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Roman and Catholic
Would we gain by keeping alive his memory and besmirching today's Roman Catholics by saying he had a Catholic heart??
Included are the following: Baptist Student Movement, Canterbury Club ( Episcopal ), Christian Science Organization, Friends' Meeting for Worship, Hillel ( Jewish ), Liberal Religious Fellowship, Lutheran Student Association, Newman Club ( Roman Catholic ), Presbyterian Student Fellowship, United Student Fellowship ( Congregational-Baptist ), and Wesley Fellowship ( Methodist ).
The Northfield churches include the following: Alliance, Congregational-Baptist, Episcopal, Lutheran ( Norwegian, Danish, Missouri Synod, and Bethel ), Methodist, Moravian, Pentecostal, and Roman Catholic.
In Poughkeepsie, N.Y.,, in 1952, a Roman Catholic hospital presented seven Protestant physicians with an ultimatum to quit the Planned Parenthood Federation or to resign from the hospital staff.
A year later in Albany, N.Y., a Roman Catholic hospital barred an orthopedic surgeon because of his connection with the Planned Parenthood Association.
The Roman Catholic Church, however, sanctions a much more liberal policy on family planning.
The Roman Catholic Church sanctions only abstention or the rhythm method, also known as the use of the infertile or safe period.
With the exception of the Roman Catholic and the Orthodox Catholic Churches, most churches make no moral distinction between rhythm and mechanical or chemical contraceptives, allowing the couple free choice.
The latter plays a prominent role in Roman Catholic theology and is considered decisive, entirely apart from Scripture, in determining the ethical character of birth-prevention methods.
The Roman Catholic natural-law tradition regards as self-evident that the primary objective purpose of the conjugal act is procreation and that the fostering of the mutual love of the spouses is the secondary and subjective end.
Today, the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches stand virtually alone in holding that conviction.
in fact, a contrast is often drawn in this regard with the `` impersonal '' Roman Catholic parish.
More than 1,000 were said to have been arrested -- 100 of them Roman Catholic priests.
Since the Protestant clergy for the most part wear gray or some variant from the wholly black suit, my Roman collar and black garb usually identify me in England as a Roman Catholic cleric.
And in this country Gustave Weigel's delineation of the line between the sacral and secular orders during the last presidential campaign served to provide a most impressive Roman Catholic defense of the practical autonomy of both church and state.
The Roman Catholic Church has excommunicated one of its priests, Father Feeney, for insisting that there is no salvation outside the visible church.
In mentioning this under `` salvation reconsidered '' I do not mean to imply that Roman Catholic doctrine has changed in this area but rather that it has become clearer to the world community what that doctrine is.
By the end of the century the Roman Catholic Church was beginning to make itself felt, mainly through such institutions as hospitals but also through its attitude towards organized labour.
The nineteenth-century immigration, whether Protestant or Roman Catholic, was not so much concerned, for very few if any among them held slaves: they were mostly in the Northern states where slavery had disappeared or was on the way out, or were too poverty-stricken to own slaves.
As a consequence, both countries share cultural aspects: language ( Portuguese ) and main religion ( Roman Catholic Christianity ).
With a membership currently estimated at over 85 million members worldwide, the Anglican Communion is the third largest Christian communion in the world, after the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Churches.
Its intent was to provide the basis for discussions of reunion with the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches, but it had the ancillary effect of establishing parameters of Anglican identity.
The Church of England ( which until the 20th century included the Church in Wales ) initially separated from the Roman Catholic Church in 1538 in the reign of King Henry VIII, reunited in 1555 under Queen Mary I and then separated again in 1570 under Queen Elizabeth I ( the Roman Catholic Church excommunicated Elizabeth I in 1570 in response to the Act of Supremacy 1559 ).

Roman and tradition
In the tradition of Roman satire, Swift introduces the reforms he is actually suggesting by paralipsis:
This is probably a confusion that entered oral tradition from Wace's Roman de Brut.
* Blessed Virgin Mary ( Roman Catholic ), called the New Ark of the Covenant by Christians of the Catholic tradition
Sources for events after this date are extremely scarce, but a tradition, reported as early as the mid-6th century by a British priest named Gildas, records that the British sent for help against the barbarians to Aetius, a Roman consul, probably in the late 440s.
The Catholic Encyclopedia ( 1909 ) called this confusion a " distortion of the true facts " and suggested that it arose because the " Liber Pontificalis ", which at this point may be registering a reliable tradition, says that this Felix built a church on the Via Aurelia, which is where the Roman martyr of an earlier date was buried.
The first references in the western historical tradition begin at Syracuse in 399 BC and these devices were widely employed by the Roman Legions in Republican times well before the Christian era.
The population of the city throughout the centuries maintained an oral tradition that had originally been Roman.
This may have been the Roman tradition — which Tertullian usually follows — and in Rome the epistle may have had its first readers.
There is a surviving tradition of Latin philology in Western culture connecting the Roman Empire with the Early Modern period.
The late Roman cavalry tradition and the mounted nobility of the Germanic invaders both contributed to the development of mediaeval knightly cavalry.
The Apostles ' Creed is widely used by most Christian denominations for both liturgical and catechetical purposes, most visibly by liturgical Churches of Western tradition, including the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church, Lutheranism, the Anglican Communion, and Western Orthodoxy.
An example is John Milton's Paradise Lost, an " epic elaboration of the Judeo-Christian mythology " and also a " veritable encyclopedia of myths from the Greek and Roman tradition ".
Domitian's foreign policy was realistic, rejecting expansionist warfare and negotiating peace at a time when Roman military tradition dictated aggressive conquest.
The ancient Roman Catholic tradition overcame this idea with the doctrine of the " Two Swords " and so achieved, for the very first time, a balanced constitution for states.
Epigram is associated with ' point ' because the European epigram tradition takes the Latin poet Martial as its principal model ; he copied and adapted Greek models ( particularly the contemporary poets Lucillius and Nicarchus ) selectively and in the process redefined the genre, aligning it with the indigenous Roman tradition of ' satura ', hexameter satire, as practised by ( among others ) his contemporary Juvenal.
In the Roman tradition a large variety in the meaning and importance of the imperial form of monarchy developed: in intention it was always the highest office, but it could as well fall down to a redundant title for nobility that had never been near to the " Empire " they were supposed to be reigning.
The importance and meaning of coronation ceremonies and regalia also varied within the tradition: for instance Holy Roman Emperors could only be crowned emperor by the pope, which meant the coronation ceremony usually took place in Rome, often several years after these emperors had ascended to the throne ( as " king ") in their home country.
Of course, intrigue, murder and military force could also mingle in for appointing successors ; the Roman imperial tradition made no exception to other monarchical traditions in this respect.
The " Roman " component in the Bulgarian imperial title indicated both rulership over Greek speakers and the derivation of the imperial tradition from the Romans ( represented by the " Roman " Byzantines ).
The East Asian tradition is different from the Roman tradition, having arisen separately.
Because Galen's works were not translated into Latin in the ancient period, and because of the collapse of the Roman Empire in the West, the study of Galen, along with the Greek medical tradition as a whole, went into decline in Western Europe during the Early Middle Ages, when very few Latin scholars could read Greek.

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