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USA and July
In a secret detailed letter to the Soviet leadership of July 21, 1967, Sakharov explains the need to " take the Americans at their word " and accept their proposal " for a bilateral rejection by the USA and the Soviet Union of the development of antiballistic missile defense ", because otherwise an arms race in this new technology would increase the likelihood of nuclear war.
The American Missile Defense Agency started a no AMD treaty with Russia, Europe and the USA in July 2003.
A July 2006 USA Today / Gallup poll found that 83 % of the 1, 005 Americans polled blamed Hezbollah, at least in part, for the 2006 Lebanon War, compared to 66 % who blamed Israel to some degree.
: An Elementary Approach to Ideas and Methods, Oxford University Press, USA ; 2 edition ( July 18, 1996 ).
On 16 July 1945, the Americans successfully tested an atomic bomb at the Trinity test at Alamogordo in the New Mexico desert, USA.
The car went on sale in the USA in July 1976 as a 1977 model with a base price of $ 9, 395.
DNA information, made public in July 2008, that has been obtained from Ekaterinburg and repeatedly subject to independent testing by laboratories such as the University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA, and reveals that the final two missing Romanov remains are indeed authentic and that the entire Romanov family housed in the Ipatiev House, Ekaterinburg were executed in the early hours of 17 July 1918.
Vice-President Awn Shawkat Al-Khasawneh and Final Abyei Boundary Award of 22 July 2009 and UNSG Ban Ki-Moon's Statement Commends the Abyei Award and Hague Final Abyei Ruling Raises Big Peace Hopes in Sudan and BBC and GAR and Justice Portal and SPLM-NPC Joint Statement on the Abyei Award's Implementation and USA, EU and Others Welcome PCA Verdict on Abyei and Ruling on Oil Region Boilsters Peace in Sudan and GOSS and Abyei Boundary Arbitration Homepage
The American presence is remembered today by the Woodrow Wilson bridge over the Loire, which was officially opened in July 1918 and bears the name of the man who was President of the USA from 1912 to 1920.
The signing of the Bilateral Trade Agreement ( BTA ) between the USA and Vietnam on July 13, 2000 was a significant milestone.
Other contemporary video artists of note include Gary Hill ( USA ), Arambilet ( Dominican Republic – Spain ), Fred Forest ( France ), Tony Oursler, Mary Lucier, Paul Pfeiffer, Sadie Benning, Paul Chan, Eve Sussman and Miranda July ; Eija-Liisa Ahtila ( Finland ), Kirill Preobrazhenskiy ( Russia ), Pipilotti Rist ( Switzerland ); Surekha ( India ); Stefano Pasquini ( Italy ); Shaun Wilson ( Australia ); Stan Douglas ( Canada ); Douglas Gordon ( Scotland ); Olga Kisseleva ( Russia ); Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven ( Belgium ); Martin Arnold ( Austria ); Matthias Müller ( Germany ), Heiko Daxl ( Germany ); Gillian Wearing ( UK ); Stefano Cagol ( Italy ); Helene Black ( Cyprus ); Shirin Neshat ( Iran / USA ); Aernout Mik ( Netherlands ), Jordi Colomer ( Spain / France ), Sergei Shutov ( Russia ), and Walid Raad ( Lebanon / USA ).
* July 10, 1902 – The Rolling Mill Mine disaster in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA kills 112 miners.
* July 17 – The Great Train Wreck ( the worst railroad calamity in the world to date ) occurs near Philadelphia, PA, USA.
* 1998, USA, Constable and Robinson ISBN 1-85487-574-4, Pub date July 1998, Paperback ( collected edition )
In July 2006, the first Special Olympics USA National Games were held at Iowa State University.
On July 21, 1964, the Crab Nebula supernova remnant was discovered to be a hard X-ray ( 15 – 60 keV ) source by a scintillation counter flown on a balloon launched from Palestine, Texas, USA.
On 11 July 1943 a USA air raid razed the structure, and later was rebuilt for civil aviation.
* Second Lieutenant, USAJuly 1840
* Brigadier General, USA – 4 July 1863
* Lieutenant General, USA – 25 July 1866
Costantino Nivola ( Orani, Sardinia, Italy ; July 5, 1911-Long Island, New York, USA ; May 6, 1988 ) was an Italian sculptor.

USA and 1943
* Alexander, FM The Universal Constant In Living, Dutton ( New York, 1941 ), Chaterson ( London, 1942 ), later editions 1943, 1946, Centerline Press ( USA, 1941, 1986 ), Mouritz ( UK, 2000 ) ISBN 0-913111-18-X, ISBN 978-0-913111-18-5, ISBN 0-9525574-4-4
Trumbo aligned himself with the Communist Party USA before the 1940s, although he did not join the party until 1943.
Trumbo was a member of the Communist Party USA from 1943 until 1948.
* In the film Road to Utopia ( 1943 ), it was suggested ( comically ) that a personal Utopia could be obtained from the wealth of gold mines in Alaska, USA.
Powell cut out and retained all his life an article from the New Statesman newspaper of 13 November 1943, in which the American Clare Boothe Luce said in a speech that Indian independence would mean that the " USA will really have won the greatest war in the world for democracy ".
" The Philadelphia Experiment " is the name of a naval military experiment alleged to have been carried out at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA sometime around October 28, 1943.
Around 1943 the USA began to use the technology on a large scale to make proximity fuses for use in World War II.
The Résistance is also portrayed in Jean Renoir's wartime This Land is Mine ( 1943 ), which was produced in the USA.
Charles E. Bedford donated to the Adirondack Council in 1943 to establish the camp, making it at the time the largest donation of land to any council in the USA.
In 1943, he joined the Communist Party USA and in 1950 he was called before the House Committee on Un-American Activities ; in his testimony, he refused to disclose the names of contributors to a fund for a home for orphans of American veterans of the Spanish Civil War ( one of the contributors was Eleanor Roosevelt ), and was given a three-month prison sentence for contempt of Congress.
Edsel Bryant Ford ( November 6, 1893 – May 26, 1943 ), son of Henry Ford, was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA.
Image: WWII_USA_Ration_Book_3_Front. jpg | USA Ration Book No. 3 circa 1943, front
Also in Green Lake is the Green Lake Conference Center, which was founded by the American Baptist Churches USA in 1943.
There is no doubt that Stalin meant all this seriously, and tried to prove it by dissolving the Comintern in 1943, and the Communist Party of the USA in 1944.
* Assemblies of God USA ( joined 1943 )
The invention of the TWT is widely attributed to Rudolf Kompfner in 1942 – 1943, although Nils Lindenblad, working at RCA ( Radio Corporation of America ) in the USA did patent a device in May 1940 that was remarkably similar to Kompfner's TWT.
Bob Avakian ( born on March 7, 1943 ) is Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA ( RCP ), which he has led since its formation in 1975.
In 1943, Mikhoels and Itzik Feffer, the first official representatives of the Soviet Jewry allowed to visit the West, embarked on a seven-month tour to the USA, Mexico, Canada and Britain to drum up their support.
In 1943 came from USA the 3G of Braziland and then few of other industries followed the same path and boosted the city development.
By 1943 Stravinsky was banned in Nazi Germany because he had chosen to live in the USA.
In November 1943, the Big Three ( USSR, USA, and the UK ) met at the Tehran Conference.
* Brian Moore ( politician ) ( born 1943 ), Socialist Party USA and Liberty Union Party nominee for president
During the organization of the 1st DIE he was also head of the Brazil Military Commission with the USA and visited the Mediterranean Theater of operations in 1943, before the arrival of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force.

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