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Hilton's and novel
Hilton's novel was adapted for BBC Radio 4 in three hour-long episodes under its Classic Serial banner:
* Hugh Conway, protagonist of James Hilton's novel Lost Horizon
The city's self-styled nickname is " The Shangri-La of Southern California ", referring to the similarities between the health-and-spirituality-focused region and the mystical sanctuary of James Hilton's novel Lost Horizon.
* In James Hilton's novel Goodbye, Mr Chips ( 1934 ), Katherine, the lovely young wife of the shy schoolmaster protagonist Mr Chipping, is said to have been living with an aunt in Ealing following the death of her parents.
Both the 1937 film and this one had their story from James Hilton's novel Lost Horizon.
The concept of Shangri-La, as first described in James Hilton's 1933 novel Lost Horizon, is claimed to have been inspired by the Shambhala myth ( as well as then-current National Geographic articles on Eastern Tibet Kham ).
The term comes from " Shangri-La ," the hidden valley of delight in James Hilton's 1933 novel " Lost Horizon.

Hilton's and ),
* Paris ( Paris Hilton album ), Paris Hilton's debut album
Balgarnie, one of the masters at The Leys ( 1900 – 30 ), who was in charge of the Leys Fortnightly ( in which Hilton's first short stories and essays were published ).
* Paris Hilton's My New BFF ( 2008-2011 ), on MTV ( US & UAE Seasons ) & ITV2 ( UK Season ), via Ish Entertainment
Hilton's daughters have written a book, Le Coeur au beurre noir ( The Heart with a Black Eye ), describing their abuse in detail.
Stanley Hilton is also an author having written four books, including an unauthorized biography, Bob Dole, American Political Phoenix ( 1988 ); Senator for Sale ( 1995 ), another biography which purports to reflect Hilton's deep animus towards Dole, Glass Houses ( 1998 ), about congressional sex scandals ; and To Pay or Not to Pay ( 2003 ).

Hilton's and Hilton
While Blackstone saw an opportunity to streamline the company and push Hilton's expansion overseas when Blackstone pursued Hilton in 2006 and 2007, the buyout saddled the company with $ 20 billion of debt just as the economy was turning down.
Hilton HHonors is Hilton's guest loyalty program in which frequent guests can accumulate points and airline miles by staying with the various Hilton family of brands.
The U. S. branch of Hilton hotels was reunited with the international properties after more than 40 years in February 2006, when United States-based Hilton Hotels Corporation purchased the hotels division of United Kingdom-based Hilton Group plc, which had acquired Hilton's International operations in 1987 ( the companies had been separated originally in 1964 ).
It has been claimed that Weaverville was an inspiration for the remote paradise of Shangri-la from British author James Hilton's " Lost Horizon ", but this is the result of a misinterpretation of a comment by Hilton in a 1941 interview, in which he said that Weaverville reminded him of Shangri-La .. Junction City ( about 8 miles from Weaverville ) has a Tibetan Buddhist center.
Settled in 1623 as Hilton's Point by brothers William and Edward Hilton, London fishmongers, Dover is the oldest permanent settlement in New Hampshire, and the seventh oldest in the United States.
Hilton's name can still be seen (" C Hilton 1903 ") carved on the wall of what was once the schoolhouse, since then a mechanic's garage, and now a barn.
Building began under Hilton Hotels, which purchased Bally Entertainment in 1996 ; Hilton's casinos were subsequently spun off into Park Place Entertainment, which purchased Caesars World in 2000 and changed its name to Caesars Entertainment Inc in 2004.
During one performance in September 1973, following news that one of the Hilton's staff that Presley was fond of had been fired, he attacked Barron Hilton in a verbal rage on stage.
In July 2004, Salomon dropped his lawsuit against the Hilton family after Paris Hilton's privacy lawsuit was thrown out of court.
The Hotels Statler Company, Inc., was sold to Conrad Hilton's ( Hilton Hotels ) in 1954 for $ 111, 000, 000 in what was then the world's largest real estate transaction.
At an auction to raise money for breast cancer ( in memory of the Hilton grandmother ) she wears Paris Hilton's 21st dress, thereby devaluing it.

Hilton's and himself
In all, they collaborated on 39 works, including a 1956 musical adaptation of James Hilton's Lost Horizon, entitled Shangri-La, with the author himself.
In all, they collaborated on 39 works, including a 1956 musical adaptation of James Hilton's Lost Horizon, entitled Shangri-La, with the author himself.

