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January and 1776
On January 24, 1776, Henry Knox arrived with artillery captured from Fort Ticonderoga, which enabled Washington to drive the British army out of Boston.
* Johann Wilhelm Ritter, chemist and physicist, born December 16, 1776 in nearby Samitz, died January 23, 1810 in Munich
In January 1776, Allen and his men were put on board HMS Soledad, which sailed for Cork, Ireland.
It became the first of the British North American colonies to break away from Great Britain in January 1776, and six months later was one of the original thirteen states that founded the United States of America.
* Tory Act University of Tulsa ; Order of the Continental Congress, Philadelphia, 2 January 1776
On June 15, the Provincial Congress of New Jersey, which had been governing the province since January 1776, resolved that Royal Governor William Franklin was " an enemy to the liberties of this country " and had him arrested.
* January 23 – Johann Wilhelm Ritter, German chemist and physicist ( b. 1776 )
The expedition got under way in October 1775 and arrived at Mission San Gabriel in January 1776, the colonists having suffered greatly from the winter weather en route. Juan Bautista de Anza, from a portrait in oil by Fray Orsi in 1774
On January 22, 1829, at the age of 35, Houston married 19-year-old Eliza Allen, the daughter of the well-connected planter Colonel John Allen ( 1776 – 1833 ) of Gallatin, Tennessee, who was a friend of Andrew Jackson.
In January 1776 he took his place with Roger Sherman and Oliver Wolcott as the Connecticut delegation in Philadelphia.
General Henry Knox passed through the town in January 1776, bringing cannons from Fort Ticonderoga in New York to aid in ending the Siege of Boston, a route now known as the Knox Trail.
I, January 1, 1769-March 13, 1776 ).
As a famous story of Muhlenberg has it, at conclusion of his farewell sermon on January 21, 1776, Muhlenberg threw off his clerical robes to reveal an officer's uniform beneath and shouted, " there is a time to pray and a time to fight ..." With that declaration, the story says he then called for volunteers to join the 8th Virginia Regiment under his command.
On January 2, 1847, his story " Fourth of July, 1776 " appeared in Saturday Review magazine.
*, was a row galley acquired in January 1776 with an unknown fate after August the same year
Johann Joseph von Görres ( 25 January 1776 – 29 January 1848 ) was a German writer and journalist.
Barthold Georg Niebuhr ( August 27, 1776, Copenhagen – January 2, 1831, Bonn ) was a Danish-German statesman and historian who became Germany's leading historian of Ancient Rome and a founding father of modern scholarly historiography.
* January 2-Barthold Georg Niebuhr, historian ( born 1776 )
It was first published anonymously on January 10, 1776, at the beginning of the American Revolution.
In January 1776 Howe's role as commander in chief was cemented with a promotion to full general in North America.
Abraham Raimbach ( 16 February 1776 – 17 January 1843 ), was an English line-engraver of Swiss descent.
* 1776Thomas Paine publishes Common Sense ( January 10 )
William remained as governor until January of 1776 when colonial militiamen placed him under house arrest until the middle of June.

January and just
On January 8, 1982, just before the case was to be heard by the U. S. Supreme Court, President Ronald Reagan authorized his Treasury and Justice Departments to ask that the BJU case be dropped and that the previous court decisions be vacated.
Defender Tommy Caton, who had been out of action due to injury since January 1991, announced his retirement from playing on medical advice in March 1993, having failed to recover full fitness, and he died suddenly at the end of the following month, aged just 30 years.
As with the rest of the British Isles and South West England, the area experiences a maritime climate with warm summers and mild winters-this is particularly pronounced due to its position near the coast-extremes range from a record low of just in January 1987 up to a record high of during June 1976.
By contrast, in January 2001, just three dot-coms bought advertising spots during Super Bowl XXXV.
The Director of Documentation for what was then the Société nouvelle d ' exploitation de la tour Eiffel ( SNTE ), Stéphane Dieu, commented in January 2005, " It is really just a way to manage commercial use of the image, so that it isn't used in ways we don't approve.
