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letter and Nicholas
On October 1, 1213, while Nicholas de Romanis was working to bring about the end of the Interdict, the citizens of Oxford sent him a letter asking him to resolve their problems with the scholars who had taught there.
This resulted in the production of a letter Ignea Sagitta ( Flaming Arrow ) by the ruling prior general, Nicholas of Narbonne, who called for a return to a strictly eremitical life.
A letter from Pope Nicholas I in 864 mentions for the first time the sardinian judges, their autonomy now clear in a later letter by Pope John VIII, which defined them as " Princes ".
Islam in Bulgaria can be traced back to the mid-9th century when there were Islamic missionaries in Bulgaria, evidenced by a letter from Pope Nicholas to Boris of Bulgaria that the Saracens must be extirpated.
The second and third manifestos, respectively An Open Letter to Sir Nicholas Serota and Remodernism, were sent to Nicholas Serota which received a brief reply: " Thank you for your open letter dated 6 March.
In a letter from the Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns to Congress, the administration said it had determined that UNFPA ’ s support for China ’ s population program “ facilitates ( its ) government ’ s coercive abortion program ”, thus violating the Kemp-Kasten Amendment, which bans the use of United States aid to finance organizations that support or take part in managing a program of coercive abortion of sterilization.
In January 1914, the Serbian prime minister Nikola Pasic delivered a letter to Tsar Nicholas in which King Peter expressed a desire for his son to marry one of the Grand Duchesses.
In a letter of 8 May 862 addressed to the patriarchs of the East, Nicholas called upon them and all their bishops to refuse recognition to Photius, and at a Roman synod held in April 863, he excommunicated Photius.
On January 10, 2009 Nicholas C. Tucker, Sr., a town elder, circulated a letter asking for aid.
Portraits suggest intelligence but heavy features, and the playwright Thomas Shadwell writes in a letter in 1692 that it would have been better to have staged Nicholas Brady's The Rape in Roman dress, " and then w ' th a Mantle to have covered her hips Mrs Barry would have acted ye part.
Monck's brother Nicholas, a clergyman, brought to him the substance of Charles's letter.
Dave Kane and Joanne O ' Neill, parents of youngest victim Nicholas O ' Neill, released their letter to the board to reporters.
' He took exception to some of Langley's conclusions, and in 1901 wrote a letter to St. Nicholas magazine with his own ideas.
The editor of St. Nicholas declined to publish Goddard's letter, remarking that birds fly with a certain amount of intelligence and that " machines will not act with such intelligence.
Other explorers who stopped at the island included members of the French expedition of Nicholas Baudin in the Naturaliste and the Geographe in 1801 ( when he planted a flag and left a bottle with a letter ) and 1803, Phillip Parker King in 1822, and Captain James Stirling in 1827.
After William Hague ruled out Britain joining the euro under a Conservative government, former cabinet minister Ian Gilmour said he would vote for the PECP, and four former Conservative MPs-Julian Critchley, Nicholas Scott, David Knox, Robert Hicks-and four former MEPs-Margaret Daly, Adam Fergusson, Madron Seligman and Anthony Simpson-wrote in a letter to The Times that " We would have wished that William Hague's party had put forward a manifesto more like that of the Pro Euro Conservative Party.
He was tutored under the guidance of Thomas Cromwell, who mentions him in a letter to John Creke of 17 August 1523 as ' Maister Woodall ' and he appears again in Cromwell's accounts for 1535 as ' Nicholas Woodall Master of Eton '.
In a celebrated letter to Nicholas Murray Butler in June, 1932, subsequently printed on the front page of The New York Times, Rockefeller, Jr., a lifelong teetotaler, argued against the continuation of the Eighteenth Amendment on the principal grounds of an increase in disrespect for the law.
A papal letter by Pope Nicholas IV from 1292 has the Virgin Mary as the sole patronus in Turku.
The typeface shows inspiration by Nicholas Jenson, and, in the Méridien type, Frutiger's ideas of letter construction, unity, and organic form, are first expressed together.
As an enthusiastic Royalist, in a letter dated 10 September 1657 and directed toward Sir Edward Hyde, Nicholas speaks of Cromwell ;
Among those signing the letter were Lord Goldsmith, then Attorney General for England and Wales and Northern Ireland, Lynda Clark, then Advocate General for Scotland, Charles Kennedy, then Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Ken Livingstone, then Mayor of London, and Nicholas Lyell, former Attorney General for England and Wales and Northern Ireland.

