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Some Related Sentences

English and speaking
The term armed boat, used primarily by English speaking naval forces, referred to any boat carrying either a cannon or armed occupants, such as marines.
And in our own language ,— for he was familiar with English poetry ,— speaking of the soul ’ s dread departure from the body:
These styles are known because of the importance of Irish and Scottish people in the English speaking world, especially in the United States, where they had a profound impact on American music, particularly bluegrass and country music.
A number of French comedians were also able to find an English speaking audience in the 1950s, including Fernandel and Jacques Tati.
* Chief Executive Officer or CEO / Executive Director for the nonprofit sector ( United States ), Chief Executive or Managing director ( United Kingdom, Commonwealth and some other English speaking countries ) – The CEO of a corporation is the highest ranking management officer of a corporation and has final decisions over human, financial, environmental and technical operations of the corporation.
In the province of Quebec, even when speaking in English, colleges are called Cégeps for Collège d ' enseignement général et professionnel, meaning " College of General and Vocational Education ".
The steel-string and electric guitars characteristic to the rise of rock and roll in the post-WWII era became more widely played in North America and the English speaking world.
Though native speakers of English have been working in non-English speaking countries in this capacity for years, it was not until the last twenty-five years or so that there was any widespread focus on training particularly for this field.
As such, Canadian English and American English are sometimes classified together as North American English, emphasizing the fact that the vast majority of outsiders even from English speaking countries ( and even Canadians and Americans themselves ), cannot distinguish Canadian English from American English by sound.
As the republicans were based in Canton ( a Cantonese speaking area, now commonly known as Guangzhou ), Chiang became known by Westerners under the Cantonese romanization of his courtesy name, while the family name as known in English seems to be the Mandarin pronunciation of his Chinese family name, transliterated in Wade-Giles )
A good example of such a metonymic shift in the singular-to-plural direction ( which, generally speaking, only occurs in British English ) is the following sentence: " The team have finished the project.
He uses the Latin " Cogito ergo sum " in the later Principles of Philosophy ( 1644 ), Part 1, article 7: "" At that time, the argument had become popularly known in the English speaking world as " the '' argument ", which is usually shortened to "" when referring to the principle virtually everywhere else.
* DeviantArt, an English speaking, American based website that focuses on art, which is commonly abbreviated to ' dA '
President Correa visited London in the same year, speaking mostly in English at the London School of Economics about the changes his government was making.
* English in the British Isles until its consolidation as a national language in the Renaissance and the rise of Modern English ; subsequently internationally under the various states in or formerly in the British Empire ; globally since the victories of the predominantly English speaking countries ( United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and others ) and their allies in the two world wars ending in 1918 ( World War I ) and 1945 ( WW II ) and the subsequent rise of the United States as a superpower and major cultural influence.
The letters used to designate a fighter differ in various countriesin the English speaking world, " F " is now used to indicate a fighter ( e. g. F-35 or Spitfire F. 22 ), though when the pursuit designation was used in the US, they were " P " types ( e. g. P-40 ).
Distributors in other native English speaking countries then followed suit.

English and countries
A threat of invasion by Henry in 1243 for a time interrupted the friendly relations between the two countries ; but the prompt action of Alexander in anticipating his attack, and the disinclination of the English barons for war, compelled him to make peace next year at Newcastle.
For instance member nations of the Commonwealth where English is not spoken natively, such as India, often closely follow British English forms, while many American English usages are followed in other countries which have been historically influenced by the United States, such as the Philippines.
Although most dialects of English used in the former British Empire outside of North America and Australasia are, to various extents, based on British English, most of the countries concerned have developed their own unique dialects, particularly with respect to pronunciation, idioms and vocabulary.
This divergence between American English and British English once caused George Bernard Shaw to say that the United States and United Kingdom are " two countries divided by a common language "; a similar comment is ascribed to Winston Churchill.
As colonies gained independence from Britain, in most cases the newly independent countries adopted English common law precedent as of the date of independence as the default law to carry forward into the new nation, to the extent not explicitly rejected by the newly freed colony's founding documents or government.
For example, the rules of tournament bridge are governed by the World Bridge Federation, and by local bodies in various countries such as the American Contract Bridge League in the U. S., and the English Bridge Union in England.
Both countries share the use of English and French as the two official languages as well as memberships in the Francophonie and the Commonwealth.
Centime ( from Latin centesimus ) is French for " cent ", and is used in English as the name of the fraction currency in several Francophone countries ( including Switzerland, Algeria, Belgium, Morocco and France ).
English criminal law and the related criminal law of Commonwealth countries can define offences that the courts alone have developed over the years, without any actual legislation: common law offences.
The use of the English language in most member countries of the Commonwealth of Nations was inherited from British colonisation.
While the language has continued to change in all of these places, modern Canadian English has inherited significant vocabulary and spelling from the shared political and social institutions of Commonwealth countries.
A distinctive East African English is spoken in countries such as Kenya or Tanzania.
Originating in the English village of Cheddar in Somerset, it is now produced in several countries around the world.

