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March and 1918
The previous Belarusian National Republic of March 1918 to 1919 did not have time to create armed forces in its brief existence, although attempts to create a military have been documented.
According to Isaiah Friedman, Hussein was not perturbed by the Balfour Declaration and on 23 March 1918, in Al Qibla, the daily newspaper of Mecca, with Hussein writing:
Worley, went missing without a trace with a crew of 309 sometime after March 4, 1918, after departing the island of Barbados.
*" Cold High Winds Do $ 25, 000 Damage ", The Washington Post, March 11, 1918.
By March 1918, when the organization came to Moscow, it contained the following sections: against counterrevolution, speculation, non-residents, and information gathering.
On March 7, 1918, because of the move from Petrograd to Moscow, the Petrograd Cheka was created.
She eventually married Eugene Janssen ( February 18, 1918March 30, 1996 ) on September 29, 1940 in Los Angeles.
* 1918 – Transylvania unites with Romania, following the incorporation of Bessarabia ( March 27 ) and Bukovina ( November 28 ), thus concluding the Great Union.
Very shortly after that work was submitted, by March 1918, Felix Hausdorff expanded the definition of " dimension ", significantly for the evolution of the definition of fractals, to allow for sets to have noninteger dimensions.
From 60, 000-80, 000 Russian soldiers remained stationed in Finland at the beginning of 1918, but the majority of them were demoralized and unwilling to fight, and were withdrawn from Finland by the end of March.
A general offensive by the Whites ( whose Guards ' total force was about the same as that of the Red Guards ) began on 15 March 1918, bolstered by the intervention of the 10, 000-strong Baltic Sea Division and the 3, 000-strong Detachment Brandenstein of the German army.
The passing of the Tokoi Senate bill, called the " Power Act ," in July 1917 became the first one of the three culminations of the power struggle between the Social Democrats and the conservatives during the political crisis from March 1917 to the end of January 1918.
A treaty and peace agreement-the world's first between two socialist governments-was signed on 1 March 1918.
The significance of the Finnish-Russian Red treaty evaporated almost immediately, due to the signing of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk between the Bolsheviks and the German Empire on 3 March 1918.
The majority of the soldiers had returned to Russia by the end of March 1918.
The fight for the Tampere town area began on 28 March, on the eve of Easter 1918 ( later called the " bloody Maundy Thursday "), in the Kalevankangas graveyard.
The German Empire intervened in the Finnish Civil War on the side of the White Army in March 1918.
The Germans attacked Russia on 18 February ; the offensive led to a rapid collapse and retreat of the Russian troops and to signature of the first Treaty of Brest-Litovsk by the Bolsheviks on 3 March 1918.
The German army did not alter its military plans concerning Finland after the peace treaty with the Bolsheviks because the Civil War of the Finns had opened an easy access with low costs to Fennoscandia, and because troops of a British Naval squadron had invaded the harbour of Murmansk on the northwestern coast of Russia by the Arctic Ocean on 9 March 1918.
The breakdown of Russian forces – exacerbated by internal turmoil caused by the 1917 Russian Revolution – led to an imposed peace and the favorable Treaty of Brest-Litovsk on 3 March 1918 as Russia withdrew from the war.
Trench warfare prevailed on the Western Front from September 1914 until March 1918.
From its first years, government in the Soviet Union was based on the one-party rule of the Communists, as the Bolsheviks called themselves, beginning in March 1918.
Alexander, between 23 and 30 March 1918, had to assume command of the 4th Guards Brigade, during the British retreat.
Set over a four-day period in March 1918 in the trenches at Saint-Quentin, France, Journey's End gives a glimpse into the experiences of the officers of a British Army infantry company in World War I.
His father, Franjo Broz ( 26 November 1860 – 16 December 1936, Zagreb, buried at Mirogoj ), was a Croat, while his mother Marija ( born Javeršek, 25 March 1864, Loka pri Podsredi – 14 January 1918, Kupinec ), was a Slovene.

