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November and 1942
Montgomery in a M3 Lee | Grant tank in North Africa, November 1942.
Barney Bubbles ( born Colin Fulcher, 30 July 1942 – 14 November 1983 ) was a radical English graphic artist whose work encompassed graphic design and music video direction.
* Second Battle of El Alamein – 23 October – 4 November 1942
In November 1942, he was also appointed Supreme Commander Allied ( Expeditionary ) Force of the North African Theater of Operations ( NATOUSA ) through the new operational Headquarters A ( E ) FHQ.
Felix Hausdorff ( November 8, 1868 – January 26, 1942 ) was a German mathematician who is considered to be one of the founders of modern topology and who contributed significantly to set theory, descriptive set theory, measure theory, function theory, and functional analysis.
In November 1942, Fellini was sent to Libya, occupied by Fascist Italy, to work on the screenplay of I cavalieri del deserto ( Knights of the Desert, 1942 ), directed by Osvaldo Valenti and Gino Talamo.
* 1942 8 NovemberOperation Torch launched with support from Gibraltar.
In November 1942, the Allied forces retook Cyrenaica ; by February 1943, the last German and Italian soldiers were driven from Libya.
In November 1942 Vichy France was finally occupied by German forces, because the war in North Africa was coming to an end ; the Germans foresaw a threat in southern Europe by the allied forces.
A nationalist resistance to the Italian occupiers emerged in November 1942.
In November 1942, following Operation Torch, Ribbentrop met with Pierre Laval in Munich.
With his third wife, Beryl, he had three children, Johnny Weissmuller, Jr. ( September 23, 1940 – July 27, 2006 ), Wendy Anne Weissmuller ( b. June 1, 1942 ), and Heidi Elizabeth Weissmuller ( July 31, 1944 – November 19, 1962 ).
The Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia ( AVNOJ ) convened in Bihać on 26 – 27 November 1942 and in Jajce on 29 November 1943.
Martin Charles Scorsese (; born November 17, 1942 ) is an American film director, screenwriter, producer, actor, and film historian.
In November 1942, the Italian Army invaded and occupied Monaco, setting up a fascist puppet government.
The ship was struck and sunk in night surface action on November 13, 1942 during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal.
* 1942 – Matanikau Offensive begins during the Guadalcanal Campaign and ends on November 4.
* 1942 – World War II: The Koli Point action begins during the Guadalcanal Campaign and ends on November 12.
The Wannsee Villa, which the Stiftung Nordhav acquired in November 1940, was the site of the Wannsee Conference ( 20 January 1942 ).
Between April and November 1942, 79, 000 Czech workers were taken in this manner for work within Nazi Germany.
In November 1942 he joined the 2 / 31st Infantry Battalion in New Guinea, where he served for two months.
November 26, 1942 it was time for departure and extermination ".
Ruslan Imranovich Khasbulatov () ( born November 22, 1942 ) is a Russian economist and politician of Chechen descent who played a central role in the events leading to the 1993 constitutional crisis in the Russian Federation.

November and following
The siege began on 10 November 1441, and ended on 2 June of the following year.
Meteorologists ( and most of the temperate countries in the southern hemisphere ) use a definition based on months, with autumn being September, October and November in the northern hemisphere, According to United States tradition, autumn runs from the day after Labor Day ( i. e. the Tuesday following the first Monday of September ) through Thanksgiving ( i. e. the fourth Thursday in November ), after which the holiday season that demarcates the unofficial beginning of winter begins.
Watterson announced the end of Calvin and Hobbes on November 9, 1995, with the following letter to newspaper editors:
The sale was completed in November 1851, the price being £ 32, 000, and Prince Albert formally took possession the following autumn.
The following year, in November 1963, the Plaza Theater in New York started a year-long series of Chaplin's films, including Monsieur Verdoux and Limelight, which now gained excellent reviews from American critics.
Finally, in the 2004 edition of the Factbook, the name of the entry was changed back to Macedonia, following a November 2004 US decision to refer to the country using this name, even though the official appelation of the republic within the UN remains FYROM.
The FARC suspended talks in November 2000, to protest what it called " paramilitary terrorism " but returned to the negotiating table in February 2001, following 2 days of meetings between President Pastrana and FARC leader Manuel Marulanda.
The following episode, transmitted Monday 3 November, was videotaped in colour but featured black and white film inserts and title sequence.
Concerning Munib Shahid, Shoghi Effendi's cousin through ` Abdu ' l-Bahá's daughter Ruha, Shoghi Effendi sent the following cable to the Bahá ' í world in November 1944:
* 1918 – Transylvania unites with Romania, following the incorporation of Bessarabia ( March 27 ) and Bukovina ( November 28 ), thus concluding the Great Union.
Initially named " Digital European Cordless Telephone " at its launch by CEPT in November 1987, following a suggestion by Enrico Tosato of Italy, its name was soon changed to " Digital European Cordless Telecommunications " to reflect its broader range of application, including data services.
On the November 26, 2007, a Davros boxset was released featuring the following TV stories ;
Uslan and Solomon do not mention at what date this transpired, but the only time when the Stones appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show following the " Let's Spend the Night Together " episode was on November 23, 1969.
The project that would lead to Fudge was first proposed by Steffan O ' Sullivan on 17 November 1992 on the rec. games. design newsgroup, and over the following months that online community would contribute to the directed project.
However, following the November 2008 referendum on increased autonomy, which attracted significant popular support ( 72 % turnout, 75 % vote in favor ) the governments of Greenland and Denmark have agreed to a 30-point package that will begin to reverse these particulars.
Elections are held in November and the governor assumes office the following January, except in the case of death or resignation.
Germans standing on top of the Berlin Wall at the Brandenburg Gate, November 1989 ; it would begin to be torn apart in the following days.
Windows Vista was released on 8 November 2006 to business customers, consumer versions following on 30 January 2007.
Even more surprisingly, Venizelos ' Liberal Party lost the elections called in November 1920, and in a referendum shortly after, the Greek people voted for the return of King Constantine from exile, following the sudden death of Alexander.
The Paris Peace Conference of 1919 awarded the area to Greece, however the area definitively reverted to Albanian control in November 1921, following Greece's defeat in the Greco-Turkish War.
*, a Leander-class light cruiser launched in 1934, and sunk following an engagement with the German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran on 19 November 1941.
He was promoted temporary captain on 15 November 1914 and permanent captain in the newly-raised 2nd Battalion on 7 February the following year.
On 17 November 2001 Manx Telecom became part of mmO < sub > 2 </ sub > following the demerger of BT Wireless's operations from BT Group, and the company was owned by Telefónica.
On 17 November 1326, following a month spent in Mecca, Ibn Battuta joined a large caravan of pilgrims returning to Iraq across the Arabian Peninsula.

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