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October and 1747
The Afghans gathered near Kandahar in October 1747 and chose Ahmad Shah among the challengers, making him their new head of state.
* October 1747 — A jirga at Kandahar was attended by Afghan representatives who appointed Ahmad Shah Durrani as their new leader.
* October 22 – Nadir Shah of Persia ( d. 1747 )
From 1747 until the close of the war in October 1748 the naval policy of the British government, without reaching a high level, was more energetic and coherent.
Jean-François Rewbell ( October 8, 1747 – November 23, 1807 ) was a French lawyer, diplomat, and politician of the Revolution.
Emily FitzGerald, Duchess of Leinster ( 6 October 1731 – 27 March 1814 ), known before 1747 as Lady Emily Lennox, from 1747 to 1761 as The Countess of Kildare and from 1761 to 1766 as The Marchioness of Kildare, was the second of the famous Lennox sisters, daughters of Charles Lennox, 2nd Duke of Richmond, and illegitimately descended from King Charles II of England.
She boarded the ship Swallow at Portsmouth on 23 October 1747.
In October 1747, Hawke captured six ships of a French squadron in the Bay of Biscay in the second Battle of Cape Finisterre.
David Brainerd ( April 20, 1718 – October 9, 1747 ) was an American missionary to the Native Americans who had a particularly fruitful ministry among the Delaware Indians of New Jersey.
He died from tuberculosis on 9 October 1747, at the age of 29.
October 10, 1747 AE 32.
The Second Battle of Cape Finisterre in October 1747. The Western Squadron was a new strategy by Britain's naval planners to operate a more effective blockade system of France by stationing the Home Fleet in the Western Approaches, where they could guard both the English channel and the French Atlantic coast.
On 14 October 1747 the ship took part in the Second Battle of Cape Finisterre a victory off Ushant over the French fleet.
On 22 October 1806 in London he married Hannah Barent-Cohen ( 1783 – 1850 ), daughter of Levi Barent-Cohen ( 1747 – 1808 ) and wife Lydia Diamantschleifer and paternal granddaughter of Barent Cohen and wife, whose other son Salomon David Barent-Cohen ( d. 1807 ) married Sara Brandes, great-grandparents of Karl Marx.
He was present at Rocoux in October 1746 and, having been made Lieutenant-General of the Ordnance on 19 March 1747, he fought at Lauffeld in July 1747, where he led the charge of the British cavalry.
Mark Catesby married Elizabeth Rowland on 2 October 1747.
He was then appointed to his first command, that of the fireship, in which he saw action with Sir Edward Hawke's fleet at the Second Battle of Cape Finisterre on 16 October 1747.
On October 1, 1747, he married Deborah Fletcher ( c. 1727 – 1790 ), with whom he had five children.
Ebenezer Zane ( October 7, 1747 – 1811 ) was an American pioneer, road builder and land speculator.
Robert Burton ( October 20, 1747 – May 31, 1825 ) was an American farmer, Revolutionary War officer, and plantation owner in what is now Vance County, North Carolina ( then Granville County, North Carolina ).
Henry Southard ( October 7, 1747 – May 22, 1842 ) was a United States Representative from the state of New Jersey.
Following the ending of the Jacobite rising, Pulteney's Regiment returned to Flanders, where they fought at the Battle of Roucoux ( October 1746 ) and the Battle of Lauffeld or Val ( July 1747 ).

October and loya
The Afghan Constitution Commission ( or Afghan Constitutional Commission ) was established October 5, 2002 as required by the Bonn Agreement, which stipulated that a new Afghan constitution be adopted by a loya jirga.

October and grand
In October 1997, she tied for second in a double round-robin tournament of four grand masters in the VAM International Tournament in Hoogeveen, the Netherlands.
But it was mostly his international critical renown which enabled Eisenstein to direct October ( aka Ten Days That Shook The World ) as part of a grand tenth anniversary celebration of the October Revolution of 1917, and then The General Line ( aka Old and New ).
* October 29 – Constantine I enters Rome, he stages a grand adventus in the city, and is met with popular jubilation.
* October 29 – Özdemiroğlu Osman Pasha, Ottoman ( Turkish ) grand vizier ( b. 1527 )
* October 29 – Özdemiroğlu Osman Pasha, Turkish grand vizier
On October 31, 2002, Fastow was indicted by a federal grand jury in Houston, Texas on 78 counts including fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy.
On 1 October 2006 the SPÖ won a head on head elections and negotiated a grand coalition with the ÖVP.
The wedding, a grand affair marked by extravagant display and gift-giving, took place in Marseille on 28 October 1533.
This was completed in time for a second inauguration ceremony on 6 October 1963, with Pierre Messmer, Minister of Armies, Jean Sainteny, Minister of veterans, Jacques Foccart, secretary general of the Communauté et les affaires africaines et malgaches, and General Georges Catroux, grand chancellor of the Légion d ' honneur.
The heir to the grand duke of Luxembourg may be titled prince-lieutenant (' prince deputy ') during a period in which the incumbent remains formally on the grand ducal throne, but ( progressively, most ) functions of the crown are performed by the ' monarch apprentice ', as prince Jean ( still alive ) did 4 May 1961-12 November 1964 in the last years of his mother Charlotte's reign ( she lived until 1985 ), and Jean's own son prince Henri 3 March 1998-7 October 2000 until his father abdicated and he succeeded.
The SPD last governed at the federal level in a grand coalition with the Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Social Union from 2005 until 27 October 2009.
Brian David Mitchell, ( born October 18, 1953 ) and his wife Wanda Ileen Barzee were indicted by a Utah grand jury.
Arrow was indicted by a federal grand jury in Oregon and charged with four felonies for this crime on October 18, 2002.
Tommy Sinclair and two others were indicted on June 25, 2009 by a Navarro County grand jury in connection with the October 1, 2008 death of a Houston man after an alleged altercation at his cabaret in Mustang.
Ground was broken October 1962 and the grand opening was July 12, 1963.
* In October 1950, 37-year-old Anthony Maffetore was arrested for grand larceny as a member of a nationwide auto-theft ring.
He was married on February 14, 1981 to Maria Teresa Mestre and became grand duke when his father, Jean, abdicated on October 7, 2000.
But Mason's grand vision of a Big Four American auto industry ended in October 1954 with his sudden death from a heart attack.
On 29 October 2005, Family Fortunes returned as the " grand final " of Ant & Dec's Gameshow Marathon, a series of revivals of former popular ITV game shows shown to mark the channel's 50th anniversary, and hosted by its most ubiquitous presenters of recent years.
When called before the grand jury on October 19, Al-Arian refused to answer questions about IIIT.
On June 26, 2008, he was indicted by a grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia on two counts of criminal contempt, for unlawfully and willfully refusing court orders that he testify as a grand jury witness on October 16, 2007, and March 20, 2008.

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