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July and 1841
2nd edition, July 1841
Emil Theodor Kocher ( 25 August 1841 – 27 July 1917 ) was a Swiss physician, medical researcher, and Nobel laureate for his work in the physiology, pathology and surgery of the thyroid.
On 17 July 1841 Mayhew cofounded Punch magazine.
Marx befriended Bauer, and in July 1841 the two scandalised their class in Bonn by getting drunk, laughing in church, and galloping through the streets on donkeys.
Punch was founded on 17 July 1841 by Henry Mayhew and engraver Ebenezer Landells, on an initial investment of £ 25.
The Act of Union 1840, passed July 23, 1840, by the British parliament and proclaimed by the Crown on February 10, 1841, merged the two colonies by abolishing the parliaments of Upper and Lower Canada and replacing them with a single one.
Located 600 metres to the southeast, with a front facade facing Askanischer Platz, the Anhalter Bahnhof was the Berlin terminus of a line opened on 1 July 1841, as far as Jüterbog and later extended to Dessau, Kothen and beyond.
* July 27 – Emil Kocher, Swiss medical researcher, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine ( b. 1841 )
* July 13 – Edward Burd Grubb, Jr., American Civil War Union Brevet Brigadier General ( b. 1841 )
* July 10 – John Fisher, 1st Baron Fisher, British admiral ( b. 1841 )
Canada West was the western portion of the United Province of Canada from February 10, 1841, to July 1, 1867.
Sir Robert Peel, 2nd Baronet ( 5 February 17882 July 1850 ) was a British Conservative statesman, who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 10 December 1834 to 8 April 1835, and again from 30 August 1841 to 29 June 1846.
Peel finally had a chance to head a majority government following the election of July 1841.
Gerhard Henrik Armauer Hansen ( 29 July 1841 – 12 February 1912 ) was a Norwegian physician, remembered for his identification of the bacterium Mycobacterium leprae in 1873 as the causative agent of leprosy.
Lower Canada, Upper Canada and their legislatures were abolished by the British Act of Union 1840 of July 23, 1840 ( which came into force in early 1841 ) and united as one political entity, the Province of Canada.
In July 1841, the first two purchasers of land in Winnebago Township where Henry Schoonmaker and Joseph Folsom.
Salinas was founded in July 22, 1841 by Don Agustín Colón Pacheco as Mayor, Don Jose Maria Cadavedo as Sargent of Arms, Don Juan Colon as Captain of the Civil Guard and five hacendados which were Don Antonio Semidey, Don Antonio Morelli, Don Francisco Secola, Don Julio Delannoy and Don Jose Antonio Torres.
David Kimball, in his book compiled for the National Park Service, suggests that it most likely cracked sometime between 1841 and 1845, either on the Fourth of July or on Washington's Birthday.
He returned to France and served Louis Philippe under the July monarchy until his death on 13 January 1841.
Thomas Bruce, 7th Earl of Elgin and 11th Earl of Kincardine (; 20 July 1766-14 November 1841 ) was a Scottish nobleman and diplomat, known for the removal of marble sculptures ( also known as the Elgin Marbles ) from the Parthenon in Athens.
On the 3rd of July 1841, he noted his intention to work on the problem.
* July 17-Carl Tausig, pianist and composer ( b. 1841 ) ( typhoid )
Joseph Blanco White, born José María Blanco Crespo ( 11 July 1775 in Seville, Spain – 20 May 1841 in Liverpool, England ), was a Spanish theologian and poet.
Outraged by this and by the chain of insults and slander against him by some members of the press, he wrote and published his famous ' Manifest of David ' dated July 16, 1841.

July and Poe
Poe traveled to West Point and matriculated as a cadet on July 1, 1830.
" In July 1841, Poe published " A Few Words on Secret Writing " and, realizing the interest in the topic, wrote " The Gold-Bug " as one of the few pieces of literature to incorporate ciphers as part of the story.
In July 2009, Combs returned to his stage roots and reprised his role as Edgar Allan Poe in a one-man theatrical show entitled Nevermore ... an Evening with Edgar Allan Poe at The Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood, CA.
Thomas Ollive Mabbott ( July 6, 1898 – May 15, 1968 ) was an American professor and scholar of literature, perhaps best known for his research on writer Edgar Allan Poe.
PPCRV chairman Henrietta de Villa told the bishops that last May ’ s elections merely repeated the unresolved poll fraud issues in the 2004 race between Mrs. Arroyo and the late Fernando Poe Jr. Lagdameo promised that they would come up with a full assessment of the conduct of the May 14 midterm elections at the conclusion of the assembly ( July 9 ).
Exploitation Now was a webcomic drawn by Michael Poe ( generally referred to simply as " Poe ") on Keenspot from July 2000 to August 2002.
By July 28, Poe wrote to the publishers asking for the return of his manuscript because, as he said, he had " made a better disposition of my poems than I had any right to expect ".