English and Xavier
This year masses are being held mainly in Konkanni, besides English, Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Portuguese and Spanish languages, but most, if not all the Masses, conclude with the recessional hymn Sam Fransisku Xaviera, Vhodda Kunvra ( In English it roughly translates Our Saint Francis Xavier, Great Prince ).
The English had read the letters of Jesuit missionary Francois Xavier d ' Entrecolles, which described Chinese porcelain manufacturing secrets in detail.
* Long John Silver is a Franco-Belgian comics series written by Xavier Dorison, illustrated by Mathieu Laufray and published by Dargaud in French and Cinebook in English.
* Xavier Pick, English artist
When Cable arrived from the future, it was Moira who taught him English and introduced him to Xavier.
* " Andalucía Suite " by Ernesto Lecuona, contains a tune titled " Andalucia / Andaluza " ( in English: " The Breeze and I ") which became a very popular song, recorded by dozens of musical groups, including: Art Blakey, Xavier Cugat, Jimmy Dorsey, Tommy Dorsey and Pink Martini
Ksawery Tartakower, PhD ( also known as Saviely or Savielly Tartakower in English, less often Xavier Tartacover or Xavier Tartakover ; 1887 – 1956 ) was a leading Polish and French chess Grandmaster.
Moreover, some Basque names, such as Xabier and Eneko ( English " Xavier " and " Inigo ") have been transliterated into Spanish ( Javier and Íñigo ).
Among notable guests were King Augustus II the Strong ( 1726 to 1727 and again in 1729 ), King Augustus III and his wife and sons Prince Francis Xavier and Prince Charles ( 1744 and 1752 ), Prince Charles of Saxony, Duke of Courland ( twice in 1759 ), Bishop Ignacy Krasicki ( 1760 ), King Stanisław August Poniatowski ( occasionally ), Emperor Joseph II Habsburg ( 1780 ), Grand Duke Paul, future Tsar Paul I of Russia, with his wife ( 1782 ), King Louis XVIII of France ( 1798 ), French, English, Turkish and Russian envoys and Italian actress.
He earned a degree in English from St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.
Xavier offers numerous honors classes and thirteen Advanced Placement classes, some of which are available as early as sophomore year, including Biology, Calculus AB, English Language and Composition, English Literature, European History, Italian, Spanish, Physics, Comparative Government and Politics, U. S. History, and World History.
He attended Xavier College ( later Xavier University, where he majored in economics and English literature and took the prerequisites to attend law school.
Infanta Dona Ana de Jesus Maria of Portugal (; English: full name: Ana de Jesus Maria Luís Gonzaga Joaquina Micaela Rafaela Francisca Xavier de Paula de Bragança e Bourbon ; Mafra, 23 October 1806 – Rome, 22 June 1857 ) was a Portuguese infanta and youngest daughter of King John VI of Portugal and his wife Carlota Joaquina of Borbón.
Cercle Brugge was founded on April 9, 1899 as Cercle Sportif Brugeois by former students of the Saint Francis Xavier Institute, colloquially known as De Frères ( English: The Friars ) in Bruges.
Unlike other Chinese schools in the Philippines, Xavier School was established as an all-boys school, a Filipino school with an English curriculum that integrated Chinese studies.
Xavier Sala i Martín ( also Sala-i-Martin in English ) ( born June 17, 1962, Cabrera de Mar, Barcelona, Catalonia Spain ) is a professor of economics at Columbia University.
Sanctuaire ( published as Sanctum in English ), began with a first volume published in 2001, with Xavier Dorison as writer and Christophe Bec as illustrator.
* Joseph Xavier Brennan, The Epitome troporum ac schematum of Joannes Susenbrotus ( Latin facsimile, English translation, and commentary ), diss.
* Emma Frost, besides being the headmistress of the Xavier Institute, also teaches English, business, and ethics, much to the horror of Kitty Pryde.

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