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Threatening and Storm
In his second book, The Threatening Storm: The Case for Invading Iraq ( pub.
Many critics, as well as many of those who used the book to justify their support of the invasion, overlooked the more balanced presentation on the pros and cons of war to be found in The Threatening Storm.
* Threatening Storm: The Case for Invading Iraq, Random House, 2002, ISBN 0-375-50928-3

Threatening and action
* Threatening arrest or legal action that is either not permitted or not actually contemplated
Threatening to kill Cenci herself, Beatrice shames the servants into action, and Olimpio and Marzio strangle the Count and throw his body out of the room off the balcony, which is entangled in a pine.

Threatening and United
* Threatening the President of the United States
* Threatening the President of the United States
* Public Discourse on the Dangers most Threatening to the United States ( Washington, 1843 )
Threatening war clouds caused the Regular Army to be reorganized in 1808 to meet the growing threat posed by the Indian nations which lived on the western boundaries of the United States.

Threatening and is
Threatening government officials is another classic way of expressing defiance toward the government and unwillingness to stand for its policies.
Currently MAPS is conducting a study on LSD-Assisted Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Anxiety Secondary to Life Threatening Illness.

Threatening and forces
Threatening to destroy the Earth if they refuse, he forces them all to race in his gigantic coliseum for the entertainment of his subjects.
Threatening to kill them all, Foster forces Townsend to operate the machine, creating another rift in time.

Threatening and mass
Threatening to lead a mass writers ' exodus, Will successfully wrests his editor-in-chief position back from Alden, and negotiates for additional supervisory powers.

Threatening and would
McGregor went on to write two additional early graphic novels for Eclipse, each set in contemporary New York City and starring interracial-buddy private eyes Ted Denning and Bob Rainier: Detectives, Inc .: A Remembrance of Threatening Green ( 1980 ), with artist Marshall Rogers, and Detectives, Inc .: A Terror Of Dying Dreams ( 1985 ), with artist Gene Colan, who would become a frequent collaborator.

Threatening and .
C .; Weinrich, J. D., Definition and Measurement of Sexual Orientation, in Suicide and Life Threatening Behavior, vol.
Threatening alliances were guarded against through strict marriage rules.
* Threatening public officials, especially judges, with prosecution if they don't unduly support their cases.
Bb4 Threatening to drive away the bishop with ... Ra6, followed by ... b5 winning the queen.
Rxb4 31. Bxc6 Rxb2 Threatening 31 ... Ra2 #.
The young Isaac disliked his stepfather and held some enmity towards his mother for marrying him, as revealed by this entry in a list of sins committed up to the age of 19: " Threatening my father and mother Smith to burn them and the house over them.
Threatening a Luftwaffe attack on Prague, Hitler persuaded Hácha to order the capitulation of the Czechoslovak army.
: Threatening Qh5 #, a basic Fool's Mate.
Threatening behaviors may be conceptualized as a maladaptive outgrowth of normal competitive urge for interrelational dominance generally seen in animals.
b. ( U ) Threatening detainees with a charged 9mm pistol ;
e. ( U ) Threatening male detainees with rape ;
* Threatening flight safety.
* Threatening crew members and other passengers.
* Threatening to use or using a firearm or other deadly weapon.
Threatening to burn down the capital of Moldavia, the city of Iași, he forced the Moldavian boyars to sign the annexation of Moldavia.
Threatening absolute disappearance just a few years later in 1997, Getafe survived relegation into the fourth level Tercera División following a two-legged playoff victory over Huesca.
Threatening to shoot her, he demanded to know her employer.

Storm and argued
During Operation Desert Storm in 1991, he argued that smoke from the Kuwaiti oil fires would have little impact, in opposition to most commentators.
Writer Erik Larson argued in his book Isaac's Storm that Cline did not warn anyone in Galveston prior to the hurricane warning.

