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Florence and on
Miss Burke, a graduate of Miss Hall's school, stayed on in Florence as a career girl.
Based on a statement by Darnley made in 1894, it was believed that a group of Victorian ladies, including Darnley's later wife Florence Morphy, made the presentation after the victory in the Third Test in 1883.
Examples from the nineteenth century are the transposition of " Horatio Nelson " into " Honor est a Nilo " ( Latin = Honor is from the Nile ); and of " Florence Nightingale " into " Flit on, cheering angel ".
But in this Council, and later, in that of Florence, Ambrose, by his efforts and charity toward some poor Greek bishops, greatly helped to bring about a union of the two Churches, the decree for which, 6 July 1439, he was called on to draw up.
File: Albrecht Dürer-Adorazione dei Magi-Google Art Project. jpg | Adoration of the Magi, 1504, oil on wood Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence
A flood on November 4, 1966 collapsed the embankment in Florence, killing at least 40 people and damaging or destroying millions of works of art and rare books.
Bede may also have worked on one of the Latin bibles that were copied at Jarrow, one of which is now held by the Laurentian Library in Florence.
The Fountain of Neptune, Florence | Fountain of Neptune ( Fontana del Nettuno ) on the Piazza della Signoria in Florence, Italy
Much later ( 15th century ), the Council of Florence taught the divine inspiration of these books, but " did not formally pass on their canonicity.
Dylan Thomas was born in Swansea, in Wales, on 27 October 1914, to David John Thomas ( 1876 – 1952 ), a teacher, and Florence Hannah ( née Williams ) ( 1882 – 1958 ), a seamstress.
Thomas ' father " DJ " died on 16 December 1952 and his mother Florence in August 1958.
The Sapir household was largely run by Eva Sapir, who did not get along well with Florence, and this added to the strain on both Florence and Edward.
* A commentary on Isaiah, discovered more or less complete in a manuscript in Florence early in the 20th century and published 50 years later.
A page of Fibonacci's Liber Abaci from the National Central Library ( Florence ) | Biblioteca Nazionale di Firenze showing ( in box on right ) the Fibonacci sequence with the position in the sequence labeled in Roman numerals and the value in Hindu-Arabic numerals.
Image: Bartolommeo, Fra ~ Annunciation, 1500, oil tempera on wood, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence. jpg | Annunciation ( 1500 )
Deciding on a career as a caricaturist and gag writer, Fellini travelled to Florence in 1938 where he published his first cartoon in the weekly 420.
Standard Italian is not based on the speech of the capital, Rome, but on the speech of Florence because of the influence Florentines had on early Italian literature.
It caused a great stir on its arrival in Florence, being reputedly the first living giraffe to be seen in Italy since antiquity.
Florence Jean Castleberry (" Flo ") on the television series Alice became a waitress at Mel's Diner in Phoenix, Arizona, a roadside diner run by one Mel Sharples.

