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Redefining and Political
* Redefining Stalinism ( Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions ), edited by Harold Shukman.

Redefining and .
* Redefining the specifications of design solutions which can lead to better guidelines for traditional design activities ( graphic, industrial, architectural, etc.
" Economic History and Modern India: Redefining the Link ", Journal of Economic Perspectives, Volume 16 # 3 August 2002, pp. 109 – 130
* Redefining Judaism in an Age of Emancipation: Comparative Perspectives on Samuel Holdheim ( 1806-1860 ), edited by Christian Wiese, Leiden, Brill, 2006.
In her research paper titled " Redefining Fa ' afafine: Western Discourses and the Construction of Transgenderism in Samoa ," Johanna Schmidt has argued that the Western attempts to reinterpret the Samoan third gender identity of Fa ' afafine in terms of homosexuality is influencing the fa ' afafine identity itself which is being reorganised in western ways, i. e. from being a feminine gender space to being a homosexual space.
Redefining Cultural Literacy ( Alexandria, Virginia ) 1994.
* Koltai, L. Redefining The Associate Degree.
), Breaking the circle of one: Redefining mentorship in the lives and writings of educators.
In her book, Redefining the Subject: Sites of Play in Canadian Women's Writing, Charlotte Sturgess suggests that Brand employs a language — in the short story collection Sans Souci ( 1988 ) and the novel In Another Place, Not Here ( 1996 ), in particular —" through which identity emerges as a mobile, thus discursive, construct.
* Six Building Designers Who Are Redefining Modern Architecture, an April 2011 radio and Internet report by the Special English service of the Voice of America.
* Webster, Peter and Jones, Ian, ' Expressions of Authenticity: Music for Worship ' In: Redefining Christian Britain.
* Redefining Prostitution as Sex Work on the International Agenda, by Jo Bindman, Jo Doezema, Anti-Slavery International, Published by Anti-Slavery International, 1997.
* Human Traffic, Human Rights: Redefining Victim Protection, by Elaine Pearson, Anti-Slavery International.
He was a host of the PBS program National Desk, including the segment, " Redefining Racism: Fresh Voices From Black America ," for which he won an AEGIS Award of Excellence, a Telly award, and an Emerald City Gold Award of Excellence.
* The annual RISE ( Redefining Investment Strategy Education ) Forum is the largest student investment conference in the world.
Complexity theory, an offshoot of chaos mathematics theory, explored by Stuart Kauffman in his books " At Home in the Universe " and " Redefining the Sacred " cover the concept of statistical modeling of sociological evolutions.
Redefining the basic structure was the city in 1983.
* David S. Brown, " Redefining American History: Ethnicity, Progressive Historiography and the Making of Richard Hofstadter ," The History Teacher, Vol.
Redefining Our Relationships: Guidelines For Responsible Open Relationships.
His book, Redefining Health Care ( written with Elizabeth Teisberg ), develops a new strategic framework for transforming the value delivered by the health care system, with implications for providers, health plans, employers, and government, among other actors.
( 2006 ) " Redefining Health Care: Creating Value-Based Competition On Results ", Harvard Business School Press, 2006.

Redefining and by
* Redefining Racism: Fresh Voices from Black America —" Probes the deep chasm between black and white Americans and the increasing hostility towards whites felt by a vast number of African-Americans "
*" Why Bigger Isn ´ t Better: The Genuine Progress Indicator-1999 Update " by Clifford Cobb, Gary Sue Goodman, and Mathis Wackernagel, Redefining Progress, November 1999
That index was popularized in a 1994 article in The Atlantic Monthly by Clifford Cobb about his new Redefining Progress think tank.
LiNK's mission is " Redefining North Korea by focusing on the people, while rescuing and providing resettlement support to North Korean refugees and pursuing an end to the North Korea crisis.
*" Redefining the Corporation: Stakeholder Management and Organizational Wealth ", by Post, Preston, and Sachs, Stanford University Press, 2002
" Hide and Seek: Redefining ' Filipino ' in Cecilia Manguerra Brainard's Fiction by Filipinos in America ( 1993 ) and Contemporary Fiction by Filipinos in America ( 1997 ).

Redefining and ;
* Center for a New American Dream A non-profit organization working on: Redefining the Dream ; Beyond Consumerism ; Collaborative Communities
* " Redefining American Proletarian Literature: Mexican Americans and the Challenge to the Tradition of Radical Dissent " Journal of American & Comparative Cultures, 2001 Spring-Summer ; 24 ( 1-2 ): 59-69.

Redefining and
Redefining the term maintenance to include repair activities and better reflect asset management practices is an initial step in resolving the problems noted ,” according to Chairman Allen.
Redefining Security ,” International Security 8, No. 1 ( Summer 1983 ): 129-153.
Redefining Security ,” Foreign Affairs 68, No. 2 ( Spring 1989 ): 162-177.

Redefining and new
Redefining the wheel is the practice of coming up with new and often abstruse ways of describing things when the existing way of describing them was perfectly adequate.

Political and Novel
* Paths of Resistance: The Art and Craft of the Political Novel ( 1989, with Isabel Allende, Marge Piercy, Robert Stone and Gore Vidal )
The Makioka Sisters as a Political Novel ,” in A Tanizaki Feast: The International Symposium in Venice.
* Joseph L. Blotner, The Political Novel ( 1955 )
Desire and Domestic Fiction: A Political History of the Novel.
* The Great Deceit: a Political Novel ( 1971 )
* LASSNER, Phyllis, '" On the Point of a Journey ": Storm Jameson, Phyllis Bottome, and the Novel of Women's Political Psychology ' in Shuttleworth, Antony ( ed.
* A Sort of Virtue: A Political Crime Novel ( 1996 )
The Political Novel: Its Development in England and America.

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