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February and 26
These three installment dates would be: October 26, January 26, and April 25 ( Providence ) and November 15, February 16 and May 15 ( Cranston ).
The 84th Academy Awards, honoring films in 2011, was held at the Dolby Theatre on February 26, 2012.
After the return of René to Provence, Alfonso easily reduced the remaining resistance and made his triumphal entrance in Naples on 26 February 1443, as the monarch of a pacified kingdom.
The last maker of the family was Nicolo's son, Girolamo Amati, known as Hieronymus II ( February 26, 1649 – February 21, 1740 ).
The letter agreeing to sell his share was signed on February 26, 1901.
A US national tour began on February 26, 1974 at the Forrest Theatre, Philadelphia, and ended on February 13, 1975 at the Shubert Theatre, Boston.
The province is currently governed by the BC Liberal Party, led by Premier Christy Clark, who became leader as a result of the party election on February 26, 2011.
By the charter renewal in 1781 it was also the bankers ' bank – keeping enough gold to pay its notes on demand until 26 February 1797 when war had so diminished gold reserves that the government prohibited the Bank from paying out in gold.
On February 26, Bush issued a formal letter of apology to Cardinal John Joseph O ' Connor of New York for failing to denounce Bob Jones University's history of anti-Catholic statements.
Following Lisette's fall in February 1959 the opposition leaders Gontchome Sahoulba and Ahmed Koulamallah could not form a stable government, so the PPT was again asked to form an administration-which it did under the leadership of François Tombalbaye on 26 March 1959.
* Pio Laghi ( 9 January 1999 – 26 February 2002 )
* Luigi Poggi ( 26 February 2002 – 24 February 2005 )
The epidemic peaked in October 1721, with 411 deaths ; by February 26, 1722, Boston was, once again, free of smallpox.
The 17th Party Congress ( 26 January – 10 February 1934 ) has gone down in history as the Congress of Victors, because of the success of the First-Five Year Plan.
Claude Piron ( 26 February 1931 – 22 January 2008 ) was a psychologist and a translator for the United Nations ( from Chinese, English, Russian and Spanish into French ) from 1956 to 1961.
Park won the very next NASCAR Winston Cup race: The Dura Lube 400 at North Carolina Speedway in Rockingham, NC held on February 26, 2001.
# Don't Stand Where the Comet is Assumed to Strike Oil — May 26, 2003 to February 29, 2004
* US Patent 845140 Combustion Engine, dated February 26, 1907.
It was followed by the studio album, " Backwoods Barbie ," which was released February 26, 2008, and reached number two on the country charts.
Bowie as the Thin White Duke at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto on 26 February 1976
On 26 February 1815, Napoleon abandoned Elba for France, reviving the French Empire for a Hundred Days ; the Allies declared an end to Napoleon's sovereignty over Elba on 25 March 1815, and on 31 March 1815 Elba was ceded to the restored Grand Duchy of Tuscany by the Congress of Vienna.

February and 1942
In the Dunn-Atherton memorandum of February 4, 1942, the State Department had expected to be able to hold Russia in check by withholding agreement to her 1941 boundaries.
The latter now furnishes the area with electricity distributed from a modern sub-station at Manchester Depot which was put into operation February 19, 1930 and was improved in January 1942 by the installation of larger transformers.
Anton Drexler ( 13 June 1884 – 24 February 1942 ) was a German far-right political leader of the 1920s, instrumental in the formation of the anti-communist German Workers ' Party.
This change temporarily stopped the ability to read this network from February to December 1942.
Dino Zoff ( born February 28, 1942 in Mariano del Friuli ) is an Italian former football goalkeeper and is the oldest winner ever of the World Cup, which he earned as captain of the Italian team in the 1982 tournament in Spain, at the age of 40 years, 4 months and 13 days.
On 19 February 1942 at 0957, 188 Japanese warplanes attacked Darwin in two waves.
A war with Peru ( named the Cenepa War, after a river located in the area ) erupted in January – February 1995 in a small, remote region, where the boundary prescribed by the 1942 Rio Protocol was in dispute.
United States Executive Order 9066 was a United States presidential executive order signed and issued during World War II by U. S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt on February 19, 1942, authorizing the Secretary of War to prescribe certain areas as military zones.
* 1942 – The Battle of Los Angeles, one of the largest documented UFO sightings in history ; the event lasted into the early hours of February 25, 1942.
Gary Kilgore North ( born February 1942 ) is an economic historian and publisher who prolifically writes on topics including economics, history, and Christian theology.
* Alastair Denniston ( 1921 – February 1942 ) ( continued as Deputy Director ( Diplomatic and Commercial ) until 1945 ).
* Sir Edward Travis ( February 1942 – 1952 )
In November 1942, the Allied forces retook Cyrenaica ; by February 1943, the last German and Italian soldiers were driven from Libya.
On 1 January 1942 he was knighted and appointed a Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath, and in February, after the Japanese invasion of Burma, was sent to India to become GOC-in-C of British Forces in Burma as a full general.
On 7 February 1942, the USCGC Taney evacuated the colonists, then shelled and burned the dwellings.
A more useful ally was Albert Speer, a Hitler favourite who was appointed Armaments Minister in February 1942.
Whale shot the film, called Personnel Placement in the Army, in February 1942.
After the Fall of Singapore to Japan, he became a prisoner of war at Changi Prison from February 1942 to September 1945.
In February 1942, he won a by-election for Quebec East, Lapointe's old riding.
In October 1940 – February 1942, the NKVD under Beria carried out a new purge of the Red Army and related industries.
Munich was the base of the White Rose, a student resistance movement from June 1942 to February 1943.
Moríñigo officially severed diplomatic relations with the Axis countries in 1942, although he did not declare war against Germany until February 1945.
The total number of Rifle Corps started at 62 on 22 June 1941, dropped to six by 1 January 1942, but then increased to 34 by February 1943, and 161 by New Year's Day 1944.

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