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1947 and speech
* 1947 – Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founding father of Pakistan, gives a speech to the Constituent Assembly, the contents and meaning of which remain contentious today.
However, his next films, The Great Dictator ( 1940 ), a parody on Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini that ended in a dramatic speech criticising the blind following patriotic nationalism, and Monsieur Verdoux ( 1947 ), which criticised war and capitalism, as well as his first European film A King in New York ( 1957 ), which ridiculed the U. S. House Un-American Activities Committee, were more clearly political and caused controversy.
In a June 5, 1947 speech, comporting with the Truman Doctrine, Marshall announced a comprehensive program of American assistance to all European countries wanting to participate, including the Soviet Union and those of Eastern Europe, called the Marshall Plan.
* 1947 – Marshall Plan: In a speech at Harvard University, United States Secretary of State George Marshall calls for economic aid to war-torn Europe.
In a 1947 speech to the United Nations, Soviet deputy foreign minister Andrei Vyshinsky said that the Marshall Plan violated the principles of the United Nations.
On June 5, 1947 in a speech at Harvard University, he outlined the American plan.
The act, still effective, was sponsored by Senator Robert Taft and Representative Fred A. Hartley, Jr. and became law by overcoming U. S. President Harry S. Truman's veto on June 23, 1947 ; labor leaders called it the " slave-labor bill " while President Truman argued that it was a " dangerous intrusion on free speech ," and that it would " conflict with important principles of our democratic society ," Nevertheless, Truman would subsequently use it twelve times during his presidency.
Acheson devised the policy and wrote Truman's 1947 request to Congress for aid to Greece and Turkey, a speech which stressed the dangers of totalitarianism rather than Soviet aggression and marked the fundamental change in American foreign policy that became known as the Truman Doctrine.
In 1947, Columbia Pictures offered Hellman a multi-year contract, which she refused because the contract included a loyalty clause that she viewed as an infringement on her rights of free speech and association.
In 1947, Veeck gave a speech in an Ohio town and afterward was asked a question regarding Jackie Robinson's chances of making it as a major leaguer, to which Veeck responded he did not believe Robinson would fare well.
It took 2 years ( 1945 to 1947 ) of death and disease, and fears that starving Germans might " go Communist " before U. S. Secretary of State James F. Byrnes made his Stuttgart speech.
In South Carolina, on April 16, 1947, he delivered a speech ( by journalist Herbert Bayard Swope ) saying, “ Let us not be deceived: we are today in the midst of a cold war .” Newspaper reporter-columnist Walter Lippmann gave the term wide currency, with the book The Cold War ; when asked in 1947 about the source of the term, he referred it to a French term from the 1930s, la guerre froide.
After graduation, Tolson and his wife moved to Marshall, Texas, where he taught speech and English at Wiley College ( 1924 – 1947 ).
In 1947 he travelled to Hungary to give his inauguration speech at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, with the intent of contributing to the democratic development of Hungary.
Walking into the House of Commons to give the autumn 1947 Budget speech, he made an off-the-cuff remark to a journalist, telling him of some of the tax changes in the budget, which was printed in the early edition of the evening papers before he had completed his speech, and whilst the stock market was still open.
The Hatch Act was challenged in the Supreme Court in 1947 and 1974 as a violation of free speech.
Berlin speech, 1947
The speech was made to the Indian Constituent Assembly, on the eve of India's Independence, towards midnight on 14 August 1947.
* Carter, George Calvin, " Passaconaway: The Greatest of the New England Indians " ( published transcript of 1947 speech ) ( Manchester, NH: Granite State Press, 1947 )
Edward Douglas John Hay, 13th Marquess of Tweeddale ( 6 August 1947 – 1 February 2005 ), a Scottish aristocrat best known for his speech in the House of Lords debate ( 1996 ) on the Bosnian civil war.
During the 1947 session of the Delta Council, Dean Acheson ( Under-Secretary of State in Truman's administration ) delivered a speech on campus that unveiled the Marshall Plan, detailing postwar relief for Europe.

1947 and National
The year 1961 marks the fourteenth anniversary of the unification of our Armed Forces under the National Security Act of 1947.
He won the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Award in 1947 for Cartoonist of the Year, and their 1979 Elzie Segar Award ( posthumously ) for his " unique and outstanding contribution to the profession of cartooning.
Capp received the National Cartoonists Society's Billy DeBeck Memorial Award in 1947 for Cartoonist of the Year.
One award was presented for both leagues in 1947 and 1948 ; since 1949, the honor has been given to one player each in the National and American League.
In doing so the bulk of Liberals remained supporting the government, but two distinct Liberal groups had emerged within this bulk – the Liberal Nationals ( officially the " National Liberals " after 1947 ) led by Simon, also known as " Simonites ", and the " Samuelites " or " official Liberals ", led by Samuel who remained as the official party.
A new Constitution was promulgated in 1947, and Chiang was formally elected by the National Assembly as the first term President of the Republic of China on May 20, 1948.
* Carl Landauer ( 1947 ): Theory of National Economic Planning.
* 1947 – The Everglades National Park in Florida is dedicated.
This arrangement continued until as late as 1965, although it was somewhat regularised after the creation of the National Dock Labour Scheme in 1947.
* 1947 – Stephen Hadley, U. S. National Security Adviser
Greenberg was traded to the National League in 1947, which was Jackie Robinson's rookie year.
By the end of 1946, the Communist Democratic Army of Greece had been formed, pitted against the governmental National Army, which was backed first by Britain and after 1947 by the United States.
Communist successes in 1947 – 1948 enabled them to move freely over much of mainland Greece, but with extensive reorganization, the deportation of rural populations and American material support, the National Army was slowly able to regain control over most of the countryside.
** In 1947, Wooden's basketball team won the conference title and received an invitation to the NAIA National Tournament in Kansas City.
After India gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1947, it soon joined the Commonwealth of Nations and strongly supported independence movements in other colonies, like the Indonesian National Revolution.
* 1947 – Cold War: U. S. President Harry S. Truman signs the National Security Act of 1947 into United States law creating the Central Intelligence Agency, United States Department of Defense, United States Air Force, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the United States National Security Council.
He was selected for six consecutive All-Star Games from 1949 to 1954, was the recipient of the inaugural MLB Rookie of the Year Award in 1947, and won the National League Most Valuable Player Award in 1949 — the first black player so honored.
In 1987, both the National and American League Rookie of the Year Awards were renamed the " Jackie Robinson Award " in honor of the first recipient ( Robinson's Major League Rookie of the Year Award in 1947 encompassed both leagues ).
Nehru was elected by the Indian National Congress to assume office as independent India's first Prime Minister in 1947, and re-elected when the Congress party won India's first general election in 1951.
Johnny Lee Bench ( born December 7, 1947 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma ) is a former professional baseball catcher who played in the Major Leagues for the Cincinnati Reds from 1967 to 1983 and is a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
Next, the National Security Act of 1947 established the United States's first permanent peacetime intelligence agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, which then took up the functions of the OSS.
Constructing Pakistan: Foundational Texts and the Rise of Muslim National Identity, 1857 – 1947, Oxford 2010, ISBN 978-0-19-547811-2

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