Hilton's and .
* On the coast of New Hampshire, the settlement of Hilton's Point that will become Dover is established by men from London, England, the first European settlers in the state.
Hilton's hypothesis is that Peel wished to actually be deposed on a liberal issue so that he might later lead a Peelite / Whig / Liberal alliance.
The book, published in 1933, caught the notice of the public only after Hilton's Goodbye, Mr. Chips was published in 1934.
Hilton's Conway is not as successful as the character in the film version.
Many of Hilton's properties are franchised to independent operators and companies.
Most of Hilton's flagship properties, airport properties, and largest resorts however are corporate managed.
Hilton's logo appears prominently in the space station's lounge.
The song " Radio " from the album debuted on Perez Hilton's site on May 15, 2012.
By 1640, Trickey's Ferry operated between Bloody Point and Hilton's Point in Dover.
They promoted colonization in America, and that year Hilton's Point was the arrival point of numerous immigrant pioneers, many from Bristol.
File: Conrad Hilton's Mobley Hotel, Cisco, TX IMG 6403. JPG | Conrad Hilton's Mobley Hotel
He also wrote the Foreword to Adrian Hilton's book on this issue, The Principality and Power of Europe.
* In an episode of Robot Chicken, Bizarro is portrayed as Paris Hilton's boyfriend using his Bizarro speech to insult Paris in what on the surface appears to be a compliment.
Previously held at the Las Vegas Hilton's Main Theater, they staged for the first time at The Palazzo Ballroom in The Venetian.

final and novel
But as he remarks in his preface to The Walnut Trees, `` a novel can hardly ever be rewritten '', and `` when this one appears in its final form, the form of the first part will no doubt be radically changed ''.
This is taken from the final act of the graphic novel when Batman does the same thing at the abandoned tenement fire.
* The concluding scene where Batman and Gordon are on top of the police headquarters continues, to an extent, the final page of the graphic novel where newly promoted Jim Gordon waits for Batman to arrive.
Moll Flanders and Defoe's final novel Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress ( 1724 ) are examples of the remarkable way in which Defoe seems to inhabit his fictional ( yet " drawn from life ") characters, not least in that they are women.
* Kathrine Taylor's Address Unknown ( 1938 ) was an anti-Nazi novel in which the final letter is returned as " Address Unknown ", indicating the disappearance of the German character.
K. briefly catches sight of her, or someone who looks similar to her, in the final pages of the novel.
Mitchell and her husband John Marsh, a copy editor by trade, edited the final version of the novel.
Gernsback's second ( and final ) novel, written c. 1958, was not published until 1971.
Whale's final months are the subject of the 1995 novel Father of Frankenstein by Christopher Bram.
He added the final sentence of the novel, " He never saw Molly again ", at the last minute in a deliberate attempt to prevent himself from ever writing a sequel, but ended up doing precisely that with Count Zero ( 1986 ), a character-focused work set in the Sprawl alluded to in its predecessor.
The final book takes place ( largely ) with a mission to a far off system to discover the Tyrathca ' Sleeping God ' ( which was previously unknown, but learnt of in the first novel ), which was discovered by the Tyrathca when they were travelling the galaxy, looking for new planets to populate.
The first official relaunch novel, The Good That Men Do by Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin was published by Pocket Books on February 28, 2007, and gives a different perspective on the events shown in the final episode.
The fourth installment of the novel series is titled The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm, by Michael A. Martin was announced in Star Trek Magazine issue 154, released in trade paperback format on October 25 2011 and is the final novel in The Romulan War series, taking the story to the end of the Romulan War and the decommission of the Enterprise.
* A space elevator is also constructed in the course of Clarke's final novel ( co-written with Frederik Pohl ), The Last Theorem.
Robert B. Parker's 2001 novel Potshot borrows heavily from the end of the movie for the final confrontation between Spenser's group of seven outlaws and the Dell, the antagonists of the story, going so far as to acknowledge it in dialog between characters and having one of them say the line, " We deal in lead, friend.
In the final hunt for Ralph at the end of the novel, Roger is armed with " a stick sharpened at both ends ," indicating his intentions of killing Ralph and offering his head as a sacrifice to the " beast ".
* Suttree in the Cormac McCarthy novel of the same name nearly dies of typhoid fever in the final scenes of the novel.
His first poems were published when he was 24 years old, and he was polishing his final novel, The Sundering Flood, at the time of his death.
The final scenes in acts one and four — the scenes with Rodolfo and Mimì — resemble both the play and the novel.
Wilson claims his book was already complete by the time he and Shea read Pynchon's novel ( which went on to win several awards ), but they then went back and made some modifications to the text before its final publication to allude to Pynchon's work.
In the first novel of the series, he is hostile toward Harry and is built up to be the primary antagonist until the final chapters.
He ultimately becomes Headmaster of Hogwarts in the final novel.
The 1995 song Noch koroche dnya (" Night is Shorter than Day ") by the Russian heavy metal band Aria is based on Meursault's encounter with the chaplain in the final scene of the novel.

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