Florence and 8
In its alliance with Florence in 1426, Venice agreed to supply 8, 000 cavalry and 3, 000 infantry in time of war, and 3, 000 and 1, 000 in peacetime.
On July 8, 1891, Harding married Florence Kling DeWolfe, the daughter of his nemesis ( and hers as well ), Amos Hall Kling.
Originally commissioned as one of a series of statues of prophets to be positioned along the roofline of the east end of Florence Cathedral, the statue was instead placed in a public square, outside the Palazzo della Signoria, the seat of civic government in Florence, where it was unveiled on 8 September 1504.
The death of Lorenzo on the following 8 April, however, called the 16-year-old cardinal to Florence.
* September 8 – Michelangelo's sculpture of David is erected in Florence.
He was sentenced to two months in prison in Switzerland, while an Italian court in Florence sentenced him on December 15, 1987, in absentia, to 8 years in prison on charges of financing right-wing terrorist activity in Tuscany in the 1970s.
It still ranks as the # 8 Individual all-time and was the record that Florence Griffith-Joyner improved upon to set the still standing current world record.
On September 8, 1954, Bell started her swim across Lake Ontario from Queens Beach Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario to Toronto at virtually the same time as world famous United States long-distance swimmer, Florence Chadwick.
Its long loggia would have been a rare sight in the tight and curving streets of Florence, not to mention its impressive arches, each about 8 meters high.
Portions of the township were taken to form Fieldsboro ( March 7, 1850, within township ; became fully independent c. 1894 ), Bordentown Township ( March 8, 1852 ) and Florence Township ( March 7, 1872 ).
He reviewed Curran's Speeches, Carlyle's Life of Cromwell, a pamphlet by Isaac Butt on The Protection of Home Industry, The Age of Pitt and Fox, and later on The Poets and Dramatists of Ireland, edited by Denis Florence MacCarthy ( 4 April 1846 ); The Industrial History of Free Nations, by Torrens McCullagh, and Father Meehan's The Confederation of Kilkenny ( 8 August 1846 ).
When disc jockeys across the nation began to play the track from the album in the fall of 1967 and demanded its release as a single, Florence Greenberg, President of Scepter Records, complied and " I Say a Little Prayer " became Warwick's biggest US hit to that point, reaching # 4 on the U. S. and Canadian Charts and # 8 on the R & B Charts.
While there is much evidence of her having been raised in Montreal, in an alleged sworn deposition on October 8, 1917, a New York woman named Marie C. Russ did claim to be Florence's biological mother and referred to a Russ family burial plot in Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery, with lot number 17187 being reserved for Florence Russ, aka Florence La Badie.
On 13 October 1378, the priors of Florence enacted a statute against the Fraticelli ; on 8 July 1381, the city council of Florence commanded them to leave the city in two days or face the tribunal of the Inquisition.
* R. W. Serjeantson, ‘ Casaubon, ( Florence Estienne ) Meric ( 1599 – 1671 )’, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2004 accessed 8 Feb 2009
The then Marquess of Tavistock married on 20 June 1961 at St Clement Danes in London Henrietta Joan Tiarks ( born London, 5 March 1940 ), daughter of Henry Frederick Tiarks III ( born Woodheath, Chislehurst, 8 September 1900-died Marbella, 2 July 1995 ), a merchant banker with Schroders, who had married firstly on 27 April 1930 ( divorced in 1936 ) Lady Millicent Olivia Mary Taylour ( died 24 December 1975 ), daughter of Geoffrey Taylour, 4th Marquess of Headfort ; Henry Frederick Tiarks married secondly ( 3 October 1936 ) Ina Florence Marshman Bell ( born London, 5 November 1903-died Marbella, 10 April 1989 ), an actress known as Joan Barry, who had married firstly Henry Hampson.
Catherine Ayers ( Nia, I ), Nathan Sussex, Sousila Pilay ( II ), Lillie Downie ( Baby Ela Ford, III / 4, 6-10 ), Amelia Wyatt ( Baby Ela Ford, III / 3, 4 ), Nick Ross ( Gwilym, III / 3 ), Lisa Zamira ( III / 3 ), Lee Bane ( III / 3 ), John Schumacher ( III / 3 ), Tomos James ( III / 3 ), Tyron Lopez ( III / 4 ), Gemma Prosser ( III / 4 ), Hazel Condon ( III / 4 ), Bethan Cecil ( III / 7 ), Charlote Grey ( III / 8 ), Poonah Najimohammadi ( III / 9 ), Rob Kendrick ( actor ) ( III / 9 ), Martin Glyn Murray ( III / 9 ), Elen Florence ( I ), Charmaine Hibberd ( III / 10 ), Kathryn Dimery ( III / 10 ), Megan Browne ( Ela Ford )
Warren Harding, aged 25, married Florence Harding, aged 30, at his home in Marion, Ohio, on July 8, 1891.
* American Women's Singles Championship – Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman defeats Florence Sutton 8 – 10 6 – 1 9 – 7
For example, he recorded that in Florence there were 80 banks, 146 bakeries, 80 members in an association of city judges with 600 notaries, 60 physicians and surgical doctors, 100 shops and dealers of spices, 8, 000 to 10, 000 children attending primary school each year, 550 to 600 students attending 4 different schools for Scholastic knowledge, 13, 200 bushels of grain consumed weekly by the city, and 70, 000 to 80, 000 pieces of cloth produced in the workshops of the Arte della Lana each year, the latter having a total value of.
In 1576, at age of 8, he was sent to Florence, along with his younger brother Rodolfo, to serve at the court of the Grand Duke Francesco I de ' Medici and to receive further education.

Florence and September
Martin, after a long stay in Florence, was thus able to enter Rome in September 1420.
* September 21 – Florence " Flo-Jo " Griffith-Joyner, American runner ( b. 1959 )
* September 27 – Cosimo de ' Medici, ruler of Florence ( d. 1464 )
With a libretto by Angelo Zanardini, La Tilda had a successful first performance in April 1892 at the Teatro Pagliano in Florence, and after performances in a number of Italian theatres, it arrived at the Vienna Exhibition on 24 September 1892, alongside other works from the firm of Sonzogno.
* September 21 – Girolamo Savonarola, Italian religious reformer and ruler of Florence ( d. 1498 )
* September – Cosimo de ' Medici, later the de facto ruler of Florence and patron of Marsilio Ficino, is exiled by the Albizzi / Strozzi faction.
* September – Cosimo de ' Medici returns to Florence one year, to the day, following his exile by the Alberti and Strozzi faction.
He entered Rome on 20 September 1870 and set up the new capital there on 2 July 1871, after a temporary move to Florence in 1864.
The oldest attested flag of the republic dates back from 4 September 1465, when it was commissioned from a manufacturer in Florence.
On September 21, 1567 sentence of degradation and death was passed on him and sixteen others, ambassadors from Florence vainly kneeling to the pope for some mitigation, and on October 1 he was publicly beheaded and then burned.
Angelo Maria Bandini ( September 25, 1726 – 1803 ) was an Italian author and librarian born in Florence.
* During September 2010, the staff of KCST-FM Florence, Oregon noticed that their EAS equipment would repeatedly unmute as if receiving an incoming EAS message several times a week.
On 28 February 1922, Princess Mary married Henry Charles George, Viscount Lascelles ( 9 September 1882 – 23 May 1947 ), the elder son of Henry Lascelles, 5th Earl of Harewood, and Lady Florence Bridgeman, daughter of Orlando Bridgeman, 3rd Earl of Bradford of Weston Park.
Klein was born in Calgary to Phillip Andrew Klein ( born September 29, 1917 ) and Florence Harper ( 1924 – 2004 ).
The first stone was laid on September 9, 1296 by Cardinal Valeriana, the first papal legate ever sent to Florence.
Florence Edy in 1909Brownlee and his wife had two sons: John Edy Brownlee was born December 1915, and Alan Marshall Brownlee was born September 1917.
Soderini was repudiated in September 1512, when Cardinal Giovanni de Medici captured Florence with Papal troops during the War of the League of Cambrai.
From Germany Sir Robert went to Florence and then Rome, where he entered on Sunday, 27 September 1609, attended by a suite of eighteen persons.
Piero Capponi ( 1447 – September 25, 1496 ) was an Italian statesman and warrior from Florence.

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