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My and Young
Early films, including those from the silent era, which feature the station include Traffic in Souls ( 1913 ), which starred Matt Moore ; The Yellow Passport ( 1916 ), starring Clara Kimball Young ; My Boy ( 1921 ), starring Jackie Coogan ; Frank Capra's The Strong Man ( 1926 ), starring Harry Langdon ; We Americans ( 1928 ), starring John Boles ; The Mating Call ( film ), 1928, co-starring Thomas Meighan and Renée Adorée ; Ellis Island ( 1936 ), starring Donald Cook ; Paddy O ' Day ( 1936 ), starring Jane Withers ; Gateway ( 1938 ), starring Don Ameche ; Exile Express ( 1939 ), which starred Anna Sten ; I, Jane Doe ( 1948 ), starring Ruth Hussey and Vera Ralston, and Gambling House ( 1951 ), starring Victor Mature
In the 1990s soap operas increasingly focused on younger characters and social issues, such as Erica Kane's drug addiction on All My Children, the re-emergence of Viki Lord's Multiple Personality Disorder on One Life to Live, Katherine Chancellor's alcoholism on The Young and the Restless and Stone and Robin dealing with AIDS and death on General Hospital.
Neighbours, which is celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2005, was aired on the US channel Oxygen in March 2004, however it attracted few viewers, perhaps in part because it was scheduled opposite well-established and highly popular US soap operas such as All My Children and The Young and The Restless, and due to low ratings it was cancelled shortly afterwards.
** Kendra Young, starting with the episode " What's My Line ", until she is killed by Drusilla in " Becoming "
One memorable aspect of the show was the regular closing number, where Johnny Young would croon a ballad version of The Beatles ' song " All My Loving " ( with which Young had had an Australian hit in 1966 ), accompanied by the entire cast, in an almost lullaby style, individually wishing all of the cast good night.
1 ) Reach For The Sun-Johnny Young & The Young Talent Team / What Have They Done To My Song Ma?
It depicts Sir Nicholas Serota, Director of the Tate Gallery and the usual chairman of the Turner Prize jury, and satirises Young British Artist Tracey Emin's installation, My Bed, consisting of her bed and objects, including knickers, which she exhibited in 1999 as a Turner Prize nominee.
Other songs have different names in different places, for instance in England there is an old ballad known as A Brisk Young Sailor Courted Me, however exactly the same song in North American Bluegrass is known as " I Wish My Baby Was Born ".
* Sasthi Brata: My God Died Young
Michael Gira announced on June 13, 2010, through the Young God Records page on Facebook and his personal Facebook account, that the next Swans album would be titled My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky.
Under record company pressure, the titled was restored to " I Call My Baby Pussycat ," on future Parliament-Funkadelic releases featuring the song, and some future CD pressings of America Eats Its Young.
Later, Wallace played the maid on the satirical series That's My Bush !, and in 2009, appeared on the daytime soap The Young and the Restless where she played an inefficient assistant kidnapper, Annie Wilkes.
The recording sessions at Stratosphere Sound in New York City, which ran through July, attracted a number of notable guest musicians, including Ryan Adams, Ben Kweller, Stephen Bishop, Rusty Young, and members of the groups Nada Surf and My Morning Jacket.
It has been featured as a plot device in numerous TV shows, including The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Skins, Hall Pass, Grounded for Life, (" Henry's Working for the Drug Squad "), Arrested Development (" Afternoon Delight "), Taxi, Laverne & Shirley, Barney Miller, Frasier, Family Guy, American Dad !, How I Met Your Mother, Desperate Housewives, One Tree Hill, Glee, Gilmore Girls, The Young And The Restless, Weeds, The L Word, Degrassi: The Next Generation, My Name is Earl, I Love Keith Allen, 90210, Swingtown, The Big Bang Theory and Frasier (" High Holidays "), as well as in movies such as Love and Other Disasters, EuroTrip, Next Friday, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, Never Been Kissed, Adventureland, Grandma's Boy, Can't Hardly Wait, Life as We Know It, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and Empire Records.
The Young Rascals ' first television performance was on the program Hullabaloo on February 27, 1965, where they performed their debut single, " I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore ".
" ( which shot to number one on Billboard and remained in the Top 10 for 25 weeks ), " I Wanna Be Loved ", " There Will Never Be Another You ", and the inspirational " The Three Bells " ( the first recorded English version of the French composition ), along with several solo recordings with Patty, including a cover version of Nat King Cole's " Too Young ", " It Never Entered My Mind ", " If You Go ", and " That's How A Love Song Is Born ".
*" My Blue Heaven " by Paul Whiteman, vocal Jack Fulton, Charles Gaylord, Austin Young, Bing Crosby and Al Rinker
* " You're My Everything " w. Mort Dixon & Joe Young m. Harry Warren
* " My Dream Girl, I Loved You Long Ago " w. Rida Johnson Young m. Victor Herbert
* " My Sweet Hortense " w. Joe Young & Sam Lewis m. Walter Donaldson
* " I'd Love To Fall Asleep And Wake Up In My Mammy's Arms " w. Sam M. Lewis & Joe Young m. Fred E. Ahlert
* " My Mammy " w. Sam M. Lewis & Joe Young m. Walter Donaldson

