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November and 2009
| 23 November 2009
As of late November 2009, the Armenian government's foreign debt was around $ 3 billion USD, having doubled in size over the course of the previous year.
Six million more were planted in November the same year, and another 12, 5 million trees in 2009.
The Atlanta Falcons wore 1966 throwback jerseys for 2 home games in 2009 – against the Carolina Panthers on September 20 and against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on November 29.
In November 2009 at the Teatro Salieri in Legnago occurred the first staging in modern times of his opera Il mondo alla rovescia, a co-production between the Fondazione Culturale Antonio Salieri and the Fondazione Arena di Verona for the Salieri Opera Festival.
In November 2009, the suits were settled, with $ 13 million damages awarded.
The third London revival ran at the Menier Chocolate Factory from November 22, 2008 until March 8, 2009.
The 2008 Menier Chocolate Factory production opened on Broadway at the Walter Kerr Theatre in previews on November 24, 2009 and officially on December 13, 2009, with the same creative team.
Michigan Opera Theatre was the first major American opera company to present the work in 1983, and again in November 2009.
The Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Ontario, Canada production ran from June 11 to November 7, 2009, with Des McAnuff directing and Wayne Cilento as choreographer.
On 27 November 2009 he was appointed honorary member of the Order of Australia.
* Conclave of Light of the Masonic & Military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine No. 498 was consecrated on the 23 April 2009, it currently meets on the second Tuesday in January, July & November
In November 2009 the guitar used by Diddley in his last-ever stage performance sold for $ 60, 000 at auction.
" common law ",, 8 Dec. 2008: < http :// www. wa-probate. com / Intro / Estate-Probate-Glossary. htm >, retrieved on 7 November 2009 .</ ref > on the principle that it is unfair to treat similar facts differently on different occasions.
The new constitution took effect on the 6th November 2009.
| 6 November 2009
She retired from the Air Force in November 2009.
According to a report in Nature magazine, ( November, 2009 ) the first year-by-year accounting of this mechanism during the industrial era, and the first time scientists have actually measured it, suggests " the oceans are struggling to keep up with rising emissions — a finding with potentially wide implications for future climate.
The historic under-commitment by the US within France's sphere of interest in the Indian Ocean looks set to continue after a November 2009 meeting between heads of state.
The final performance of this show was held at the school in November 2009.
On 4 November 2008 Cessna's parent company, Textron, indicated that Citation production would be reduced from the original 2009 target of 535 " due to continued softening in the global economic environment " and that this would result in an undetermined number of lay-offs at Cessna.
On 13 November 2008, Cessna announced that a total of 665 jobs would be cut at its Wichita and Bend, Oregon plants starting in January 2009.
The Korea Republic national football team have also used the ground twice in recent years for international friendlies, first against Greece in February 2007 and then against Serbia in November 2009.
Accessed 16 November 2009.

November and journal
In his journal for November 6, 1860, he wrote: " At Town House, and cast my vote for Lincoln and the Republican candidates generally — the first vote I ever cast for a President and State officers.
Details of the photodiodes were also published in the February 14, 2008 issue of the journal Electronics Letters and the November 2007 issue of the journal IEEE Photonics Technology Letters.
The editor of an SPD newspaper sued the journal for defamation, giving rise to what is known as the Munich Dolchstoßprozess from October 19 to November 20, 1925.
* Interface: a journal for and about social movements special issue ( 3 / 2: November 2011 ) " Feminism, women's movements and women in movement ".
The journal Nanotechnology was launched in 1989 ; the famous Eigler-Schweizer experiment, precisely manipulating 35 xenon atoms, was published in Nature in April 1990 ; and Science had a special issue on nanotechnology in November 1991.
To further reform, a Swedish orthographic society ( Svenska rättstavningssällskapet ) was formed on November 28, 1885, chaired by linguist Adolf Noreen ( 1854 – 1925 ), and published a journal Nystavaren.
* November 4 – The first issue of the scientific journal Nature is published in London, edited by Norman Lockyer.
* November 7 – The London Gazette, the oldest surviving journal, is first published.
Cover of the first issue of Nature ( journal ) | Nature, 4 November 1869.
Nature, first published on 4 November 1869, is ranked the world's most cited interdisciplinary scientific journal by the Science Edition of the 2010 Journal Citation Reports.
Following the Restoration there arose a number of publications, including the London Gazette ( first published on 16 November 1665 as the Oxford Gazette ), the first official journal of record and the newspaper of the Crown.
The results of the study were published in the medical journal < i >" The Lancet "</ i > on the 9th of November, 1996.
In the November 21, 2002, edition of the journal Nature, Peter Brown of the University of Western Ontario reported on his study of U. S. early warning satellite records for the proceeding 8 years.
By November chapters I. 2 through I. 8 had all been published in the journal, in their correct sequence, under the title " Continuation of a Work in Progress ".
In 1833, after falling out with his bishop over a pamphlet he had published, he went to Paris, and on 3 November started a journal L ' Univers religieux, which he intended to keep free of political influence: it quickly collected 1800 subscribers.
However, the Parisian journal, Gil Blas, had published a complete description of the plot on the morning of 24 November.
He followed this up on 22 November, with an article titled " Threats of Coercion ", in which he advocated attacks on railways if they were used against the people by the Government, in response to an article in the London journal The Standard, which outlined how the railroads could be used for troops in Ireland.
In November 2009: Professor David Nutt was asked to resign from his position as chairman of the Government's Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs by the then Home Secretary ( Alan Johnson ), after publishing in a professional journal figures which indicated that cannabis was less harmful than both alcohol and tobacco.
However, as claimed by Richard John Neuhaus in the November 2001 issue of his blog-like online journal ' First Things ', when “ asked in 1971 about the correct version of the quote, Niemöller said he was not quite sure when he had said the famous words but, if people insist upon citing them, he preferred a version that listed ‘ the Communists ’, ‘ the trade unionists ’, ‘ the Jews ’, and ‘ me ’.” However, historian Harold Marcuse could not verify that interview.
It was first published in the literary journal Tryout in November 1920 and now resides in the public domain.
The Cats of Ulthar was first published in the literary journal Tryout in November 1920, and later appeared in Weird Tales in February 1926 and 1933, as well as being privately reprinted in a forty two-copy run in December 1935.
On 5 November 1871 he established a journal, La Republique française, which soon became the most influential in France.
* November 24-George Sand begins her journal to Alfred de Musset.

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