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from Brown Corpus
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few and places
The plaster was sound, the intonaco firmly attached all over, and the pigment solidly incorporated with it in all but a few unimportant places.
Now we might have restricted the use of uranium bombs by controlling the sources of uranium because it is found in only a few places in the world.
Focused in a positive light, Anthropology is one of the few places where humanities, social, and natural sciences are forced to confront one another.
There are many other places and objects worth seeing, for example a notable number of churches and monasteries, a few remarkable 17th-and 18th-century buildings in the particular Baroque style typical of the region, a collection of statues and monuments, park areas, cemeteries, among others.
For example, the broch ' villages ' which occur at a few places in Orkney have no parallel in the Western Isles.
There is little Jewish literature on heaven or hell as actual places, and there are few references to the afterlife in the Hebrew Bible.
Duibhlinn is the name of a few other places in Ireland, whose names have been anglicized as Devlin, Divlin and Difflin.
* 2000 – Rizal Day Bombings: A series of bombs explode in various places in Metro Manila, Philippines within a period of a few hours, killing 22 and injuring about a hundred.
The upper portion of the river is one of the few places where a Canadian city lies directly south of an American city.
The Greek island of Syros, whose population is divided almost equally between Catholics and Orthodox, is one of the few places where the two Churches share a common date for Easter, with the Catholics accepting the Orthodox date-a practice helping considerably in maintaining good relations between the two communities.
Euler computed this sum to 20 decimal places with only a few terms of the Euler – Maclaurin formula in 1735.
Before 2007 there existed only a few other places on the Formula 1 calendar with a body of water close to the track.
The formation of geysers is due to particular hydrogeological conditions, which exist in only a few places on Earth, so they are a fairly rare phenomenon.
From 1913 onwards parts of her collection were open to the public ; until the mid 1930s her exhibition hall in The Hague was one of the very rare places where one could see more than a few works of modern art.
In his invention of the Periodic Table of the Elements, Mendeleev had interchanged the orders of a few pairs of elements in order to put them in more appropriate places in this table of the elements.
An English translation, entitled A Sovereign Antidote against Arian Poyson, appeared in London, 1719, and again ‘ revised, corrected, and, in a few places, abridged, by Abraham Booth ,’ under the title of The Deity of Jesus Christ essential to the Christian Religion, 1777.
Female bandy only exists in a few places in Russia.
On his return, he became sick and rested at Ash Farm, located at Culbone Church and one of the few places to seek shelter on his route.
He concluded that, in the relatively recent past, Switzerland had been another Greenland ; that instead of a few glaciers stretching across the areas referred to, one vast sheet of ice, originating in the higher Alps, had extended over the entire valley of northwestern Switzerland until it reached the southern slopes of the Jura, which, though they checked and deflected its further extension, did not prevent the ice from reaching in many places the summit of the range.
Larissa was indeed the birthplace of Meno, who thus became, along with Xenophon and a few others, one of the generals leading several thousands Greeks from various places, in the ill-fated expedition of 401 ( retold in Xenophon's Anabasis ) meant to help Cyrus the Younger, son of Darius II, king of Persia, overthrow his elder brother Artaxerxes II and take over the throne of Persia ( Meno is featured in Plato's dialogue bearing his name, in which Socrates uses the example of " the way to Larissa " to help explain Meno the difference between true opinion and science ( Meno, 97a – c ) ; this " way to Larissa " might well be on the part of Socrates an attempt to call to Meno's mind a " way home ", understood as the way toward one's true and " eternal " home reached only at death, that each man is supposed to seek in his life ).
However, the distinction between mass and weight becomes important for measurements with a precision better than a few percent ( because of slight differences in the strength of the Earth's gravitational field at different places ), and for places far from the surface of the Earth, such as in space or on other planets.
The younger Matilda was left in either Lucca or Canossa and she may have passed the next few years between those two places in the custody of her stepfather.
They took Damietta and a few other places in Egypt, but lack of unity among the Christians and rivalry between their leaders and the papal legate Pelagius resulted in failure.

few and cooperative
However, within a few years the combination of economic stresses and the relocation of the theaters bankrupted the Chelsea cooperative.
One of the few residents who attained more than local repute did so as one of the founding directors of the dairy cooperative known as Land O ' Lakes – he was a dairy farmer by the name of E. O.
In order to trace and enhance cooperative and collective creativity, Metis Reflexive Global Virtual Team has worked for the last few years on the development of a Trace Composer at the intersection of personal experience and social knowledge.
It also houses EURECA, a 4. 5 tonne satellite among the few space objects put into space and returned safely ; EURECA and its return to Earth was a cooperative effort between several Western European countries and the United States in the 1990s.
They are thought to generally be monogamous, although a few species are thought to sometimes engage in cooperative breeding with several adults sharing duties.
He would brook no meddling from the political class or bureaucrats sitting in the capital cities, letting it be known upfront, though he, and his mentor and colleague, Tribhuvandas Patel were backed by the few enlightened political leaders and bureaucrats of the early Independence days who saw merit in their pioneering cooperative model.
Models with the enhanced ROM also supported Apple's Switcher, allowing cooperative multitasking among ( necessarily few ) applications.
The RA was thus left with only enough resources to relocate a few thousand people from and build several greenbelt cities, which planners admired as models for a cooperative future that never arrived.
More recently, NCU and a few other highly regarded universities established the University System of Taiwan cooperative partnership ( 2002 ).
Ongoing research collaborations, student internship programs, reciprocal seminar series, and cooperative community and educational outreach projects are just a few of the ways the Laboratory and the campus share the talents, facilities, and resources of each other.
The housing cooperative was organized in 1871 to build and develop a railroad suburb named Bond Hill just a few miles outside of the corporate limits of Cincinnati.
A few strategies for cooperative learning include
Over the next few years, new degree programs were introduced, the cooperative education program was expanded, new construction was well underway, and The Decade of Growth Campaign exceeds its $ 3. 5 million goal.
A few of its residents, however, are still renters because they haven't moved out since the conversion to a cooperative in 1985.
While most people were cooperative, a few didn't speak to O ' Donnell.
The settlement is located on a small island and contains a landing strip, a museum ( the Museo de la Nación Kuna-Museum of the Kuna Nation ), a hotel, a few government offices, and an artisans ' cooperative.
The RA was thus left with enough resources to relocate only a few thousand people from and build several greenbelt cities, which planners admired as models for a cooperative future that never arrived.
Today a more cooperative atmosphere has developed, although some controversy remains with a few.

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