My and Virgin
* ' The Judith Durham Story – Colours Of My Life ' by Graham Simpson ( Random House, 1994, 1998, 2000 ), ( Virgin Books, 2004 ).
Pictures on a String, their first album for Virgin Records, followed in 1983 yielding the dance club hit " Get Off My Case ".
The Allmusic review by Alex Henderson awarded the album 4. 5 stars stating " Those who aren't big dancehall fans may find the hip-hop-influenced CD hard to get into ; those who are heavily into it will find a lot to admire on My Xperience, which contains major dancehall hits like " Living Dangerously " and " Virgin Island.
The departure of Virgin Entertainment coincided with the release of a new ' My Entertainment ' in some old Myer locations with reduced stock levels compared to Virgin.
A disagreement with Virgin Records stifled future development outside Australia where they released popular albums and achieved two more top twenty singles with " I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore " No. 19 in 1992 and " I'm Jealous " No. 14 in 1995.
He has primarily appeared in comedies, and is known for his roles in the films Clueless, The Cider House Rules, Wet Hot American Summer, Anchorman, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Dinner for Schmucks, The Object of My Affection, Role Models, I Love You, Man, and Our Idiot Brother.
* Juha Kylmänen – guest vocals on A Virgin and a Whore ( For My Pain ..., Reflexion )
Hughes ' film credits include: Smashing Time ; Till Death Us Do Part ; The Bofors Gun ; The Virgin Soldiers ; Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall ; Carry On at Your Convenience ; and TV films: Needle and The Man from the Peru.
In 1998, Darvill-Evans managed the editing and production of Virgin ’ s Guide to British Universities, and personally supervised the copy-editing and proofreading of Richard Branson's autobiography Losing My Virginity.
Lloyd recorded one solo album for Virgin, " Me And My Mouth ".
Two notable projects featuring Kaukonen were David Crosby's debut solo album If I Could Only Remember My Name, on Atlantic ( 1971 ) and Warren Zevon's Transverse City on Virgin in 1989.
Some of her more popular works are: Three Little Negro Dances, Songs to a Dark Virgin, My Soul's Been Anchored in de Lord for piano or orchestra and voice, and Moon Bridge.
Virgin Mobile Social: The Cooper Temple Clause, The Dears, Bell X1, The Pipettes ( Weston Park only ), The Crimea, Oceansize, Liam Frost and the Slowdown Family, Jim Noir, Lorraine, James Morrison, Butch Walker, The Grates, The Dodgems, Love Bites, Sandi Thom, Mew, Regina Spektor, My Morning Jacket, Matisyahu ( Hylands Park Only ), Art Brut, The Young Knives, Captain, The Upper Room, Paolo Nutini, Seth Lakeman, Director, Milk Teeth
He has also written three books: Brothers-from Childhood to Oasis ( Virgin Publishers ), Reds in the Hood ( André Deutsch 1999 ) and My Word, a look at the world of television in the 1990s, was published by Orion Books in June 2007 to favourable reviews, and came out in paperback in May 2008.
They played several songs, including " When The Night Feels My Song " in the " Virgin Mobile Union " area.
* " Just Got Lucky " was featured in the films: The 40-Year-Old Virgin, starring Steve Carell, and Just My Luck starring Lindsay Lohan.
My horoscope was propitious: the sun stood in the sign of the Virgin, and had culminated for the day ; Jupiter and Venus looked on him with a friendly eye, and Mercury not adversely ; while Saturn and Mars kept themselves indifferent ; the moon alone, just full, exerted the power of her reflection all the more, as she had then reached her planetary hour.

My and Date
She was the subject of the 2005 documentary My Date with Drew.
The Presidents also wrote the theme song for the 1998 TV movie My Date with the President's Daughter.
Other examples are My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss ( modeled after The Apprentice ), My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance, Hell Date ( modeled after Blind Date ), Superstar USA ( modeled after American Idol ), Space Cadets ( which convinced the hoax targets that they were being flown into space ), Punk'd ( involving celebrities in staged crises ), Invasion Iowa ( in which a town was convinced that William Shatner was filming a movie there ), and Reality Hell ( different target and premise every episode ).
Feldman appeared in the theatrical release My Date with Drew and was the voice of " Sprx-77 " in the Toon Disney / ABC Family series Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go !.
* My Date with a Vampire II ( 1999 )-a Hong Kong supernatural-fantasy TV series.
* The My Date with a Vampire trilogy produced by Hong Kong's ATV.
*" Be My Steady Date / Lilly Lou " ( 1958 )
Crenna got his acting start on radio, appearing in My Favorite Husband, Boy Scout Jamboree, A Date With Judy, The Great Gildersleeve, and Our Miss Brooks.
Grant Patten utilizes an I Ching-inspired aleatory method to predict the date of his death in his short animation " The ( Rough ) Date of My Death " ( 2007 ).
* Season 7 ( 2002, 2003 )-" Conversations with Dead People "; " Never Leave Me "; " Bring on the Night "; " Showtime "; " Potential "; " The Killer in Me "; " First Date "; " Get It Done "; " Storyteller "; " Lies My Parents Told Me "; " Dirty Girls "; " Empty Places "; " Touched "; " End of Days "; " Chosen "
* Date My Mom
* Lisa Carver: " My Date with GG Allin ," 1999, original publication unknown.
ATV has produced numerous classic TV dramas, including Crocodile Tears ( 鱷魚淚 ), " My Date with a Vampire ", Fatherland ( 大地恩情 ), Vampire Hero ( 殭屍英雄 ), " The Legend ", " My Date with a Vampire 2 ", The Legendary Fok ( 霍元甲 ), " My Date with a Vampire 3 ", Central Affairs I and II ( 情陷夜中環 ), Vampire Expert II ( 殭屍道長II ) and Reincarnated ( 天蠶變 ).

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