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Page "lore" ¶ 485
from Brown Corpus
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New and York
Our meeting took place in May, 1961, during one of the Maestro's stop-overs in New York, before he left for Europe.
After he had spent the first three years in New York as associate conductor, at Toscanini's invitation, of the NBC Orchestra, he made numerous guest appearances throughout the United States and Latin America.
Principal author of `` The Federalist '', he swung New York over from opposition to the Constitution to ratification almost single-handedly.
He ended his public career as a two-term governor of New York.
Talleyrand passed his New York law office one night on the way to a party.
No Southern novelist has done for Atlanta or Birmingham what Herrick, Dreiser, and Farrell did for Chicago or Dos Passos did for New York.
But hear Harrison E. Salisbury, former Moscow correspondent of The New York Times, and author of `` To Moscow -- And Beyond ''.
Exhibited in shows in London in 1935, and in New York the following year, the new, more elaborated abstracts were much favored in the circles of the modernists as three-dimentional dramas of great intellectual coherence.
In New York he was well received by what was then only a small brave band of non-figurative artists, including Alexander Calder, George K. L. Morris, De Kooning, Holty and a few others.
At the time of his capture Helion had on his person a sketchbook he had bought at Woolworth's in New York.
While convalescing in his Virginia home he wrote a book recording his prison experiences and escape, entitled: They Shall Not Have Me Published originally in ( Helion's ) English by Dutton & Co. of New York, in 1943, the book was received by the press as a work of astonishing literary power and one of the most realistic accounts of World War 2, from the French side.
Between 1944 and 1947 Helion had a series of one-man shows -- at the Paul Rosenberg Gallery in New York and in Paris -- of his new realistic pictures.
The New York Herald Tribune's photographer, Ira Rosenberg, tells an anecdote about the time he wanted to take a picture of Carl playing a guitar.
In answer to a New York Times query on what is fame ( `` Thoughts On Fame '', October 23, 1960 ), Carl said: `` Fame is a figment of a pigment.
`` Well, as a matter of fact, I've looked through back-issue files of New York papers for December, 1957, and haven't found a great deal '' --
`` It wasn't necessarily all here in New York.
When the troupe traveled to New York to participate in a one-act-play competition -- and won -- Mercer, instead of returning with the rest of the company in triumph, remained in New York.
the Honorable Robert Wagner, Sr., at that time a justice of the New York Supreme Court, was on the reception committee.
City editor Victor Watson of the New York American was a man of brooding suspicions and mysterious shifts of mood.
The blue-eyed Watson decided that he would dislike living in New York, and the deal fell through.
Hearst took a brief respite to hurry home to New York to become a father.
Attorney Shearn had worked on this for two years and had succeeded in getting a report supporting his stand from the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

New and City
A lone pro-Hearst voice from New York City was that of William Devery, who had been expelled as a Tammany leader but still claimed strong influence in his own district.
Instead, he went down to New York and submitted Welcome To Our City to the Theatre Guild, which had asked him to let them have a look at it after Professor Baker had recommended it highly.
Registered Democrats in New York City this year have the opportunity to elect their party's candidates for Mayor and other municipal posts and the men who will run their party organization.
The Inter-american Press Association, which blankets the Western Hemisphere from northern Canada to Cape Horn, is meeting in New York City this week for the first time in eleven years.
More than 25 carefully selected cities were visited, including New York, Brooklyn, Long Island City, Newark, Elizabeth, Stamford, Waterbury, New Haven, Bridgeport, Boston, Cambridge, Worcester, and Waltham.
Nowhere has this decline been more painfully evident than in the New York City area.
The New York Central today handles 60 percent of all southbound commuter traffic coming into New York City.
the attitudes of a U.N. delegate who experiences difficulty in finding adequate housing in New York City, or of a foreign diplomat in similar circumstances in our Capital, can easily be directed against the United States and all that it stands for.
A new waterfront site for the bureau is now being built at Atlantic City, New Jersey, to provide the most modern marine testing facilities as a further tool to keep the sport safe.
In addition to these activities, the NAEBM, with headquarters at 420 Lexington Avenue, New York City, as well as other associations and individual manufacturers, provide and distribute films, booklets, and public services in regard to proper boat handling and safety afloat.
The rolling farms of Maryland, the peerless metropolis of New York City, the verdant mountains of Vermont can all be included in your Northeast vacation.
One of the most exciting ways to end a Northeast vacation would be with a week in New York City.
The skyline, the bridges, Broadway, and the Staten Island ferry are only a few of the spots to put on your `` must '' list for New York City.
Some tips for shooting in Northeastern locales: In New York City don't miss coverage of the United Nations.
Sixty miles north of New York City where the wooded hills of Dutchess County meet the broad sweep of the Hudson River there is a new home development called `` Oakwood Heights ''.
Its president is Otis M. Waters, partner in the law firm of Timen & Waters, 540-K Chrysler Bldg., New York City.
Work that might cost $500 to $750 in the South could cost $750 to $1,200 in New York City or Chicago.
Walton dropped everything to serve as a district co-ordinator in the hard-fought Wisconsin primary and proved so useful that he was promoted to be liaison officer to critically important New York City.
The report, culminating a year long study of the ADC program in Cook county by a New York City welfare consulting firm, listed 10 long range recommendations designed to reduce the soaring ADC case load.
My husband and I, a month ahead of the rush, have just finished a 7-day motor journey of 2809 miles from Tucson, Ariz., to New York City:
( In Washington, the Federal Bureau of Investigation identified the Krogers as Morris and Lola Cohen, an American couple formerly of New York City )

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