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flyer and project
A Low-budget project, such as a locally printed office party invitation flyer, can be rearranged and printed dozens of times at the low cost of a few sheets of paper, a few drops of ink, and less than one hour's pay of a desktop publisher.

flyer and issues
There is also a promotional flyer for these issues, which states that the Mosaic with the Abrafaxe is published in English and Arabic in addition to German, advertises for subscriptions, and includes an order form.
Among the issues he passed in his term was the removal of point accrual on frequent flyer programs for domestic flights.

flyer and which
Freeflying is an expansion of skydiving which includes the traditional belly-to-earth positions, but extends into vertical flight where the flyer is in an upright position ( falling feet first ) or in an inverted position ( falling head first ).
Leonardo da Vinci drew a picture of the flyer, which twists the yarn before winding it onto the spindle.
The drive band turns the flyer, which is the horse-shoe shaped piece of wood surrounding the bobbin, as well as the bobbin.
Due to a difference in the size of the whorls ( the round pieces or pulleys around which the drive band runs ) the bobbin whorl, which has a smaller radius than the flyer whorl, turns slightly faster.
Similar to frequent flyer programs there are various tiers of membership which guests can reach depending on the amount of stays and points accumulated annually, the higher the tier the more benefits members receive.
Rollins recalls going out on a flyering mission with roadie Mugger in 1981 in which the pair would put a layer of paste onto a telephone pole, stick up the flyer, and then cover it with an additional coat of paste so that it would last for up to a year.
" Pettibon also felt pigeonholed by his association with the band, and had a falling out with them in 1985 over artwork used on the cover of the Loose Nut album, which had been used for a flyer several years earlier.
On the night of Rosa Parks ' arrest, the Women's Political Council, led by Jo Ann Robinson, printed and circulated a flyer throughout Montgomery's black community which read as follows:
Detail from the November 20, 1992 flyer by Joel Pomerantz which introduced the concept of corking
The civil liberties organization Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has named Colorado College on its Red Alert list for several years over its treatment of two students who distributed a satirical flyer which parodied the college's Feminist and Gender Studies newsletter.
On June 2, 1899, the gang robbed a Union Pacific overland flyer near Wilcox, Wyoming, a robbery that became famous and which resulted in a massive man hunt.
" Though widely reported, and followed by an anonymous political flyer featuring a doctored photo supposedly showing Hoover and Mrs. Booze dancing together, which was circulated throughout the South, the story did not prevent Hoover from being elected President of the United States the following month.
Anghelo also designed artwork for promotional materials ; one such flyer featured archaic English, which was also incorporated into the game's on-screen instructions.
* HON Circle, the highest status which can be earned with Miles & More, Lufthansa's frequent flyer programme
In the latter half of 1965, the JBS produced a flyer titled What ’ s Wrong With Civil Rights ?,” which was used as a newspaper advertisement.
Unauthorized exchanges of frequent flyer miles – of which several exist – are also useful examples of grey markets.
An attractive mural made of colored beads welcome the visitors to this gallery, which is filled with fun and enjoyment. The museum also conducts a mini-planetarium show called ' Taramandal ' at regular intervals. This is the only museum in the world other than the Smithsonian Institutions in the US, to have a full scale replica of the 1903 flyer of Wright brothers.
The flyer also became an important advertising vehicle for President ’ s Choice, which it came to exclusively promote.
The first flyer company was The Thumbtack Bugle which has been around for over twenty-five years.
Ruppersberger created the " Operation Hero Miles " program, which encourages people to donate unused frequent flyer miles to U. S. armed forces personnel and families.
Recovering from a near-fatal automobile accident en route to a flying lesson in 1931 ( by which time he was already an avid flyer ), he decided to listen closely to the radio and realized that the stiff, formal style then used by announcers could not connect with the average radio listener ; the announcers spoke in stentorian tones, as if giving a formal speech to a crowd and not communicating on a personal level.
The council have attempted to satisfy this unrest by reissuing plans by flyer drop which see the planned Mosque renamed " community centre.
News of the rich and famous inspired the invention of the flexible flyer covered hereafter, which along with toboggans were the prosaic substitute to the nascent competitive sports aborning among the beautiful people of wealth and leisure.

flyer and were
All flights on Continental Connection are given full OnePass frequent flyer credit, as if they were mainline Continental flights.
Various payment options were allowed: major credit cards, mobile phone, hotspot accounts and even frequent flyer miles.
The vertical buttresses at the outer end of the flyers were often capped with pinnacles that provide additional vertical loading to help resist the lateral thrust transmitted by the flyer.
Gallant resurfaced in the spotlight on March 17, 2005, when she suggested that Christians were being persecuted by the Liberal Party in a flyer she sent to her constituents.
A marketing campaign was started in early 1994 to promote Souvlaki in the United States, which Allmusic writer Andy Kellman stated would " undoubtedly go down in industry history as one of the laziest ever "; SBK sent fans a release flyer and were told if they copied and posted 50 flyers around town they would receive a free copy of Souvlaki.
When he and the two remaining crewmen were returned to Soc Trang, Raye volunteered to assist the doctor in treating the wounded flyer.
Volumes 1 and 2 ( Discs 1 and 2 ) were available in retail shops, and the set included a flyer with instructions on how to obtain Volumes 3 and 4 ( Discs 3 and 4 ) via mail-order.
Their frequent flyer programs were Viajero de Plata ( SilverFlyer ).
Schreiber ridiculed their dealings in pasta-macaroni as nothing more than being sent a single flyer, and has stated that the three separate payments were actually $ 100, 000 each in $ 1000 bills, a total of $ 300, 000.
17 of the events were promoted without a flyer, relying solely on word of mouth of its die-hard fans.
A dance hall flyer announcing a " Rock Contest ", would confuse some who were not familiar with the term rocking as it related to this specific form of dance.
Furthermore, several new flyer routes and routes to Oakland's university core were introduced, as part of a new general marketing strategy.
In June 2005, the frequent flyer programmes of Air France ( Fréquence plus ) and KLM ( Flying Dutchman ) were combined to create the Flying Blue programme after the two companies merged into a single parent company.

flyer and 1972
* Scan of an Aragones flyer for the 1972 New York Comic Convention

flyer and Report
The introduction of the premium line also coincided with the advent of an advertising flyer entitled " Dave Nichol ’ s Insider ’ s Report.
" Based on a California supermarket flyer called " Trade Joe ’ s Insider ’ s Report ," and referred to as " a mix of Mad magazine and Consumer Reports, zaniness and food tips, wrapped up in a comic book format ," the insert proved popular with Ontario households.

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