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1474 and letter
The exact date of Titian's birth is uncertain ; when he was an old man he claimed in a letter to Philip II to have been born in 1474, but this seems most unlikely.
He claims that a letter written in 1474 by Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli and found amongst the private papers of Columbus indicates that an earlier Chinese ambassador had direct correspondence with Pope Eugene IV in Rome.
# 1474 " map " of Paolo Toscanelli-map missing, but Antilia referenced in letter.
* Vignaud, H. ( 1902 ) Toscanelli and Columbus: The letter and chart of Toscanelli on the route to the Indies by way of the west, sent in 1474 to the Portuguese, Ferman Martins, and later on to Christopher Columbus ; a critical study on the authenticity and value of these documents and the sources of the cosmographical ideas of Columbus, followed by the various texts of the letter.
< p id =" 1474 "> In 1474 Toscanelli sent a letter and a map to his Portuguese correspondent Fernão Martins, priest at the Lisbon Cathedral, detailing a scheme for sailing westwards to reach the Spice Islands and Asia.
The letter was first printed in the " Life of Christ " by Ludolph the Carthusian ( Cologne, 1474 ), and in the " Introduction to the works of St. Anselm " ( Nuremberg, 1491 ).
It has also been suggested that the man " from Cathay " described to have visited Pope Eugenius IV ( 1431 1447 ) by Paolo Toscanelli in a 1474 letter to Christopher Columbus, may have been Niccolò de ' Conti, who was returning from the east and is known to have met with Pope Eugenius in 1444:

1474 and Columbus
He was the firstborn son of Christopher Columbus and wife Filipa Moniz Perestrelo, and was born in 1479 / 1480 in Porto Santo, Portugal or 1474 in Lisbon, Portugal.

1474 and which
In 1474, Albert married his daughter Barbara to Duke Henry XI of Głogów, who left his possessions on his death in 1476 to his widow with reversion to her family, an arrangement which was resisted by Henry's kinsman, Duke Jan II of Żagań.
On 22 July 1474 he drew up a will by which he divided the succession between his grandson René II of Lorraine and his nephew Charles II, count of Maine.
* Treaty of Utrecht ( 1474 ), which ended the Anglo-Hanseatic War
René retired to Provence, and in 1474 made a will by which he left Bar to his grandson René II, Duke of Lorraine ; Anjou and Provence to his nephew Charles, count of Le Maine.
In 1474, Giosafat Barbaro visited the ruins of Persepolis, which he incorrectly thought were of Jewish origin.
Back in 1474 Noordwijk had an extensive fleet of 38 large & small ships, which left from the beach as there was no harbour.
In 1474 a marriage alliance was agreed to with Edward IV of England by which the future James IV of Scotland was to marry Princess Cecily of York, daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville.
He now began to learn Greek, which had been taught in the French capital since 1470, and he also attached himself to the leader of the Paris realists, Jean à Lapide ( d. 1496 ), a worthy and learned man, whom he followed to the vigorous young university of Basel in 1474.
In the early 1470s he made a voyage to Rome, while in 1474 he executed the Forteguerri monument for the Cathedral of Pistoia, which he left unfinished.
In 1739 40 Ames circulated a preliminary list of English printers from 1471 to 1600, which included 215 names, most of them being those of London men, with the announcement: ‘ As the history and progress of printing in England, from 1474 to 1600, is in good forwardness for the press ; if any gentleman please to send the publisher, Jos.
In spite of natural disasters ( flood in 1497, the fire of a suburb in 1474 and of the town in 1500 ), Thomas Tarczay's troops raids ( 1473 and 1474 ), pestilence, which nearly depopulated the town, the 16th century was the most favourable for the development of Krosno.
The Catalan-language decadence accompanied the Catalan commercial influence in the Spanish Empire, in which the use of Spanish language was essential, and overall neglect for the Crown of Aragon's institutions after the dynastic union of Castile and Aragon that resulted from the marriage of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile, a union finalized in 1474.
The oldest surviving house in the village is Horbury Hall in Church Street, built by Ralph Amyas, Deputy Steward of the Manor of Wakefield, which has been dated by dendrochronology to 1474.
But in 1474 an arrangement was made with William Waynflete, bishop of Winchester, the representative of the excluded executors, by which some of the estates were surrendered to the bishop for charitable purposes, while Paston was secured in the possession of others.
" His relief of the façade of the former School of the Albanians in Venice reflects this interest, as it commemorates two sieges of Shkodra in 1474 and 1478, the latter of which Sultan Mehmed II directed personally.
Anastasy Nikitin, a Russian traveller who spent four years in the sultanate from 1470 to 1474, left us a report which is one of the most important European accounts of life in medieval India.
It is known that Corte-Real was granted São Jorge Island in the Azores in 1472, which he held until 1474 when he was granted the captaincy of Angra on Terceira Island by Infanta Beatrice, Duchess of Viseu.
In a second phase, Sigismund sought to achieve a peace agreement with the Swiss confederates, which eventually was concluded in Konstanz in 1474 ( later called the Ewige Richtung ).
In 1474, which was when Kyoto was the scene of the Onin War, Emperor Go-Tsuchimikado designated Ikkyū Sōjun as the head priest.
The Chancellor of Florence, Marsilio Ficino commented on Plato ’ s Symposium ( 1474 75 ), while Girolamo Benivieni composed his Canzone d ’ amore ( 1486 ), which Pico della Mirandola analyzed soon after.
In 1474 most of Nowy Korczyn burned in a fire, after which the town was released from its tax duties for 12 years.
The first poète maudit, and its prototype, was François Villon ( 1431-c. 1474 ) but the phrase wasn't coined until the beginning of the 19th century by Alfred de Vigny in his 1832 drama Stello, in which he calls the poet " la race toujours maudite par les puissants de la terre " ( The race which will always be cursed by the powerful ones of the earth ).