letter and 1524
Conrad Grebel wrote in a letter to Thomas Müntzer in 1524:
By his appointment letter of February 1524, John III granted Vasco da Gama the privileged title of " Viceroy ", being only the second Portuguese governor to enjoy that title ( the first was Francisco de Almeida in 1505 ).
Other writings that refer to the capital include Hernán Cortés ’ fourth letter in 1524, “ La información de Don Vasco de Quiroga, sobre el asiento de su iglesia Catedral ,” from 1538, “ Tratado curioso y doctor de las cosas de la Nueva España ” by Antonio de la Ciudad Real in 1590, “ Relaciones goegráficas ; las Crónica de la orden de Nuestro Seráfico Padre San Francisco, provincia de San Pedro y San Pablo de Mechoacan in la Nueva España ” by Alonso de la Rea in the 17th century and the “ Crónica de la provincia de los santos apóstoles San Pedro y San Pablo de Michoacán ” by Pablo Beaumont.
Around the year 1450, according to a 1524 letter of the Neapolitan humanist Pietro Summonte, he was a pupil of the painter Niccolò Colantonio at Naples, at the time one of the most active centres of Renaissance arts.
" In a letter to Giovanni de Medici written in 1524 Aretino encloses a satirical poem saying that due to a sudden aberration he has fallen in love with a female cook and temporarily switched from boys to girls ..." ( My Dear Boy )
Details of his life are obscure, though the Neapolitan Renaissance humanist Pietro Summonte ( 1463 – 1526 ) gave brief details in a letter to the Venetian Marcantonio Michiel in 1524.
In his last letter to Luther ( 1524 ) Staupitz made clear he was bitter about the direction the Protestant Reformation and its seemingly willful destruction of the unity of the Christian Church.

letter and Dürer
According to Van Mander, Dirk Volkertsz Coornhert sent him a letter in which he claimed Albrecht Dürer felt that Floris had more thought for his art than for his own life.

letter and wrote
The War Department wrote Mr. Manuel a letter and said he was a hero.
At this time Harriet wrote in a letter which after their finally landing in India was sent to her mother:
On April 11th he wrote an open letter in The Advocate, making it known `` to the world that Jas. W. Robinson is by his own admission a base liar and a slanderer ''.
But things were worked out in the family and late in August he wrote Miss McCrady an explanatory letter in which he told her that matters at home had been in an unsettled condition after Papa's death and he had not known whether he would stay at home with Mama, accept the Northwestern job, or return to Harvard.
The latter was so upset on learning of the death of Morris, that he wrote Morgan a letter, showing his own warmhearted generosity.
When Quiney and William Parsons wrote to Greville in 1593 asking his consent in the election for bailiff, they sent the letter to Mr. William Sawnders, attendant on the worshipful Mr. Thomas Bushell at Marston.
Sturley on November 4 answered a letter from Quiney written on October 25 which imported, wrote Sturley, `` that our countriman Mr. Wm. Shak. would procure us monei: which I will like of as I shall heare when, wheare & howe: and I prai let not go that occasion if it mai sort to ani indifferent condicions.
Adrian Quiney wrote to his son Richard on October 29 and again perhaps the next day, since the bearer of the letter, the bailiff, was expected to reach London on November 1.
Richard Quiney the younger, a schoolboy of eleven, wrote a letter in Latin asking his father to buy copybooks ( `` chartaceos libellos ) '' ) for him and his brother.
Imagine the searching and the prayer that lay behind the letter the rector wrote after almost a decade of service to this majestic church.
In May, 1803, Ritter, in another flight of fancy, wrote to Oersted a letter that contained a remarkable prophecy.
`` I wrote Bill in my last letter to forget that I had told him that I didn't mean to reconsider my decision not to change my mind -- and he seems to have misunderstood me ''.
After Gagarin became the Greatest Man in the World, for a nation that does not believe in the cult of personality or in careerism, Moreland wrote me a letter in which he said: `` I am not interested in how long a bee can live in a vacuum, or how far it can fly.
So wrote a ten year old student in a letter to his parents from North Country School, Lake Placid, New York.
Still another, annoyed by the brevity of a recently received missive, wrote: `` yore letter was short and sweet, jist like a roasted maget ''.
In a letter to the American Friends Service, Dr. Schweitzer wrote:
Channing wrote this -- in a letter!!
On August 16, 1837, Lincoln wrote Mary a letter suggesting he would not blame her if she ended the relationship.
In a letter to Andrew Johnson, the military governor of Tennessee, encouraging him to lead the way in raising black troops, Lincoln wrote, " The bare sight of 50, 000 armed and drilled black soldiers on the banks of the Mississippi would end the rebellion at once ".
Jefferson wrote in 1785 in a letter to John Jay that
In a letter, Lane wrote, " I do not see anyone to act the money part but myself.
In 2004, the small Ainu community living in Kamchatka Krai wrote a letter to Vladimir Putin, urging him to reconsider any move to award the Southern Kuril Islands to Japan.
A few months before Augustus ’ death in 14, the emperor wrote and sent a letter to Agrippina mentioning how Caligula must be future emperor because at that time, no other child had this name.
" wrote Peter ( in a tone that can only be guessed ) in a letter dated 13 August 1710.
In 1824, Jackson wrote a letter saying that he was born at an uncle's plantation in Lancaster County, South Carolina.

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