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Outlaw and Gods
He also starred in several B-movies such as the TV film The Gun and the Pulpit ( 1974 ; also released on home video as The Gun and the Cross ), The Food Of The Gods ( 1976 ), Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw ( 1976 ) and Starcrash ( 1978 ).

Outlaw and from
These films in particular, as well as others including Play Misty for Me ( 1971 ), Thunderbolt and Lightfoot ( 1974 ), The Outlaw Josey Wales ( 1976 ), Escape from Alcatraz ( 1979 ), Tightrope ( 1984 ), Pale Rider ( 1985 ), Heartbreak Ridge ( 1986 ), In the Line of Fire ( 1993 ), The Bridges of Madison County ( 1995 ), and Gran Torino ( 2008 ), have all received commercial success and critical acclaim.
The film was adapted by Sonia Chernus and Philip Kaufman from author Forrest Carter's 1973 novel The Rebel Outlaw: Josey Wales ( republished, as shown in the movie's opening credits, as Gone to Texas ).
In 2008 Stonehill & Pachelli completed Paradise Sky, a re-make of eleven of his classic songs from the ' 70s that were used in the film Fallen Angel: The Outlaw Larry Norman directed by David Di Sabatino.
* Scenes from the 2007 film Outlaw were filmed in Coleford.
The US version consisted of 15 tracks on a single CD, including a live version of " Hell is for Children " with Suffer the Little Children intro, " Painted Desert " ( from Tropico ) and a remixed version of " Outlaw Blues " ( also from Tropico ).
* James " Jim " Hawking, a character from the anime series, Outlaw Star
An illustration of the Sheriff of Nottingham from Bold Robin Hood and His Outlaw Band: Their Famous Exploits in Sherwood Forest.
After a botched attempt to steal a device from Hydra, Sandi and Outlaw convinced Deadpool to rescue Alex.
Another woman who achieved the Outlaw success of her male counterparts was Sammi Smith, a singer from California.
Nash received a title shot against Jarrett on February 13, 2005 at Against All Odds, but lost following interference from the debuting Outlaw.
At Destination X on March 13, Nash lost to The Outlaw in a First Blood match following interference from Jarrett, who struck Nash with his title belt.
from her Outlaw is Just a State of Mind album.
In John Rechy's City of Night and The Sexual Outlaw, Griffith Park is the scene of gay pick-ups and public sex as well as numerous gay bashings and violence from the LAPD in the 60s and 70s.
Subsequent to that visit, he published in 1866 his translation of Gisli the Outlaw from the Icelandic.
: Containing 12 issues: Maori Challenge, The Forgotten Five, War in the Wet, Test By Battle, Regan's Raiders, Killing Zone, Outback Army, Sub-Chaser, Secret in the Sand, Island of Fear, Outlaw from the Outback, The Warlord
Russell moved from the Midwest to California, where she had her first film role in 1943 with The Outlaw.
Outlaw soon found a transmitter site south of Greenville that was near enough to Anderson to meet Federal Communication Commission ( FCC ) requirements that a station's transmitter be no further than fifteen miles from its city of license.
* Outlaw ( Inez Temple ) is an attractive and short-tempered mercenary from Texas who is currently employed by Agency X.
After being dismissed from the Baxter Building for his mercenary lifestyle ( although Sandi and Outlaw, who also work for Agency X are invited to stay for poker ) Deadpool, Bob and Weasel return to the Agency X offices.
In 1987, the song " Rock & Roll Outlaw " ( a cover from the 1978 self titled debut of Australian hard rock band Rose Tattoo ) appeared on the soundtrack of the movie Dudes.
The team would reappear in The King of Fighters 2003 renamed " Outlaw Team ", with Mary ( now part of the Women Fighters Team ) replaced by Gato from Mark of the Wolves.
( The story William Plays Santa Claus in William the Outlaw follows on from this tale, describing Mr. Solomon's attempts to complain about William's behavior that night.
Also in The Aviator, Scorsese used colorized footage of Jane Russell from the original black-and-white film, The Outlaw and dog fight scenes from Hell's Angels.

Outlaw and With
With his brother Ivan Raimi ( and crediting himself as Celia Abrams ), Sam Raimi also wrote Easy Wheels ( 1989 ), a parody of the Outlaw biker film genre.
With anime, genre entries tend towards the Science Fiction Western ( Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Outlaw Star, etc.
With issue # 5, the character Outlaw was dropped, with the cover logo " Outlaw " now referring to the replacement-feature star, Billy the Kid.

Outlaw and No
Elliston was the author of The Venetian Outlaw ( 1805 ), and, with Francis Godolphin Waldron, of No Prelude ( 1803 ), in both of which plays he appeared.
Early in 1981, " Rock N ' Roll Outlaw " started to chart in Europe, peaking at No. 2 in France, No. 5 in Germany and No. 60 in UK.
Both Rock N ' Roll Outlaw and Assault and Battery peaked at No. 1 on the UK heavy metal albums chart.
Ryo-Ohki, Outlaw Star, The Big O season 1, YuYu Hakusho, Blue Submarine No. 6, Trigun, Astro Boy, and Gigantor.
obituary report No release date has been announced for the new studio album, Once an Outlaw, that was finished before Thomasson's death.
Brown and The Outlaw, who had by now renamed himself " Kip James " as a psychological ploy, defeated Killings and Konnan at No Surrender on July 17, with James declining to help either team.
" Your Body Is an Outlaw " went to No. 3 in 1980, followed by another Top 10 hit, " Steppin ' Out ".
Locomotive No. 618 was used in the 2006 film, Outlaw Trail: The Treasure of Butch Cassidy.

Outlaw and second
Starting out as a fairly romanticized interpretation of the West, it was heavily revamped for its second season, gaining a much grittier feel and the new title Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years.
The second of Van Zandt's radio channels presented on Sirius is named the Outlaw Country channel.
The album, produced by Vanda & Young, was released in some markets as Rock N ' Roll Outlaw after their second single, " Rock N ' Roll Outlaw " which did not reach the top 50.
Although he did not direct Cooper's second starring western, The Last Outlaw, the new star's third lead western, Nevada, was once again assigned to Waters, along with another Cooper vehicle, the French Foreign Legion saga, Beau Sabreur, a sequel to Famous Players ' biggest hit of 1926, Beau Geste, which starred Ronald Colman.
Iron Outlaw: The truck scored 14, after losing a wheel in 2006. put on an awesome run coming out second out of 22 trucks in freestyle and scored a 29 in 2007, and in 2008 it broke after the first hit and score a 4.
Her first husband, Mickey, an ex-cop, appears in O is for Outlaw and her second husband, Daniel, a struggling musician, appears in E is for Evidence.

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