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January and 2006
Currently, there are three retired Associate Justices: Sandra Day O ' Connor, who assumed senior status on January 31, 2006, David H. Souter, who assumed senior status on June 29, 2009, and John Paul Stevens, who assumed senior status on June 29, 2010.
On 1 January 2007, the municipality lost its short-lived ( 2003 until 2006 ) county privileges and became part of Region Hovedstaden ( i. e. the Copenhagen Capital Region ).
The BBC News at Ten began simulcasting on the channel on 30 January 2006 as part of the Ten O ' Clock Newshour, followed by extended sport and business news updates.
The successful American businessman and investor Warren Buffett was quoted in the Associated Press ( January 20, 2006 ) as saying " The U. S trade deficit is a bigger threat to the domestic economy than either the federal budget deficit or consumer debt and could lead to political turmoil ...
In January 2006, the Florida Keys had recovered enough to host the fundraising concert to benefit the more hard-hit community of Ocean Springs.
* 6. 912 Introduction to Copyright Law taught by Keith Winstein, MIT OpenCourseWare January IAP 2006
* MIT OpenCourseWare 6. 912 Introduction to Copyright Law Free self-study course with video lectures as offered during the January 2006, Independent Activities Period ( IAP )
In January 2006 Chileans elected their first woman president, Michelle Bachelet, of the Socialist Party.
The first 7 km was completed by January 2006.
( 1 January 2006 )
27. 16 billion cubic metres ( 1 January 2006 )
The two governments signed a document to bolster cooperation in Havana in January 2006.
In 2003, the NZBS further extended restrictions to preclude permanently donors who had received a blood transfusion in the United Kingdom since January 1980, and in April 2006, restrictions were further extended to include the Republic of Ireland and France.
In 1991 there were 2, 000 foreign learners taking China's official Chinese Proficiency Test ( comparable to the English Cambridge Certificate ), while in 2005, the number of candidates had risen sharply to 117, 660 .< ref > " 汉语水平考试中心 : 2005年外国考生总人数近12万 ",< sup > Gov. cn </ sup > Xinhua News Agency, January 16, 2006 .</ ref >
Kung Te-cheng's grandson, Kung Tsui-chang, the 79th lineal descendant, was born in 1975 ; his great-grandson, Kung Yu-jen, the 80th lineal descendant, was born in Taipei on January 1, 2006.
Charles returned to hosting his 6 Music show from November 2006 and to filming Coronation Street from January 2007.
The team hosted ( and lost ) their divisional round match on January 15, 2006 against the Carolina Panthers.
* Sound Mirrors ( January 2006 )
* " Man in a Garage " ( 9 January 2006 )
The researchers estimate there are up to 2, 000 coyotes living in " the greater Chicago area " and that this circumstance may well apply to many other urban landscapes in North America .< ref name =" urb ">< span class =" plainlinks ">" Thriving under our noses, stealthily: coyotes " URL accessed on January 9, 2006 .</ span ></ ref > In Washington, D. C .' s Rock Creek Park, coyotes den and raise their young, scavenge roadkill, and hunt rodents.
She then reprised the role in the Broadway production from January 10 through November 12, 2006.
* Wegge, J., van Dick, R., Fisher, G., Wecking, C., & Moltzen, K. ( 2006, January ).
The project, which used Craig Venter's personal yacht, Sorcerer II, started in Halifax, Canada, circumnavigated the globe and returned to the U. S. in January 2006.
According to results released in January 2006, the constitution was approved by 84 % of voters.
The textiles sector experienced an approximate 17 % drop in exports due in part to the appreciation of the Dominican peso against the dollar, Asian competition following expiration of the quotas of the Multi-Fiber Arrangement, and a government-mandated increase in salaries, which should have occurred in 2005 but was postponed to January 2006.

January and new
The plantation was sold in January, 1845, and Palfrey thought the new owner ought to pay his people two months' wages.
The new promotion manager has been employed by the company since January, 1946, as a commercial artist in the advertising department.
The gathering of ormers is now restricted to a number of ' ormering tides ', from January 1 to April 30, which occur on the full or new moon and two days following.
On January 19, 1879, Alcott and Franklin Benjamin Sanborn wrote a prospectus for a new school which they distributed to potentially interested people throughout the country.
The Jewish holiday Tu Bishvat, the new year for trees, is on the 15th day of the month of Shvat, which usually falls in January or February.
On January 23, Jacksonville Jaguars defensive coach and former linebackers coach for the 2000 Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens Mike Smith was named the Falcons ' new head coach.
* January 23, 2011: The pedestrian zone Akihabara's Chūōdōri High Street is reopened 2 1 / 2 years after the massacre with a memorial service and new rules.
In the January 1997 State of the Union address, Clinton proposed a new initiative to provide coverage to up to five million children.
Bulletins on BBC One moved into a new set in January 2003 although retained the previous ivory Lambie-Nairn titles until February 2004.
In January 2010, he stated in an interview that his new film project is called Bruce vs. Frankenstein.
Frustrated with their lack of concern for quality, Chaplin joined forces with Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, and D. W. Griffith to form a new distribution company — United Artists, established in January 1919.
A new constitution in January 1976 established Democratic Kampuchea as a Communist People's Republic, and a 250-member Assembly of the Representatives of the People of Kampuchea ( PRA ) was selected in March to choose the collective leadership of a State Presidium, the chairman of which became the head of state.
On January 10, 1979, after the Vietnamese army and the KUFNS invaded Cambodia, the new People's Republic of Kampuchea ( PRK ) was established with Heng Samrin as head of state.
Cyprus ratified the new world trade agreement ( General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, GATT ) in 1995 and began implementing it fully on 1 January 1996.
On 1 January 2005, the old schools were replaced by new departments:
On January 29, 2012, for the first time since the team's inception, the Carolina Panthers unveiled a new refined logo and logotype.
In January 2007, the group publicly announced their reformation and on 23 February, after 20 days of auditions, former Beck drummer Matt Sherrod joined Finn, Seymour and Mark Hart to complete the new line up.
To maintain the momentum of the perceived commercial interest in this new investment opportunity, in 1983, the Government itself granted eleven interim franchises for new broadband systems each covering a community of up to around 100, 000 homes, but the competitive franchising process was otherwise left to the new regulatory body, the Cable Authority, which took on its powers from January 1, 1985.
At COCU's 18th plenary meeting in St. Louis, Missouri ( January 1999 ), CUIC was proposed as a new relationship among the nine member communions.
On January 6, 2011, Parton announced her new album would be titled, Better Day.
Although not released until 1984, the filming sessions in January 1969 led to unexpected success when Bowie told the producers, " That film of yours — I've got a new song for it.
He was approaching two years on half pay ( which would trigger automatic retirement from the navy ) when on January 8, 1912 his career was saved by the new First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill.
Hsieh and his cabinet resigned en masse on January 24 to make way for Su and his new cabinet.

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