July and had
Very soon after his arrival in Little Rock, Pike had joined one of the most influential organizations in town, the Little Rock Debating Society, and it was with this group that he made his debut as an orator, being invited to deliver the annual Fourth of July address the club sponsored every year.
The publication last July of the party's Draft Program -- that blueprint for the `` transition to communism '' -- had led the uninitiated to suppose that this Twenty-second Congress would be a sort of apotheosis of the Khrushchev regime, a solemn consecration of ideas which had, in fact, been current over the last three or four years ( i.e., since the defeat of the `` anti-party group '' ) in all theoretical party journals.
Ludie had a cigar box full of marbles and shooters, and a Roman candle from last Fourth of July.
On July 11 the head of the mineral-rich province of Katanga, Moise Tshombe, announced that his province had seceded from the country.
In July 2009, it was revealed that Universal Studios had won the rights to adapt the game into a film.
His participation in the attempted usurpation of John Komnenos the Fat in 1200 had caused him to be imprisoned until the accession of Isaac II Angelos, who was restored to the throne after having been deposed and imprisoned by his brother Alexios III, and his son Alexios IV Angelos, who were placed on the throne by the intervention of the Fourth Crusade in July 1203.
), and maternal granddaughter of Ignacio Mariscal y ... ( 5 July 1829, Oaxaca, Mexico – 17 April 1910, Mexico City ) and wife ..., and had issue:
By French aristocrat Mélanie de Gaufridy de Dortan ( 1876 – 1937 ), he had Roger Marie Vincent Philippe Lévêque de Vilmorin ( 12 September 1905 – 20 July 1980 )
On 19 July 2007, the Newport Pagnell plant rolled out its last car, a Vanquish S. Nearly 13, 000 cars had been made there since 1955.
In July 1520 Dürer made his fourth and last major journey, to renew the Imperial pension Maximilian had given him and to secure the patronage of the new emperor, Charles V, who was to be crowned at Aachen.
In USA in July 1943, as a result of the American Federation of Musicians boycott of US recording studios, the a cappella vocal group The Song Spinners had a best-seller with " Comin ' In On A Wing And A Prayer ".
But July, when the vessels of the Third Fleet began to arrive, with 2, 000 more convicts, food again ran short, and he had to send a ship to Calcutta for supplies.
Encouraged, however, by letters signed by the rabbis of Argentière and Lunel, and particularly by the support of Kalonymus ben Todros, the nasi of Narbonne, and of the eminent Talmudist Asheri of Toledo, Ben Adret issued a decree, signed by thirty-three rabbis of Barcelona, excommunicating those who should, within the next fifty years, study physics or metaphysics before their thirtieth year of age ( basing his action on the principle laid down by Maimonides, Guide for the Perplexed part one chapter 34 ), and had the order promulgated in the synagogue on Sabbath, July 26, 1305.
), married in Istanbul on 5 May 1923 to Omar Muhtar Katırcıoğlu ( 1902-Çamlıca, near Üsküdar, Bosphorus, 15 July 1935 ), and had issue:
He married thirdly in 1872 to Circassian HH Gevherin Nedaxe Kadın Efendi ( Caucasus, 8 July 1856 – Ortaköy Palace, Ortaköy, Constantinople, 20 September 1894 ), and had one child.
To prevent this bill from passing into law, Charles had dissolved parliament in July 1679, and in the following October had prorogued its successor, which became known as the Exclusion Bill Parliament, without allowing it to meet.
The system had been designed in 1983 through 1984 with an intended mass market rollout in June 1984, but was canceled shortly thereafter due to the sale of the company to Tramiel Technology Ltd on July 2, 1984.
Accrington Stanley Football Club has officially had its own pub in the town, the Crown, since July 2007.
His father had Benjamin baptised in July 1817 following a dispute with their synagogue.
In the wake of the 11 July dismissal of Jacques Necker, the people of Paris, fearful that they and their representatives would be attacked by the royal military, and seeking to gain ammunition and gunpowder for the general populace, stormed the Bastille, a fortress-prison in Paris which had often held people jailed on the basis of lettres de cachet, arbitrary royal indictments that could not be appealed.
On July 9, 2008, Rick Dyer and Matthew Whitton posted a video to YouTube claiming that they had discovered the body of a dead Sasquatch in a forest in northern Georgia.
" Additionally, Tallard had insisted on besieging the little town of Villingen for six days ( 16 – 22 July ), but abandoned the enterprise on discovering the approach of Eugene.
The Anglo-Dutch forces gained minor compensation for the failed Moselle campaign with the success at Elixheim and the crossing of the Lines of Brabant in the Spanish Netherlands ( Huy was also retaken on 11 July ), but a chance to bring the French to a decisive engagement had eluded Marlborough.

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