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May and 1045
* the second from his return to his selling the papacy to Gregory VI ( April – May 1045 )
These are John XVIII in 1009 and Benedict IX in May 1045, although the latter regretted it and was soon back.
Pope Gregory VI ( died 1048 ), born in Rome as John Gratian ( Latin Johannes Gratianus ), was Pope from 1 May 1045 until his abdication at the Council of Sutri on 20 December 1046.
* May 31 – Waltheof, 1st Earl of Northampton ( b. 1045 ) ( beheaded on St. Giles's Hill, near Winchester, by the order of William the Conqueror )
In the next year, the Emperor Henry III returned to Hungary and accepted Peter's homage on 26 May 1045 in Székesfehérvár.
Bruno of Würzburg ( c. 1005 – 27 May 1045 ), also known as Bruno of Carinthia, was imperial chancellor of Italy from 1027 to 1034 for Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor, to whom he was related, and from 1034 until his death prince-bishop of Würzburg.

May and Benedict
He was one of the seven cardinals who, in May 1408, deserted Pope Gregory XII, and, with those following Antipope Benedict XIII from Avignon, convened the Council of Pisa, of which Cossa became the leader.
On the afternoon of May 9, Benedict Arnold quite unexpectedly arrived on the scene.
On 10 May 2012, Pope Benedict XVI extended the liturgical cult of St. Hildegard to the universal Church, in a process known as " equivalent canonization ".
On 10 May 2012, Pope Benedict XVI extended the liturgical cult of St. Hildegard to the universal Church in a process known as " equivalent canonization ".
On 12 May 2008, Benedict XVI accepted an invitation to talk to participants in the International Congress organized by the Pontifical Lateran University on the 40th anniversary of Humanae Vitae.
On May 3, 1952, U. S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Joseph O. Fletcher and Lieutenant William Pershing Benedict, along with scientist Albert P. Crary, landed a modified Douglas C-47 Skytrain at the North Pole.
*** The two-part Roman Catholic meditation on Origen by Pope Benedict XVI: April 25, 2007 and May 2, 2007.
# Benedict V ( 22 May – 23 June 964 ): reigned for 33 calendar days
Pope Benedict XV appointed Pacelli as nuncio to Bavaria on 23 April 1917, consecrating him as titular Bishop of Sardis and immediately elevating him to archbishop in the Sistine Chapel on 13 May 1917.
Pope Benedict II died on 8 May 685.
Pope Benedict XIV ( 31 March 1675 – 3 May 1758 ), born Prospero Lorenzo Lambertini, was Pope from 17 August 1740 to 3 May 1758.
On 18 May 1743, Benedict XIV signed a document addressed to the Archbishops and Bishops of the Kingdom of Poland regarding marriage, communicating his dissatisfaction with the dissolution of Christian marriages, even long-stable ones, by the Ecclesiastical Courts of Poland without due cause or in violation of canon law.
Sergius IV died on 12 May 1012 and was followed in the papacy by Pope Benedict VIII.
It was formally set up by Pope Benedict XV on 1 May 1917.
* May 3 – U. S. lieutenant colonels Joseph O. Fletcher and William P. Benedict land a plane at the geographic North Pole.
* May 3 – Pope Benedict XIV ( b. 1675 )
* May 30 – Benedict Arnold signs US oath of allegiance at Valley Forge
* May 29 – Pope Benedict XIII, born Pierro Orsini, succeeds Pope Innocent XIII as the 245th pope.
* May 18 – Pope Benedict VIII succeeds Pope Sergius IV as the 143rd pope.
* May 5 – Pope Gregory VI becomes the 148th pope, following the deposition of Pope Benedict IX.
The British forces were led at first by the turncoat Benedict Arnold, and then by William Phillips before General Charles, Earl Cornwallis arrived in late May with his southern army to take command.
The site has been visited many times by the Popes and other senior clergy, including a visit by Pope Benedict XVI in May 2009.

May and IX
King of Thailand | King Bhumibol Adulyadej | Bhumibol Adulyadej ( Rama IX ) of Thailand presented with regalia at his coronation in the Grand Palace in Bangkok, 5 May 1950.
On May 1, 1561, King Charles IX of France received a lily of the valley as a lucky charm.
Boniface IX saw to it that Ladislaus was crowned King of Naples at Gaeta on 29 May 1390 and worked with him for the next decade to expel the Angevin forces from southern Italy.
* May 13 – Ludwig IX, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt ( b. 1719 )
* May 30 – On the death of King Charles IX of France, he is succeeded by his brother King Henry of Poland, who becomes King Henry III of France.
* May 30 – King Charles IX of France ( b. 1550 )
* May 13 – Pope Pius IX ( d. 1878 )
** UNCTAD IX in Midrand, South Africa on 27 April – 11 May 1996
On 7 May 1251 Avignon was made a common possession of counts Charles of Anjou and Alphonse de Poitiers, brothers of French king Saint Louis IX.
* May – King Louis IX of France dispatches William of Rubruck from Constantinople on a missionary journey to convert the Tatars of central and eastern Asia.
They consisted of the Army of the Potomac, under Maj. Gen. George G. Meade, and the IX Corps ( until May 24 formally part of the Army of the Ohio, reporting directly to Grant, not Meade ).
They consisted of the Army of the Potomac, under Maj. Gen. George G. Meade, and the IX Corps ( until May 24 formally part of the Army of the Ohio, reporting directly to Grant, not Meade ).
Blessed Pope Pius IX ( 13 May 1792 – 7 February 1878 ), born Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti, was the longest-reigning elected Pope in the history of the Catholic Church, serving from 16 June 1846 until his death, a period of nearly 32 years.
* Lesser Feasts and Commemorations on the Lutheran liturgical calendar include Anthony of Egypt on January 17, Henry, Bishop of Uppsala, martyr Henry of Uppsala on January 19, Timothy, Titus and Silas, missionaries St Timothy, St Titus and St Silas Day on January 26, Ansgar, Bishop of Hamburg, missionary to Denmark and Sweden St Ansgar on February 3, Cyril, monk and Methodius, bishop, missionaries to the Slavs St Cyril and St Methodius on February 14, Gregory the Great on March 12, St Patrick on March 17, Olavus Petri, priest and Laurentius Petri, Bishop of Uppsala, on April 19, St Anselm on April 21, Catherine of Siena on April 29, St Athanasius on May 2, St Monica on May 4, Eric IX of Sweden on May 18, St Boniface on June 5, Basil the Great, Gregory of Nyssa and Gregory of Nazianzus on June 14, Benedict of Nursia on July 11, Birgitta of Sweden on July 23, St Anne, Mother of Mary on July 26, St Dominic on August 8, Augustine of Hippo on August 28, St Cyprian on September 16, Teresa of Avila on October 15, Martin de Porres on November 3, Martin of Tours on November 11, Elizabeth of Hungary on November 17, St Lucy on December 13.
By the Treaty of Corbeil, signed in May 1258, he ended his conflict with Louis IX of France, securing the renunciation of French claims to sovereignty over Catalonia.
He was succeeded by his brother, Charles IX ( 27 June 1550 – 30 May 1574 ).
Charles IX ( 27 June 1550 – 30 May 1574 ) was King of France, ruling from 1560 until his death.
Anthony was canonized by Pope Gregory IX on 30 May 1232, at Spoleto, Italy, less than one year after his death.
In the evening of May 29, 1645, during the second siege of Oxford, a " bullet of IX lb.
Three months after Henry of Anjou's coronation as King of Poland, his brother Charles IX died ( May 1574 ) and his mother declared herself regent until his return.

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