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Section and 67
Section 4 consisted of Articles 60 to 67 and established the Reichsrat ( State Council ).
Section 67 declares membership of, or nomination for, either house to be incompatible with any " public office.
Section 67 of the Act enables byelaws regulating the use of the railways to be issued.
* EXPO 67 Montréal-All film soundtracks for Industrial Section, British Pavilion ( 1967 )
In December 2006, Toews and Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development Jim Prentice announced plans to repeal Section 67 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.
" Smith is buried in Arlington National Cemetery Arlington, Virginia and his grave can be found in memorial Section D, lot 67.
Section 67 ( 2 ) of the Ordinance states that:
Section 67, Grave No. 3710.
The group began as a Jacksonville cover band consisting of guitarists Buddy Buie, J. R. Cobb, Walter Eaton, keyboardist Joe Wilson, and singer Dennis Yost ( Buie ( as producer ) and Cobb would form The Atlanta Rhythm Section with Candymen drummer Robert Nix ( died on May 20, 2012, at the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, at age 67 from complications following surgery in April ; he suffered from diabetes and multiple myeloma ), also from Jacksonville, and keyboardist Dean Daughtry in 1974 ).
In the Consumer Credit Act, the right of cancellation is covered in Section 67, which allows the debtor or hirer the right to cancel an agreement if there were false oral representations made to the debtor by somebody acting for the creditor.
At this point the club folded and reformed, this time based in Mitcham, joining the Western Section of the Kent Amateur League for the 1966 – 67 season.

Section and Adi
* Lineage of Daksha, The Mahabharata / Book 1: Adi Parva / Section LXV
The Mahabharata ( Book I: Adi Parva, Section 154 ) describes him as a cruel cannibal with sharp, long teeth and prodigious strength.
The story of Drona's birth is recounted dramatically in Mahābhārata, Book I: Adi Parva, Sambhava Parva, Section CXXXI.
The epic calls them " persecutors of all creatures ", and tells us " the snakes were of virulent poison, great prowess and excess of strength, and ever bent on biting other creatures " ( Book I: Adi Parva, Section 20 ).
( Book I: Adi Parva, Section 36.
( Book I: Adi Parva, Section 18.
( Book I: Adi Parva, Section 216.

Section and Mahabharata
According to the story set forth in the Ramayana and ( in an abbreviated version ) in the Mahabharata ( Book III: Varna Parva, Section 271 ff.
Markandeya's narration of the story begins at Book III ( Varna Parva ), Section 271 of the Mahabharata.
" ( From the Mahabharata, Udyoga Parva Section XXXIII, Translated by Sri Kisari Mohan Ganguli ).
" ( Mahabharata, Anusasana Parva, Section 130, Ganguli trans.
To quote from Mahabharata, Sambava Parva, Section CXV < http :// www. sacred-texts. com / hin / m01 / m01116. htm >
* Mahabharata, Book III: Vana Parva, Section 278: online text for the section of the Mahabharata describing Rama's alliance with Sugriva and the killing of Bali.
" -- Truth, The Mahabharata, Santi Parva, Section CLXII.