Storm and only
Similarly, almost all of the games utilizing the Id tech 2 engine have Linux ports, the only exceptions being those created by Ion Storm.
In 1991, Senegal was the only Sub-Saharan nation to send a contingent to participate in Operation Desert Storm.
Numerous species are very poorly known, the Fiji Petrel has only been seen a handful of times since its discovery and the breeding colonies of the New Zealand Storm Petrel, Hornby's Storm Petrel and Heinroth's Shearwater have never been located.
The Connecticut Sun, Seattle Storm, and Tulsa Shock are the only current teams to play without sharing the market with an NBA team ( although the Storm shared a market with the Seattle SuperSonics before that team's relocation ).
One completely written chapter of " Secret Wars " involved the X-Men, but transporting the X-Men cast to L. A. ( where production for the Spider-Man animated series was based ) from Canada ( where the X-Men animated series was based ) was too costly in the previous episodes the X-Men appeared in, so the episode was dropped and only Storm was used for the rest of the chapters of Secret Wars due to the fact that Iona Morris ( who was the first voice of Storm ) lives in L. A. Hulk and She-Hulk weren't used in these episodes because the Hulk show was on UPN.
The China O ' Brien films have a limited cult film status but have gained notoriety in the late 1990s because a then-unheard of singer / songwriter Tori Amos ( then going by her birth name Ellen Amos ) recorded a song, " Distant Storm ," which can only be heard by viewing the original film.
Amazingly, Storm only recorded for approximately two years with Dot and then gave up recording because of her husband's concerns with the time she had to devote to that career.
Future releases were to have included Solar Jetman, which would eventually appear only on the Nintendo Entertainment System, although home computer conversions for the Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga, and Atari ST were completed by Storm Software, but not released.
Finally released in June 2003, After the Storm debuted at number one on Billboard ` s Top R & B / Hip-Hop albums chart, and on top of the official Billboard 200, with sales of 186, 000 copies emerging as Monica's first and only number-one album to date.
Capitalizing on the popularity of women's basketball in the state as a result of the success of the UConn Huskies, the Sun also held the distinction of being the only WNBA franchise not to share its market with an NBA team from 2003 until the Seattle Supersonics relocated, leaving the Storm as an independent team in Seattle, Washington.
The Storm Petrel is a small bird, only the size of a House Martin, which it superficially resembles with its dark plumage and white rump.
Although most of Seattle's major sports teams endured poor seasons during 2008, the Storm would be the only standout team in Seattle that year, posting a franchise-best 22 – 12 record and finishing with a 16 – 1 record at home, also a franchise-best.
A warning is different from a tornado watch ( issued by a national guidance center, the Storm Prediction Center ) which only indicates that conditions are favorable for the formation of tornadoes.
Although she was only supposed to have a three week role in the company, Heyman was impressed by the chemistry between Psaltis and Storm and offered her a contract, which she accepted.
The Tampa Bay Storm are broadcast on Storm Radio, which has no affiliates ; only a flagship which is AM 620 WDAE.
Bright House Sports Network, owned by and shown only on Bright House Networks cable systems, broadcasts all the Storm home games.
The Rattlers remain one of the AFL s leading franchises with the third longest tenure in one city followed only by the Tampa Bay Storm and the Orlando Predators.
If you include the Pittsburgh Gladiators ' two ArenaBowl games before they moved to Tampa Bay, the Storm is the only team that has more ( eight ; six as the Storm ).
After Operation Storm in mid-1995, the only remaining part of the Republic of Serbian Krajina became that in the east, near the border with Yugoslavia.
The stolen artworks include The Concert by Vermeer ( one of only 34 known works by Vermeer in the world ), three works by Rembrandt including The Storm on the Sea of Galilee ( the artist s only known seascape ) and a postage-stamp-sized Self-Portrait, five drawings by Degas, Chez Tortoni by Manet, a landscape painting formerly attributed to Rembrandt, and two objects, an ancient Chinese Ku and a finial in the shape of an eagle from a Napoleonic flag.

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