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Science and Endless
An articulation of this philosophy could be found explicitly in Vannevar Bush's treatise on postwar science policy, ScienceThe Endless Frontier: " New products, new industries, and more jobs require continuous additions to knowledge of the laws of nature ...
* Bush, Vannevar, ( 1950 ) Science, the Endless Frontier, Report from the Director of the OSRD to President H. Truman
Narratives about the National Science Foundation typically concentrated on Bush and his publication Science-The Endless Frontier.
Bush issued his report to President Harry S. Truman in July 1945, entitled ScienceThe Endless Frontier.
* Ken Hechler, Endless Space Frontier: A History of the House Committee on Science and Astronautics, 1959-1978 ( Aas History Series ), Univelt ( February 1982 ), ISBN 978-0-87703-157-4

Science and Frontier
In 1957, Rhine and Joseph Gaither Pratt wrote Parapsychology: Frontier Science of the Mind.
* Parapsychology: Frontier Science of the Mind
* Phi Beta Kappa Award in Science: Gerard K. O ' Neill, The High Frontier: Human Colonies in Space
* Coleman, William, " Science and Symbol in the Turner Frontier Hypothesis ," American Historical Review ( 1966 ) 72 # 1 pp. 22-49 in JSTOR
The instrument activities also include world conferences ( ESF-JSPS Frontier Science Conferences for Young Researchers ) and series of summer and winter schools providing advanced scientific training in physics.
The theme areas are: Antarctic and Marine Science ; Community, Place and Change ; Environment ; Frontier Technologies ; Population and Health ; and Sustainable Primary Production.
*" Flying to the Moon in French and American Science Fiction ," by Danièle Chatelain & George Slusser, in Space and Beyond: The Frontier Theme in Science Fiction, ed.
*" Flying to the Moon in French and American Science Fiction ," by Daniele Chatelain & George E. Slusser, in Space and Beyond: The Frontier Theme in Science Fiction, ed.
President George W. Bush voiced this sentiment when the vision was first announced ( see quote above ), and the United States Senate has re-entered testimony by Space Frontier Foundation founder Rick Tumlinson offered previously to the United States Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation advocating this particular perspective.
" C. S. Lewis on the Final Frontier: Science and the Supernatural in the Space Trilogy.
From 2000-2009, Wiesel served as Secretary-General of the Human Frontier Science Program, an organization headquartered in Strasbourg, France, which supports international and interdisciplinary collaboration between investigators in the life sciences.
It contains the Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences and a portion of the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology.
Terenzi's global TV and press appearances include features on CNN, The Dennis Miller Show, Sci Fi Channel, NPR Talk of the Nation, Weekend Edition and Science Friday, Newsweek on Air, The Wall Street Journal, People, Time, Glamour, Associated Press, Details, Los Angeles Reader, Daily News, Strange Universe, History Channel ‘ s “ The Universe ” and “ Ancient Aliens ”, and hundreds of feature stories internationally including the covers of Mondo 2000, New Frontier, Atari Explorer, Extropy, Composer USA, CDROM Today ( U. K .) and Eye Magazine ( Canada ).
" A Meaning for Turner's Frontier: Part I: Democracy in the Old Northwest ," Political Science Quarterly, Vol.
* Stanley Elkins and Eric McKitrick, " A Meaning for Turner's Frontier: Part II: The Southwest Frontier and New England ," Political Science Quarterly, Vol.
Rhine wrote the books Extrasensory Perception and Parapsychology: Frontier Science of the Mind.

Science and 1945
* Roy Licklider, " The Consequences of Negotiated Settlements in Civil Wars, 1945 -- 1993 ," American Political Science Review 89, no.
In 1945 Wollheim edited the first hardcover anthology from a major publisher and the first omnibus, The Viking Portable Novels of Science.
* Meet the Postwar Jeep August 1945 Popular Science
* From Gatling to Browning September 1945 article Popular Science
*" Secrets of the German Jet Planes " June 1945, Popular Science page 124 — the first detailed drawing in a general public magazine
Stephen Henry Schneider ( February 11, 1945 – July 19, 2010 ) was Professor of Environmental Biology and Global Change at Stanford University, a Co-Director at the Center for Environment Science and Policy of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies and a Senior Fellow in the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment.
Worldcon, or more formally The World Science Fiction Convention, is a science fiction convention held each year since 1939 ( except for the years 1942 to 1945, during World War II ).
Part of that 1900 article was reprinted in the February 1945 issue of Popular Science, describing how shaped-charge warheads worked.
* 1945 Popular Science article that at last revealed secrets of shaped charge weapons ; article also includes reprints of 1900 Popular Science drawings of Professor Munroe's experiments with crude shaped charges
British Science Fiction author Arthur C. Clarke disseminated the idea widely, with more details on how it would work, in a 1945 paper entitled " Extra-Terrestrial Relays — Can Rocket Stations Give Worldwide Radio Coverage?
* The Little Top That Aims a Gun by Gold Sanders, Popular Science July 1945
*" How Armies Hit The Silk " June 1945, Popular Science James L. H. Peck-i. e.
* How Armies Hit The Silk J. Peck Popular Science June 1945
" Blind Alley " was published before any of the novels ; written in 1944, it was accepted by John W. Campbell later that year and published in Astounding Science Fiction in March 1945.
He was also the Dean of the Faculty of Science at Dhaka University until 1945.
" Popular Science, February 1945, pp. 120 – 125.
The Little top That Aims a Gun, Popular Science, July 1945, Vol.
* " Here's How A Spark Plug Works ", November 1945, Popular Science
Broida, eds., Reminiscences of Los Alamos 1943 – 1945 ( Studies in the History of Modern Science ), Springer, 1980, ISBN 90-277-1098-8.
* The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books, an academic journal founded in 1945 at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
* Banning, C. " Food Shortage and Public Health, First Half of 1945 ," Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science Vol.

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