March and Wavell
In March 1913 Wavell was promoted to captain.
* Eugenie Pamela Wavell, b. 2 December 1918, married 14 March 1942 Lt Col A F W Humphrys MBE.
On Wingate's arrival in March 1942 in the Far East, he was appointed colonel once more by General Wavell, and was ordered to organise guerrilla units to fight behind Japanese lines.
* " Operations in Eastern Theatre, Based on India from March 1942 to December 31, 1942 ", official despatch by Field Marshal The Viscount Wavell
In March 1941, in the period before the Anglo-Iraqi War, the C-in-C Middle East General Archibald Wavell, who was preoccupied with existing problems in his theatre, gained approval for Iraq to come under India's operational control again but once hostilities commenced in May Wavell was obliged by London reluctantly to reassume responsibility.
William Wavell Wakefield, 1st Baron Wakefield of Kendal ( 10 March 1898-12 August 1983 ), known as Sir Wavell Wakefield between 1944 and 1963, was an English rugby union player for Harlequins and England, President of the Rugby Football Union and Conservative politician.

March and was
and, `` I do think that families are the most beautiful things in all the world '', burst out Jo some five hundred pages later in that popular story of the March family, which had first appeared when Henrietta was eight ; ;
Mr. March, like Benjamin Szold, was a clergyman, although of an indeterminate denomination ; ;
and `` Marmee '' March, like Sophie Szold, was the competent manager of her brood of girls, of whom the Marches had only four to the Szolds' five.
Henrietta could easily identify herself with Jo March, although Jo was not the eldest sister.
Bertha Szold was more like Meg, the eldest March girl, who `` learned that a woman's happiest kingdom is home, her highest honor the art of ruling it, not as a queen, but a wise wife and mother ''.
For Rachel, conceded to be the prettiest of the Szold girls -- and she did make a pretty picture sitting in the grape-arbor strumming her guitar and singing in her silvery tones -- there was no particular March counterpart ; ;
And just as `` Laurie '' Lawrence was first attracted to bright Jo March, who found him immature by her high standards, and then had to content himself with her younger sister Amy, so Joe Jastrow, who had also been writing Henrietta before he came to Johns Hopkins, had to content himself with her younger sister, pretty Rachel.
So persistent were these attacks that in March of the following year, Woodruff was finally moved to action, and Pike was to learn his first lesson in frontier politics, the subtle art of diversion.
Pike was stunned by the first blast against his character, which was published in the March 4th issue of The Gazette under the name `` Vale ''.
With his wife and three or more children he arrived in Boston in March, 1637, and soon found it was no place for anyone looking for liberty of conscience.
When, in March, 1640, the two towns were united under Coddington, Gorton claimed the union was irregular and illegally constituted and that it had never been sanctioned by the majority of freeholders.
But his rancor did not cease, and presently, on March 13, when he preached a sermon on the text, `` And Ben-hadad Was Drunk '', he told his congregation how disappointed he was in Mr. Lewis, how he regretted having had him in his house, and how he should have been warned by the fact that the novelist was drunk all the time that he was working on the book.
The fifteenth name was ( Thomas ) Baldwin, admitted to Christ's 4 March 1625 under Alsop.
Corroborating Mr. Hodges' figures was the Federal Reserve Board's report of the large sales increase in the nation's department stores for the week ending March 4.
I was surprised and sorry to find in your issue of March 4 a long and detailed attack upon a book that had not yet been published.
Mrs. Trempler was tuberculosis, Mrs. Surcliffe was Mothers' March of Dimes, Mrs. Craven was cancer, and Mrs. Gilkson did the kidney.
When I looked up the actual date of his birth and found it to be March 15th, I realized that Roy was born under the right zodiacal sign for a watercolorist: the water sign of Pisces ( February 18 thru March 20 ).
From March 3 to May 1, 1949, the patient was maintained on dexamethasone, 3 to 6 mg. daily.

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