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1939 and interview
* Travel writer Richard Halliburton ( 1900 – 1939 ) gathered material, including an interview with Brooke's mother, for an eventual biography of Brooke, but completion of the task fell to Arthur Springer whose Red Wine of Youth — A Life of Rupert Brooke, benefitting from Halliburton's researches, appeared in 1952.
* Early days and ways in and around Milwaukie, 1939 interview of Harvey Starkweather
A 1939 interview " Occupational and Social Life of Granite " recorded by William " Bill " Haight as part of the Federal Writers ' Project, described the town and surroundings of Granite.
In one of the project's features, a 1939 interview for the Federal Writers ' Project, South Carolina native Mose Austin recalled that his employer was adamant.
He had been working at the Eddy paper manufacture since May 1939 when the National Research Council ( NRC ) of Canada granted him a job interview in the month of December of the same year.
He made his fate public in an interview with the French Trotskyist newspaper La Lutte Ouvrier published in its February 24 and March 3, 1939 issues.
Hänel based his book upon a tape-recorded interview that he had led in 1981 with Emery Reves, publisher of the original French edition of Hitler speaks ( which had been entitled Hitler m ' a dit ) who had commissioned the book from Rauschning in 1939.
In this interview, Reves contended that penniless Rauschning's main reason for agreeing to write Hitler speaks was the 125, 000 Francs advance, and, referring to preliminary talks with Rauschning in 1939 where he had agreed with the author on what themes and personality traits to apply to Hitler, considered it as largely fabrication.
In October 1939, while still studying at St. John's, he was summoned to an interview with Alastair Denniston, head of the Government Code and Cypher School ( GC & CS ), and was thereby recruited to Bletchley Park's naval section in Hut 4.
After returning to base Schultze gave an interview to William L. Shirer, an American reporter, on 29 September 1939.
He also gave the self-help group Alcoholics Anonymous its first national exposure with a 1939 interview, and earned an unusual reputation — even in a less media-driven and cynical time — for morale boosting during some of the nation's most arduous days.

1939 and she
It was while working for Rapp in 1939 that she adopted the stage name " Day " as an alternative to " Kappelhoff ," at his suggestion.
By 1939 her marriage to Pollock was in difficulties, and she began a series of affairs.
Eka-caesium was discovered in 1939 by Marguerite Perey of the Curie Institute in Paris, France when she purified a sample of actinium-227 which had been reported to have a decay energy of 220 keV.
Gardner's dissatisfaction with the group grew, particularly when in 1939, one of the group's leaders sent a letter out to all members in which she stated that war would not come.
From 1936 to 1939 she carried out important excavations at the Jewry Wall in the city of Leicester.
On September 12, 1939 she was in the town of Końskie when 30 civilians were executed there, in retaliation for an alleged attack on German soldiers.
In 1939, the German Colonial Gazette ( of Angola ) published a letter by Frau Ilse von Nolde, who asserted that she had heard of the animal called " coye ya menia " (" water lion ") from many claimed eyewitnesses, both natives and settlers.
She attended the Girls ' Latin School of Chicago ( describing herself as an average student ), graduated in 1939, and later attended Smith College in Massachusetts, where she majored in English and drama and graduated in 1943.
Commissioned in 1939, she was successful during World War II until she was lost to friendly fire in 1944
Ava Gardner attended high school in Rock Ridge and she graduated from there in 1939.
Tone began drinking and physically abusing Crawford and she filed for divorce, which was granted in 1939.
María lived for a time at home with her parents until 1939, when she traveled with her son to Mexico City.
A prominent feature of the latter are numerous royal walkabouts, the tradition of which was initiated in 1939 by Queen Elizabeth when she was in Ottawa and broke from the royal party to speak directly to gathered veterans.
In 1939, she attempted an unusual role in the dark comedy Idiot's Delight, adapted from the 1936 Robert E. Sherwood play.
With her savings she was able to spend some time in Europe, but was forced to return to Canada in 1939 at the outbreak of World War II.
Davis in the trailer for Dark Victory ( 1939 ), in which she gave one of her ten Oscar-nominated performances
Rogers was to remain close to her grandfather ( much later, when she was a star in 1939, she bought him a home at 5115 Greenbush Avenue in Sherman Oaks, California so that he could be close to her while she was filming at the studios ).
Further highlights of this period included Tom, Dick, and Harry, a 1941 comedy in which she dreams of marrying three different men ; I'll Be Seeing You, with Joseph Cotten ; La Cava's 5th Avenue Girl ( 1939 ), where she played an out-of-work girl sucked into the lives of a wealthy family ; and especially the sharp and highly successful comedies: Bachelor Mother ( 1939 ), with David Niven, in which she played Polly Parrish, a shop girl who is falsely thought to have abandoned her baby ; and Billy Wilder's first Hollywood feature film: The Major and the Minor ( 1942 ), in which she played a woman who masquerades as a 12-year-old to get a cheap train ticket and finds herself obliged to continue the ruse for an extended period.

