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Europe and there
but after war came to Europe, he decided to return to France, arriving there in January, 1940.
Henrietta, however, was at that time engaged in a lengthy correspondence with Joe's older and more serious brother, Morris, who was just about her own age and whom she had got to know well during trips to Philadelphia with Papa, when he substituted for Rabbi Jastrow at Rodeph Shalom Temple there during its Rabbi's absence in Europe.
Still there is a way for those who want to see some of the back country of Europe by car.
Only in Europe have our lines remained firm -- and there only on the surface.
Ayckbourn attended Haileybury, in the village of Hertford Heath, and while there toured Europe and America with the school's Shakespeare company.
However, there have been many wild claims of ancient mid eastern ancestry ( including Assyrian ) throughout Europe, Africa and even the Americas, none of which have been supported by mainstream opinion or strong evidence, let alone proof.
In areas of northern Europe, there are programs in place that allow hunting of the red fox in the arctic fox's previous range.
In the United States there is a proportionally limited tax on alcopops relative to those sold in Europe, although some states are considering legislation to bring their tax levels closer to the European model, which is credited with limiting consumption by youth.
Paul of Tarsus sailed for Europe for the first time from Alexandria Troas and returned there from Europe ( it was there that the episode of the raising of Eutychus later occurred ).
The most generalized type was Coryphodon, representing the family Coryphodontidae, from the lower Eocene of Europe and North America, in which there were 44 teeth and no horn-like excrescences on the long skull, while the femur had a third trochanter.
Conversely the use of true brass seems to have declined in Western Europe during this period in favour of gunmetals and other mixed alloys but by the end of the first Millennium AD brass artefacts are found in Scandinavian graves in Scotland, brass was being used in the manufacture of coins in Northumbria and there is archaeological and historical evidence for the production of brass in Germany and The Low Countries areas rich in calamine ore which would remain important centres of brass making throughout the medieval period, especially Dinant – brass objects are still collectively known as dinanterie in French.
Due to the rich mining history dating from medieval times ( the Black Forest was one of the most important mining regions of Europe circa 1100 ) there are many mines re-opened to the public.
* Vasconic substratum hypothesis: This proposal, by the German linguist Theo Vennemann, claims that there is enough toponymical evidence to conclude that Basque is the only survivor of a larger family that once extended throughout most of Europe, and has also left its mark in modern Indo-European languages spoken in Europe.
Although there were several competing theories as to the etiology of the Black Death, recent analysis of DNA from victims in northern and southern Europe indicates that the pathogen responsible was the Yersinia pestis bacterium, which causes the Bubonic plague, although these were different, previously unknown ancestral variants of those identified in the 20th century.
By contrast, in civil law jurisdictions ( the legal tradition that prevails in, or is combined with common law in, Europe and most non-Islamic, non-common law countries ), courts lack authority to act where there is no statute, and judicial precedent is given less interpretive weight ( which means that a judge deciding a given case has more freedom to interpret the text of a statute independently, and less predictably ), and scholarly literature is given more.
In the Middle Ages in Europe, there was generally a lack of any concept of literary property due to the general relations of production, the specific organization of literary production and the role of culture in society.
Furthermore, there are 52 foreign embassies and 69 consulates in the Republic of Croatia in addition to offices of international organizations such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, International Organization for Migration, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe ( OSCE ), World Bank, World Health Organization, International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia ( ICTY ), United Nations Development Programme, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and UNICEF.
More recently, although Russia and Eastern Europe remain the most important investment destinations, there have been increasing investment flows from the West through Cyprus into Asia ( particularly China and India ), South America and the Middle East.
In North Africa, as in Europe, there are references to cannibalism as a last resort in times of famine.
In Europe, this system worked through the medieval period because there was virtually no new gold, silver or copper introduced through mining or conquest.

Europe and is
Yet it is not only Europe the play refers to.
The consciousness it mirrors may have come earlier to Europe than to America, but it is the consciousness that most `` mature '' societies arrive at when their successes in technological and economic systematization propel them into a time of examining the not-strictly-practical ends of culture.
America is now joining Europe in this `` mature '' phase of development.
Was it supposed, perchance, that A & M ( vocational training, that is ) was quite sufficient for the immigrant class which flooded that part of the New England world in the post-Civil War period, the immigrants having been brought in from Southern Europe, to work in the mills, to make up for the labor shortage caused by migration to the West??
Faust rescuing Helen from Menelaus' vengeance is the genius of renaissance Europe restoring to life the classic tradition.
And when Vincent Berger returns to Europe, this first result of his encounters with mankind is considerably enriched and deepened by a crucial revelation.
One such event is the landing in Europe itself, when the mingled familiarity and strangeness of the Occident, after the blank immensities of Asia, shocks the returning traveller into a realization of the infinite possibilities of human life.
While it is hazardous to project the trend of history, it seems clear that a genuine community is painfully emerging in the Western world, particularly among the countries of Western Europe.
Had Churchill been returned to office in 1945, it is just possible that Britain, instead of standing fearfully aloof, would have led Europe toward union.
It is quite evident that the people of Western Europe are overwhelmingly opposed to participation in a nuclear war.
Morrison points out that since our country is more urbanized than the Soviet Union or Red China, it is the most vulnerable of the great powers -- Europe of course must be written off out of hand.
You remember the words of President Kennedy a week or so ago, when someone asked him when he was in Canada, and Dean Rusk was in Europe, and Vice President Johnson was in Asia, `` Who is running the store ''??
If you've travelled in Europe a time or two, it is quite certain that you've had that wanting-to-be-alone feeling or that you will get it on your next visit across the Atlantic.
A valid American driving license is accepted in all countries except Portugal, Spain, Yugoslavia and Eastern Europe.
Leasing a car is not as common or as popular as renting a car in Europe, but for long periods it will be unquestionably more economical and satisfactory.
This is a penetrating description of our post-war illusion, which applied to other areas than East Europe.
It is already difficult to recall how little we knew before the Trial of what had been done to the Jews of Europe.
In western Europe and North America, where the level of economic development is higher, grains and other seed products furnish less than one-third of the food consumed.
He is Aldo Rostagno, son of the Guglielmo Rostagnos of Florence whom the Burkes met last year in Europe.
This is an area nearly as large as Western Europe ; ;
The Kennedy hope is that, at the conference or through bilateral talks, the low-wage textile-producing countries in Asia and Europe will see that `` dumping '' practices cause friction all around and may result in import quotas.
Socio-cultural anthropology is considered anthropology proper in most of Europe, and in the parts of the world that were influenced by the European tradition.

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