Section and is
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Act of July 3, 1952 ( 66 Stat. 328 ) as amended ( 42 U.S.C. 1952-1958 ), is further amended to read as follows: Section 1.
Subject to the limitations hereinafter provided, the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and directed to pay, as prescribed by Section 8 of this Title, an amount not exceeding the principal of each award, plus accrued interests on such awards as bear interest, certified pursuant to Section 5 of this Title, in accordance with the award.
The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and directed out of the sums covered into any of the funds pursuant to subsection ( B ) of this section, and after making the deduction provided for in Section 7 ( B ) of this Title -- ( 1 )
The Secretary of the Treasury, upon the concurrence of the Secretary of State, is authorized and directed, out of the sum covered into the Yugoslav Claims Fund pursuant to subsection ( B ) of this section, after completing the payments of such funds pursuant to subsection ( C ) of this Section, to make payment of the balance of any sum remaining in such fund to the Government of the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia to the extent required under Article 1 ( C ) of the Yugoslav Claims Agreement of 1948.
The first part of the new structure -- that for supporting the basic program of vocational rehabilitation services -- is described in this Section.
Section 7 is designed to arrest in its incipiency not only the substantial lessening of competition from the acquisition by one corporation of the whole or any part of the stock of a competing corporation, but also to arrest in their incipiency restraints or monopolies in a relevant market which, as a reasonable probability, appear at the time of suit likely to result from the acquisition by one corporation of all or any part of the stock of any other corporation.
In the event that agreement is not reached on the use of the rupees for grant or loan purposes within six years from the date of this Agreement, the Government of the United States of America may use the local currency for any purposes authorized by Section 104 of the Act.
Since the circulating thyroid hormones are the amino acids thyroxine and tri-iodothyronine ( cf. Section C ), it is clear that some mechanism must exist in the thyroid gland for their release from proteins before secretion.
The pertinent regulation for our purposes is Section 602.2 (, ), as follows:
Nevertheless, because the Cost Section has felt impelled to make some kind of a distribution of total costs, it has apportioned this residue, which it sometimes calls `` burden '', among the units of carload traffic on a basis ( partly ton, partly ton-mile ) which is concededly quite arbitrary from the standpoint of cost determination.
`` Meet the Artist '' is the invitation issued by members of the Greater Philadelphia Section of the National Council of Jewish Women as they arrange for an annual exhibit and sale of paintings and sculpture at the Philmont Country Club on April 8 and 9.
It will be recalled from the discussion in Section 7 that the position of the `` right '', as represented by Barth, rests on the following thesis: The only tenable alternative to Bultmann's position is a theology that ( 1 ) rejects or at least qualifies his unconditioned demand for demythologization and existential interpretation ; ;
Affidavit is treated as “ Evidence ” within the meaning of Section 3 of the Evidence Act.
" On July 27, 1868, the day before the Fourteenth Amendment was adopted, U. S. Congress declared in the preamble of the Expatriation Act that " the right of expatriation is a natural and inherent right of all people, indispensable to the enjoyment of the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ," and ( Section I ) one of " the fundamental principles of this government " ( United States Revised Statutes, sec.
Institutionally it is based on the Annales journal, the SEVPEN publishing house, the ( FMSH ), and especially the 6th Section of the École pratique des hautes études, all based in Paris.
The justification for attributing life to objects was stated by David Hume in his Natural History of Religion ( Section III ): " There is a universal tendency among mankind to conceive all beings like themselves, and to transfer to every object those qualities with which they are familiarly acquainted, and of which they are intimately conscious.
The plain of Idavoll is the centre of Asgard ( Section 14 ).
Odin's residence is Valhalla, to which he takes those slain in battle, the Einherjar ( Section 20 ).
Snorri quips: " There is a huge crowd there, and there will be many more still ...." ( Section 39 ).
Afterwards, the earth rises again from the sea, is fairer than before, and where Asgard used to be a remnant of the Æsir gather, some coming up from Hel, and talk and play chess all day with the golden chessmen of the ancient Æsir, which they find in the grass ( Section 58 ).
It is never called that prior to the Vikings ( Section 1 ).
Snorri says at first it is Valhalla and then adds: " The Swedes now believed that he had gone to the old Asagarth and would live there forever " ( Section 9 ).
; Piracy with violence: Section 2 of the Piracy Act 1837 provides that it is an offence, amongst other things, for a person, with intent to commit or at the time of or immediately before or immediately after committing the crime of piracy in respect of any ship or vessel, to assault, with intent to murder, any person being on board of or belonging to such ship or vessel.
Section 39 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 provides that common assault, like battery, is triable only in the magistrates ' court in England and Wales ( unless it is linked to a more serious offence, which is triable in the Crown Court ).

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