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October and 2010
The year-to-date growth as of October 2010 was 2. 8 percent.
In comparison between the January to October periods of 2010 and 2009, depreciation stands at 4. 7 percent.
In October 2010, John Graham-Cumming started a campaign to raise funds by " public subscription " to enable serious historical and academic study of Babbage's plans, with a view to then build and test a fully working virtual design which will then in turn enable construction of the physical Analytical Engine.
In October 2010, Thomas's wife Virginia, a conservative activist, left a voicemail at Hill's office asking that Hill apologize for her 1991 testimony.
The third a cappella musical to appear Off-Broadway, In Transit, premiered 5 October 2010 and was produced by Primary Stages with book, music, and lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez, James-Allen Ford, Russ Kaplan, and Sara Wordsworth.
Slate, October 11, 2010.
| 4 October 2010
Summary of the 3 October 2010 National Congress election results
Write About Love entered the UK albums chart in its first week of release, peaking at No. 8 as of 19 October 2010.
In October 2010, medical geneticists confirmed that the plague originated in Yunnan, province in southwest China.
After several years of research and concern, a team of scientists headed by Jerry Bromenshenk published a paper in October 2010 saying that a new DNA-based virus, invertebrate iridescent virus or IIV6, and the fungus Nosema ceranae were found in every killed colony the group studied.
The future transformation of the British Army is referred to as " Army 2020 ", Army 2020 is the result of the October 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review and the number of following reviews / modifications thereafter.
Initially, the October 2010 SDSR outlined a reduction of the Regular British Army by 7, 000 to a trained strength of 95, 000 personnel by 2015.
The record for the largest continuously placed underwater concrete pour was completed 18 October 2010, in New Orleans, Louisiana by contractor C. J. Mahan Construction Company, LLC of Grove City, Ohio.
Costa Rican colones (₡) per US $ 1 – 512. 11 ( September 4, 2010 ), US $ 1 – 559. 51 ( October 24, 2008 ), per US $ 1 – 500. 10 ( December 2007 ), 516. 78 ( November 2007 ), 506. 11 ( April 2006 ), 479. 57 ( July 2005 ), 299. 63 ( February 2000 ), 285. 68 ( 1999 ), 257. 23 ( 1998 ), 232. 60 ( 1997 ), 207. 69 ( 1996 ) and 179. 73 ( 1995 )
In October 2010, Love and Michael Mouris created an animated short film detailing Love's " kooky " fashion sense, titled The Dark Night of the Soul.
* Bell Canada usage-based billing: On October 28, 2010, the CRTC handed down its final decision on how wholesale customers can be billed by large network owners.
At the 2010 10th Conference of Parties ( COP ) to the Convention on Biological Diversity in October in Nagoya, Japan, the Nagoya Protocol was adopted.
They, hence, followed a recommendation of the CBD signatories during COP10 at Nagoya in October 2010.
The Nagoya Protocol on Access & Benefit Sharing ( ABS ) was adopted on 29 October 2010 in Nagoya, Japan and will enter into force 90 days after the fiftieth instrument of ratification.
In late October 2010, University of Michigan biologist Barry O ' Connor concluded that all of the ' chupacabras ' reports in the United States were simply coyotes infected with the parasite Sarcoptes scabiei, the symptoms of which would explain most of the features of the chupacabras: they would be left with little fur, thickened skin, and rank odour.
There is, however, a GKOS keyboard application available for iPhone since May 8, 2010, for Android since October 3, 2010 and for MeeGo Harmattan since October 27, 2011.

October and T
The Commission on Restructure, chaired by Granville T. Walker, held its first meeting on October 30 & November 1, 1962.
On October 4, 2002, Judge T. S.
Five years later, Mr. T reappeared as a special referee for a Hogan-Ric Flair match, in October 1994, at WCW's Halloween Havoc, and then went on to wrestle again, defeating Kevin Sullivan at that year's Starrcade.
On the Fourth of July, 2007, the planned October release of their latest project with Mute Records, The Voice of Midnight ( a music theater adaptation of E. T. A.
The first web banner sold by HotWired was paid for by AT & T Corp., and was put online on October 27, 1994.
* October 13 – T. J. Cloutier, American poker player
* October 16 – U. S. President Theodore Roosevelt invites African American leader Booker T. Washington to the White House.
* October 1 – T. Llew Jones, Welsh author and poet ( d. 2009 )
* October 12 – Marcus T. Paulk, American actor
* October 10 – T. Frank Appleby, United States Congressman from New Jersey ( d. 1924 )
On October 19, 2009, West Virginia State University dedicated a monument to the memory of noted African American educator and statesman Booker T. Washington.
A. Estes, M. T. Tinker, T. M. Williams, D. F. Doak " Killer Whale Predation on Sea Otters Linking Oceanic and Nearshore Ecosystems ", Science, October 16, 1998: Vol.
After losing their special forces title, the T ' zanhanim company formed its own SF unit — the Sayeret T ' zanhanim in October 1958.
* October 20, 1956: New York City, New York A junior high school student was wounded in the forearm yesterday by another student armed with a home-made weapon at Booker T. Washington Junior High School.
On October 9, 1981, both parties in the Mermelstein case filed motions for summary judgment in consideration of which Judge Thomas T. Johnson of the Superior Court of Los Angeles County took " judicial notice of the fact that Jews were gassed to death at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland during the summer of 1944.
* T. B. Marvell, Justec Research, The Impact of Banning Juvenile Gun Possession The Journal of Law and Economics, October 2001.
On October 1, 2009, C. I. T. Y .’ s name was changed to Special Programming for Achievement Network ( S. P. A. N.
On October 10, 1878, a post office was established with Theo T. Danilson as Postmaster.
* John T. Wilder, ( January 31, 1830 – October 20, 1917 ) Industrialist and Civil War Union General, well known for commanding the Lightning Brigade, and for success at the Battle of Chickamauga.
In October 2002, then-Mayor Laurier T. Raymond wrote an open letter addressed to leaders of the Somali community, predicting a negative impact on the city's social services and requesting that they discourage further relocation to Lewiston.
* Ronald McNair, ( October 21, 1950-January 28, 1986 ), a graduate of North Carolina A & T State University, was one of the astronauts killed during the launch of the space shuttle Challenger, mission STS-51-L.
Dr. Wayne T. Robinson has claimed to be the original painter of the Liberty Mule: " In early October 1906, I climbed up the face of the Allen Bluff to a ledge and with some coal tar made a flat picture of a character from a famous comic strip of that day.

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