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bloody and action
Notable action film directors from the 1960s and 1970s include Sam Peckinpah, whose 1969 Western The Wild Bunch was controversial for its bloody violence and nihilist tone.
The light infantry and grenadier companies of the Fusiliers saw bloody action at the Battle of Bunker Hill and all companies, except the grenadiers who were garrisoning New York City, at the Battle of Guilford Court House in the American War of Independence.
The action was brief and probably not very bloody, since the only casualty of any note was a minor Lothian knight, Sir Patrick Graham, though about 100 Scottish lords, knights and men-at-arms were taken prisoner.
The Trench is described as a " confirmation of what an extraordinary and powerful painter Orozco would turn out to be " and is compared to the mural The Farewell, " where the initial impression is of a bloody action scene of great melodrama.
The latter action ( February 18, 1834 ) was the most violent and bloody of the civil war.
Trumbull, which had not gone to sea until September 1779 under James Nicholson, had gained acclaim in bloody action against the Letter of Marque Watt.
The result was a bloody defeat, but Few's militiamen participated in a successful rear-guard action that shielded the retreat of the American units.
This action, during which Nsukka's university was burned down, created many refugees and contributed to the chaos and suffering inherent in this bloody conflict.
The Madrid vehicles saw some action during the bloody attacks on the Cuartel de la Montaña, the main military barracks of the capital.
The action takes place mainly in the neighborhood of the Boulevard du Temple in Paris, nicknamed " Boulevard of Crime " because of all the melodramas and bloody scenarios offered to the largely plebian public each evening.
However, Dunham complained his lack of bloody scenes considering his action in previous 2D games.
He was rival of Fidel Castro in the bloody feuds of the trigger happy action groups and subject of at least one failed attempt by Castro to kill him.
The castle again stood by during action in the Anglo-Dutch war with the Battle of Portland, a bloody but indecisive three day sea battle close to the Island coast.
The Indian Peace-Keeping Force found itself engaged in a bloody police action against the LTTE.
Emergency action may be required if severe abdominal pain develops -- particularly if it is accompanied by fever, rapid heart rate, tenderness when the abdomen is pressed, bloody diarrhea, frequent diarrhea, or painful bowel movements.
Angered by what they considered insulting behaviour, like rubbing a chief's face into a bale of furs, the Indians seized the Tonquin and, in a brief, bloody action, killed Thorn and his crew.

bloody and 1
Nineveh was a city of vast extent, and was then the center of the civilization and commerce of the world, a " bloody city all full of lies and robbery " ( Nahum 3: 1 ), for it had robbed and plundered all the neighboring nations.
The crisis ended in a bloody shootout at Fürstenfeldbruck Air Base which left 11 hostages, 5 terrorists, and 1 German policeman dead.
The campaign led to a bloody battle in which the Annals of Ulster report 3, 000 Scots and 1, 500 English dead, which can be taken as meaning very many on both sides, and one of Siward's sons and a son-in-law were among the dead.
The lustful sons of Tamora / Performers of this heinous, bloody deed " ( 4. 1. 78 – 79 ), and Titus and Marcus ' brief conversation about Taurus and Aries ( 4. 3. 68 – 75 ).
The lustful sons of Tamora / Performers of this heinous, bloody deed " ( 4. 1. 78-79 ), and Titus and Marcus ' brief conversation about Taurus and Aries ( 4. 3. 68-75 ).
On January 1, 1876, in Oaxaca, elements contrary to Sebastián Lerdo de Tejada's government led by Gen. Porfirio Díaz proclaimed the Plan de Tuxtepec, thence instigating a bloody civil war.
After an unsuccessful attempt to kill him by two Eritreans on 19 February 1937 ( and after other murders of Italians in occupied Ethiopia ), Graziani ordered a bloody and indiscriminate reprisal upon the conquered country, later remembered by Ethiopians as Yekatit 12: up to thirty thousand civilians of Addis Ababa were killed indiscriminately ; another 1, 469 were summarily executed by the end of the next month, and over one thousand Ethiopian notables were imprisoned and then exiled from Ethiopia.