1474 and has
A presentation copy of Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye, the first book printed in the English language ( late 1473-early 1474 ), has a specially made engraving showing Caxton presenting the book to Margaret.
One poem traditionally attributed to him, Alexandra or Cassandra, has been preserved in its complete form, running to 1474 iambic trimeters.
Administratively, since 1474 it has been tied with the city of Lublin.
Legend has it that soon after he learned to speak, he told his parents his name was Pema Dorje, the birth name of Gendun Drup ( 1391 1474 ) and that his father was Lobsang Drakpa, which was Tsongkapa's ordination name.

1474 and been
After most of his men had deserted and he had been wounded in the face with an arrow, Oxford was eventually compelled to surrender on 15 February 1474, along with his two brothers and Beaumont.
In 1474, Sixtus IV sent his nephew, Cardinal Giuliano della Rovere ( later Julius II ); after fruitless negotiations he laid siege to the city, but Vitelli did not surrender until he learned that the command of the army had been given to Duke Federico III da Montefeltro.
He may have been a " Walter Cantor " at Ely Cathedral between 1443 and 1466, and he may have been the Walter Frye who joined the London Parish Clerks in 1456 ; he also may have been the Walter Frye who left a will at Canterbury in 1474.
In 1478, he was restored as Duke of Alençon and Count of Perche, titles which had been confiscated from his family after his father's conviction in 1474.
Having been pardoned in April 1471, Neville was re-arrested on 25 April 1472 on a charge of treason and secretly conveyed to France, where he remained a prisoner at the castle of Hammes near Calais until November 1474, when he returned to England ; he died the following year, on 8 June 1476.

1474 and mentions
He also mentions Guillaume Dufay ( 1400 1474 ) as his contemporary.

1474 and visit
In the spring of 1462, the king applied to Pope Pius II for indulgence for having constructed the chapel, which was finally granted upon the his visit to Pope Sixtus IV in Rome in 1474.

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