1939 and expressed
From Logical Investigations ( 1900 / 1901 ) to Experience and Judgment ( published in 1939 ), Husserl expressed clearly the difference between meaning and object.
In public, Ribbentrop expressed great fury at the Polish refusal to allow for Danzig's return to the Reich, or to grant Polish permission for the " extra-territorial " highways, but since these matters were only intended after March 1939 to be a pretext for German aggression, Ribbentrop always refused in private to allow for any talks between German and Polish diplomats about these matters.
Bloch's own ideas on rural history were best expressed in his masterworks, French Rural History ( Les caractères originaux de l ' histoire rurale française, 1931 ) and Feudal Society ( 1939 ).
In private notes written in 1939, Heidegger took a strongly critical view of Hitler's ideology, however in public lectures he seems to have continued to make ambiguous comments which, if they expressed criticism of the regime, did so only in the context of praising its ideals.
Through Raeder expressed some worry in the first half of 1939 over the prospect of a war with Britain when the Plan Z had barely began, he accepted and believed in the assurances of Hitler and the Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop that neither Britain nor France would go to war if the Reich attacked Poland.
They are being ruthless and most determined .” After the July 1934 Night of The Long Knives, in which the Nazis ruthlessly exterminated their internal dissidents, Reith wrote: “ I really admire the way Hitler has cleaned up what looked like an incipient revolt .” After Czechoslovakia was invaded by the Nazis in 1939 he wrote: “ Hitler continues his magnificent efficiency .” Reith also expressed admiration for Mussolini .. Reith's daughter, Marista Leishman, revealed how her father in the 1930s did everything possible to keep Winston Churchill and other anti-appeasement Conservatives off the airwaves.
One French official in 1939 expressed the belief that the uncertainty was sure to cause trouble in the future.
" The Louisville Defender, that city's African American newspaper, expressed similar sentiments in a December 1939 editorial: " hether Gaines has been bribed, intimidated or worse, should certainly have little permanent effect on the struggle for equal rights and social justice in connection with Negro education in the South ... Negroes are already hammering upon the doors of graduate schools hitherto closed to them, with increasing persistence.
Several of the tenets of what was to become AA's Twelve Traditions were first expressed in the Foreword to the First Edition of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous in 1939.
His anti-war texts of 1939 replied to claims that a new armed conflict would usher in national " vitality ", and, during the September Campaign, expressed solidarity with Poland — Iorga's Polonophila was even noted by the Nazis, causing more frictions between Berlin and Bucharest.
In Pravda of 30 November 1939, the day of the outbreak of the Winter War, Stalin was asked for his opinion on the report of " the speech " allegedly made " by Stalin to the Politburo on 19 August ", in which he is said to have expressed the thought that the war should go on as long as possible, so that the belligerents are exhausted.
Because of his loyalty to Moscow, Litterick expressed contradictory views on Canada's involvement in World War II in late 1939.
In 1939, Williams expressed interest in pursuing a degree in physical education in order to teach it one day.
Margaret Mitchell, when discussing the movie casting of her character Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind ( 1939 ) -- a process in which she had no say —- expressed a preference for Jack Holt as Butler, because her personal favorite, Charles Boyer, had a French accent.
The first part of the testament talked of his motivations in the three decades since volunteering in World War I, repeated his claim that neither he nor anyone else in Germany wanted war in 1939, stated his reasons for his intention to commit suicide, and praised and expressed his thanks to the German people for their support and achievements.
Sutherland's historical importance rests upon his having introduced ( in a 27 December 1939 speech to the American Sociological Association, titled The White Collar Criminal ) the concept of white-collar crime, a concept which violated existing prejudices that aristocrats can do no wrong ( which was famously expressed in the ancient legal view that a king could do no wrong ).
Concern was expressed as early as September 1939 in the Canadian Parliament for the security of Newfoundland ( which was not yet a part of Canada ) in the event of a German raid or attack.
In a conversation Ōshima had with Heinrich Himmler on 31 January 1939, he expressed the hope that German-Japanese cooperation in the field of intelligence would lead eventually to the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

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