Saratov and Samara were captured, but Simbirsk defied all efforts, and after two bloody encounters close at hand on the banks of the Sviyaga River ( October 1 and 4 ), Razin was ultimately routed by the army of Yuri Baryatinsky and fled down the Volga, leaving the bulk of his followers to be extirpated by the victors.
Albini passed Lungs on to John Babbin of the small local label Ruthless Records, who released 1, 500 copies of the EP in December 1982 with random objects such as dollar bills, used condoms, photographs of Bruce Lee, and bloody pieces of paper thrown into the insert.
After a period back at court, 38-year-old Zakhar held the command of a Russian corps of approximately 20, 000 soldiers who took part in the Raid on Berlin which briefly saw Austro-Russian forces capture the Prussian capital in 1760, during the very bloody and extensive European War ( over 1 million deaths ), known as Seven Years ' War, ( 1756 – 1763 ).
Even this offer attracted no subscribers: it meant building 1, 750 miles of road through desert and mountain, at enormous freight costs for supplies, with frequent bloody encounters with Indians, and no probable early business to pay dividends.
In the chapter entitled " The Green War ", General MacArthur's biographer William Manchester identifies that the disease was one of a number debilitating afflictions affecting both sides on New Guinea in the running bloody Kokoda battles over unbelievably harsh terrains under incredible hardships — fought during a six month span all along the Kokoda Track in 1942-43, and mentions that to be hospital evacuated, Allied soldiers ( who cycled forces ) had to run a fever of 102 ° F — and that sickness casualties outnumbered weapons inflicted casualties 5: 1.
Level 1 executions are quick and the least bloody of the three, while Level 2 executions are considerably more gory, and Level 3 kills are over-the-top fatalities.
This is certainly a bloody enough event, but reporting that a small town was bombed with a few hundred killed would not have had the same effect as reporting that a city was bombed with almost 1, 700 dead "
One British and two Spanish divisions were mauled in the bloody fighting on 10 April, with Allied losses exceeding French casualties by 1, 400.
North Ossetia and Ingushetia had previously been involved in a brief but bloody conflict in 1992 over disputed land in the North Ossetian Prigorodny District, leaving up to 1, 000 dead and some 40, 000 to 60, 000 displaced persons, mostly Ingush.
About 1, 000 of the defenders at Massawa were veterans from Keren and another bloody battle seemed likely.
The Spanish retreat did unbar the way to the strong points that covered Santiago on the east side, mainly Fort Aguadores, San Juan Hill, Canosa, El Caney, and Fort El Viso, where a set of bloody battles would be waged on July 1.
In two days of bloody fighting, 30 November to 1 December 1934, the Red Army lost more than 40, 000 troops and all of the civilian porters, and there were strongly defended Nationalist defensive lines ahead.
On April 8, 1861 five rota infantry and two troop of Russian cavalry ( about 1, 300 people ) led by General Stiepan Aleksandrowicz Chrulew brought a bloody massacre of the civilian population of Warsaw, resulting in more than 100 people were killed.
Primero de Marzo's name is derived from the date March 1, 1870, when then Paraguayan President Francisco Solano López was killed by Brazilian troops at Cerro Corá, thereby ending the bloody War of the Triple Alliance.

bloody and July
* The line " bloody, but unbowed " was the Daily Mirrors headline the day after the 7 July 2005 London bombings.
After much campaigning in Bavaria and across the Danube valley, the war ended favorably for the French after the bloody struggle at Wagram in early July, resulting in the Treaty of Schönbrunn.
Following mutual atrocities of the Oddi and the Baglioni families, power was at last concentrated in the Baglioni, who, though they had no legal position, defied all other authority, though their bloody internal squabbles culminated in a massacre, 14 July 1500.
On 12 July 1470, during the Ottoman – Venetian War of 1463 – 1479 and after a protracted and bloody siege, the well-fortified city of Negropont ( Chalkis ) was wrested from Venice by Mehmed II and the whole island fell into the hands of the Ottoman Empire.
Runstedt was thus above suspicion of involvement in the 20 July plot, but he could not escape entanglement in its bloody aftermath.
