypt in Relation to Hebrew Tradition, by Leonard W. King, 1918 ( a searchable facsimile at the University of Georgia Libraries ; DjVu & layered PDF format )
* J. W. McPherson, " The Moulids of Egypt ", Cairo, 1941
1984 was the year that Uncle Jamm's Army released their first single Dial-a-Freak and the year Egyptian Lover released his On the Nile album which includes the most listened 12 ' single Egypt Egypt. City of Compton former locking dancer Alonzo Williams formed his own electro-hop group World Class Wreckin ' Cru which included future N. W. A members Dr. Dre and DJ Yella.
* W. Grajetzki, The Middle Kingdom of Ancient Egypt: History, Archaeology and Society, Duckworth, London 2006 ISBN 0-7156-3435-6, 58-61
Many of the objects in the collection were augmented when the Ny Carlsberg Foundation sponsored excavations in Egypt in the beginning of the 20th century led by the English Egyptologist W. M. F. Petrie.
* Western Christianity's most prolific 20th century essayist, F. W. Boreham in ' Life at Thirty ' (' Cliffs of Opal ') mentions that in addition to Jesus commencing ministry at 30 ( Luke 3: 23 ), Joseph was 30 when he stood before Pharaoh, King of Egypt ( Genesis 41: 46 ), King David was 30 when he began to reign ( 2 Samuel 5: 4 ), and the Levites were numbered from the age of 30 and upward ( 1 Chronicles 23: 3 ).
... with W. W. Phelps and Oliver Cowdery as scribes, I commenced the translation of some of the characters or hieroglyphics, and much to our joy found that one of the rolls contained the writings of Abraham, another the writings of Joseph of Egypt, etc.
The W ’ ali of the city of Ashkelon, Al Amir Sayf al Mamlaka Tamim along with the custodian of the Mashhad, Qazi Mohammad bin Miskin, took out the buried casket of Raas al Imam al Husayn from the Mashhad, and with due respect and great reverence, on Sunday 8 Jumada al-Thani, 548 ( 31 August 1153 ) carried the head from the city of Ashkelon to Qahera, Egypt.
* Sloley, R. W., " Ancient Clepsydrae ", Ancient Egypt, 1924, pp. 43 – 50.
By 9 April, Greece had been forced to surrender and the 40, 000 W Force troops began a withdrawal from the country to Crete and Egypt, the last New Zealand troops leaving by 29 April.
" Egypt and Africa: Nubia from Prehistory to Islam edited by W. V.
" Egypt and Africa: Nubia from Prehistory to Islam edited by W. V.
The result was The Englishwoman in Egypt: Letters from Cairo, written during a residence there in 1842, 3 & 4, with E. W.
" Texts from Nineteenth-Century Egypt: The Role of E. W. Lane ", in Paul and Janet Starky ( eds ) Travellers in Egypt, London ; New York: I. B.
He had been serving as U. S. ambassador to Egypt, to which post he had been appointed by President Bill Clinton, when he was named to the Israel posting by George W. Bush.
More recently American archaeologists W. Coulson and A. Leonard founded " The Naucratis Project " in 1977 carrying out surveys in 1977-1978 and further surveys and excavations to the south of the site from 1980-1982 ( under the auspices of the American Research Center in Egypt.
It seems that the people of Kerma developed faience technologies independently of Egypt ( Julian Henderson, The Science & Archaeology of Materials, London: ROutledge 200: 54 ), and were manufacturing unusual new crafts such as glazed quartzite, faience pots and architectural inlays ( W SS, ' Glazed Faience Tiles found at Kerma in the Sudan ,' Museum of the Fine Arts, Vol. LX: 322, Boston 1962, p. 136 ; Peter Lacovara, ' Nubian Faience ', in ed.
* W. Grajetzki, The Middle Kingdom of Ancient Egypt: History, Archaeology and Society, Duckworth, London 2006 ISBN 0-7156-3435-6, 12-15
* W. Grajetzki, The Middle Kingdom of Ancient Egypt: History, Archaeology and Society, Duckworth, London 2006 ISBN 0-7156-3435-6, 15-17
File: Andrea Solario-Rest during the Flight to Egypt-WGA21601. jpg | Rest during the Flight to Egypt, 1515-oil on panel ; H. 77 cm, W. 55 cm, Poldi-Pezzoli Museum

Egypt and .