Following an operation to cure deafness, an abscess formed in his ear and burst ; he endured intense pain for a week and died at 2am on 18 January 1873 just short of his 70th birthday.
With almost 20 parties competing in the first round, the presidential election came down to a January 7, 1996 runoff in which PAN candidate Álvaro Arzú Irigoyen defeated Alfonso Portillo Cabrera of the FRG by just over 2 % of the vote.
Granville is also the location of the Granville railway disaster, which occurred on 18 January 1977 when a commuter train derailed just before the Bold Street overpass and hit the staunchion, causing the bridge to collapse.
In 1933 Wells predicted in The Shape of Things to Come that the world war he feared would begin January 1940, a prediction which ultimately came true just four months early, when the Second World War broke out in September 1939.
Bogart had just turned 57 and weighed 80 pounds ( 36 kg ) when he died on January 14, 1957, after falling into a coma.
He accepted, but left the show for good in January 1985, just three months into the season.
In January 2009, just before the new store opened in Southampton, the MV Red Osprey of Red Funnel was re-painted in an entirely yellow and blue livery to celebrate the opening of the new IKEA store in Southampton.
According to the WMUR / Granite State Poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire, just three months after taking office in January of 2005, Lynch's approval rating surpassed 50 % and has stayed upwards of 55 % throughout his tenure.
On 11 January 2008, Jay Kay himself posted a news item in which he thanked everyone who wished him the best for his birthday, and announced that the writing process for the new album had just begun.
23 January 1960: Bathyscaphe Trieste | Trieste just before the dive
In January 1821, on his return from Naples, Paganini met Rossini again in Rome, just in time to become the composer's substitute conductor for his opera Mathilde de Sharbran, upon the sudden death of the original conductor.
In January 2006 the population of Normandy ( including the part of Perche which lies inside the Orne département but excluding the Channel Islands ) was estimated at 3, 260, 000 with an average population density of 109 inhabitants per km², just under the French national average, but rising to 147 for Upper Normandy.
But in other instances, Mary McAleese has been criticised for certain comments, such as a reference to the way in which Protestant children in Northern Ireland had been brought up to hate Catholics just as German children had been encouraged to hate Jews under the Nazi regime, on 27 January 2005, following her attendance at the ceremony commemorating the sixtieth anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp .< ref >
In January 2012, the magazine ran exclusive excerpts from Hastings ' book just prior to publication.
In January 2372 ( Stardate 49011 ) the Klingon Empire attacked the Cardassian Union, believing the Detapa Council of Cardassia ( which had just come to power in the wake of the Cardassian Central Command being overthrown, making it the first civilian government of the Cardassian Union with Gul Dukat as military advisor ) had been infiltrated by the Dominion (" The Way of the Warrior ").
The climate is mild: frosts are common only in December, January and February, with an average of just 8 days per year, while snow is rare ; temperatures over are exceptional.
On 5 January 2010, a senior manager of the Internet Explorer team at Microsoft announced on his official blog that Microsoft had just requested to join the SVG Working Group of the W3C in order to " take part in ensuring future versions of the SVG spec will meet the needs of developers and end users ," although no plans for SVG support in Internet Explorer were mentioned at that time.
At the time of the first releases, versions 0. 1, 0. 5 and 1. 0, all from the first half of January 1992, it did not have a proper name, and Tridgell just called it " a Unix file server for Dos Pathworks ".
Sessions in October and November yielded just one usable single (" Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window "), and two days of recording in January 1966 for what was intended to be Dylan's next album, Blonde on Blonde resulted in " One of Us Must Know ( Sooner or Later )", which was released as a single a few weeks later and was subsequently selected for the album.
" In The Last Waltz, Manuel claimed that they wanted to call themselves either " The Honkies " or " The Crackers " ( which they used when backing Dylan for a January 1968 concert tribute to Woody Guthrie ), but these names were vetoed by their record label ; Robertson suggests that during their time with Dylan everyone just referred to them as " the band " and it stuck.

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