The 1979 contest remained inconclusive because, no candidate having received the necessary 50 % of the vote, Congress had to determine the president, and it could not agree on any one candidate ; the 1980 election would have led to the possession of Hernán Siles, was it not for the bloody coup of July 17, 1980, which installed a reactionary ( and cocaine-tainted ) dictatorship led by general Luis García Meza.
In July 2005 the feud came to a bloody conclusion as the UVF made a final move against its rival organisation.
In July 2003, LURD initiated a siege of Monrovia, and several bloody battles were fought as Taylor's forces halted rebel attempts to capture the city.
The town was sacked on July 22, 1209 and in the bloody massacre, no one was spared, not even Catholic priests and those who took refuge in the churches.
Wilson was privately scathing about what he called “ Hot Air, Aeroplanes & Arabs ”-Trenchard's plan for Air Defence backed by Arab levies, announced by Churchill at the Cairo Conference in July 1921-although glad at the reduction in military commitment, and wrote to Rawlinson that when trouble came Churchill would “ hop into an aeroplane and fly away, waving Ta-Ta to any poor bloody native who is stupid enough to back us ”.
By July of the same year the revolt was suppressed with Russian military assistance, though bloody repression against the Cossacks lasted for several years.
The port eventually fell January 2, 1905 after a long train of battles on land and sea during which the Japanese occupied the whole of the Korean Peninsula, split the Russian Army, devastated the Russian Fleet, cut off the source of supplies on the railway from Harbin, culminating in the bloody battle known as the Siege of Port Arthur ( June – January ; some sources place the siege start in late July, a technical difference due to definitions ).
Tianjing finally fell to the imperial Qing army ( the Xiang Army ) on July 19, 1864, leading to bloody street fighting, during which some 150, 000 rebels were killed.
On July 4 a bloody fight, the Dead Rabbits Riot, occurred with the Metropolitan Police and the Bowery gangs against the Municipal Police, Mulberry Street Boys, Roach Guard, and Dead Rabbits in Bayard Street.
The band < i > Blonde Ambition </ i >, from Orlando, Fla., performs at the Guantanamo Bay Tiki Bar, July 3, 2010Alfred Hitchcock preferred to cast blonde women for major roles in his films as he believed that the audience would suspect them the least, comparing them to " virgin snow that shows up the bloody footprints ", hence the term " Hitchcock blonde ".
" With the patch gone, Chris became the number one contender to Rude's World Class heavyweight title, and on July 4, 1986, he won it after a hard-fought and bloody battle at Reunion Arena in Dallas.
Again the fighting for Verrières Ridge proved extremely bloody for the Canadians, with 25 July marking the single costliest day for a Canadian battalion — The Black Watch ( Royal Highland Regiment ) of Canada — since the Dieppe Raid of 1942.
Windsor-Smith also provided the art for a number of other Marvel Comics titles, including the Ka-Zar stories in Astonishing Tales # 3 -# 5 ( December 1970-April 1971 ) and # 10 ( February 1972 ), three further issues of The Avengers (# 98-100, April – June 1972 )-about which he would later remember the nightmare of drawing " all those bloody characters that I didn't give tuppence about ", Iron Man # 42 ( June 1972 ), and Marvel Premiere # 3-4 ( July – September 1972 ), which featured Doctor Strange, both of which were apparently re-scripted by Stan Lee after being drawn to Lee ’ s original scripts.
In 1813, the 2nd Battalion took part in an expedition to the Low Countries, while back in Spain, the 1st Battalion took part in the Battle of Vittoria in which the British and Allied forces won a resounding victory over the French, as well as at the bloody Siege of San Sebastian, where the British besieged San Sebastián from July to August, after two bloody assaults by the British troops.
After much campaigning in Bavaria and across the Danube valley, the war ended favourably for the French after the bloody struggle at Wagram in early July.
General Luis García Meza grabbed the reins of power in the bloody coup d ' état of July 17, 1980, and Paz once more flew to exile.
Finally, the popular Siles won again in 1980 and would have taken power, weren't for the bloody coup of July 17, 1980, which installed a reactionary ( and cocaine-tainted ) dictatorship led by general Luis García Meza.
The combat team moved up to advanced positions and took part in the general offensive launched 13 July, including the bloody Battle of Driniumor River.

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