If Wilhelm Reich is the Moses who has led them out of the Egypt of sexual slavery, Dylan Thomas is the poet who offers them the Dionysian dialectic of justification for their indulgence in liquor, marijuana, sex, and jazz.
Being somewhat delicate in health, at the age of sixteen he was sent to Southern Europe, for which he at once developed a passion, so that he spent nearly all of the following ten years abroad, at first in Italy, then in Greece, Egypt, Asia Minor, and Palestine.
His credulity is perhaps best illustrated in his introduction to The Emancipation Of Massachusetts, which purports to examine the trials of Moses and to draw a parallel between the leader of the Israelite exodus from Egypt and the leadership of the Puritan clergy in colonial New England.
Stephens had written his classic `` incidents of travel '' about these regions a hundred years before, and Catherwood, who had studied Piranesi in London and the great ruins of Egypt and Greece, had drawn the splendid illustrations that accompanied the text.
But they refuse, as do the Arab states, to support the United Nations' expenses of maintaining the United Nations Emergency Force in the Middle East as a buffer between Egypt and Israel, and the U.N. troops in the Congo, which expenses are not covered by the regular budget of the United Nations, but by a special budget.
Just before coming to the mosque entrance I crossed the street, entered the Hippodrome, and walked ahead to the Obelisk of Theodosius, originally erected in Heliopolis in Egypt about 1,600 B.C. by Thutmose, who also built those now in New York, London and Rome at the Lateran.
Some are also in Albania and others are on loan to Egypt.
She was in Egypt during the revolution and had passport difficulty.
`` We have checked her in different parts of Europe and Egypt and finally back into this country.
She thought royal status might come her way when, while she was still in Rome, she met Pulley Bey, a personal procurer to King Farouk of Egypt.
In the Middle East, Iraq, Syria and Egypt were, a short while ago, in the Western camp.
Sesame seed, which comes from the tall pods of a plant grown in Egypt, Brazil, and Central America, has a toasted-nut flavor and can be used in almost any dish calling for almonds.
When Dag Hammarskjold was negotiating the Middle East peace after Israel's 1956 invasion of Egypt, he soon found himself speaking the mysterious phrases of Cairo, a language as anarchic as Casey Stengel's.
The last obstacle in Mrs. Geraghty's globe-girdling trip was smoothed out when a representative of Syria called upon her to explain that his brother would meet her at the border of that country -- so newly separated from Egypt and the United Arab Republic that she hadn't been able to obtain a visa.
An Egypt ian burial chamber mural, approximately 4000 years old, showing wrestler s in action.
There is no agreement on when and where this Urheimat existed, though the language is generally believed to have originated somewhere in or near the region stretching from the Levant / Near East to the area between the Eastern Sahara and the Horn of Africa, including Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan.
The use of the abacus in Ancient Egypt is mentioned by the Greek historian Herodotus, who writes that the Egyptians manipulated the pebbles from right to left, opposite in direction to the Greek left-to-right method.
The history of the alphabet started in ancient Egypt.
Others suggest the alphabet was developed in central Egypt during the 15th century BC for or by Semitic workers, but only one of these early writings has been deciphered and their exact nature remains open to interpretation.
The family includes a single genus, Ixiolirion, with four species distributed from Egypt to central Asia.
In Ancient Egypt, Aquarius was associated with the annual flood of the Nile ; the banks were said to flood when Aquarius put his jar into the river, beginning spring.
Much of the history of the Hittite Empire was concerned with warring with the rival empires of Egypt, Assyria and the Mitanni.
The Great Sphinx and the pyramids of Giza are among the most recognizable symbols of the civilization of ancient Egypt.
Map of ancient Egypt, showing major cities and sites of the Dynastic period ( c. 3150 BC to 30 BC )
Ancient Egypt was an ancient civilization of Northeastern Africa, concentrated along the lower reaches of the Nile River in what is now the modern country of Egypt.

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