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letter and cousin
The first significant reference to the influence of Aelian in the 16th century is a letter to Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange from his cousin William Louis, Count of Nassau-Dillenburg on December 8, 1594.
In the same letter he told his cousin that, regarding his adoption of a specific ideology, " I still have to make up my mind.
In a letter to his cousin, Zhou identified two broad paths of reform for China: " gradual reform " ( as in England ) or " violent means " ( as in Russia ).
When Thatcher ’ s cousin from Inwood, California, showed him a letter with his home address on it, he decided to use the name “ Inwood ” for the town.
The queen had given Wilfrid a letter of introduction to pass to her cousin, King Eorcenberht, in order to ensure that Wilfrid was received by the king.
In a letter to his cousin Arthur T. Lyman, he discussed the value to the German chemical industry of discoveries made in university laboratories.
Her cousin Harriet ( by then Lady Granville ), with whom Lady Caroline's relationship had deteriorated after childhood, visited her in December 1816 and was so incredulous at her unrepentant behavior that she ended her description of the visit in a letter to her sister with: " I mean my visit to be annual.
Another reason the Islamic world flourished during the Middle Ages was an early emphasis on freedom of speech, as summarized by al-Hashimi ( a cousin of Caliph al-Ma ' mun ) in the following letter to one of the religious opponents he was attempting to convert through reason:
His wife described Green Spring in a letter to her cousin:
Two more recent writers say that the theory is supported by a letter that Hugues wrote from Palestine in 1103, in which he talked of writing to " my father in Nocera " to tell him of the death of his cousin Alessandro.
A more serious punishment was administered to Richard Reynolds, cousin to John Reynolds and another long-serving captain, who was court-martialled for sending Cardigan an " insubordinate " letter in response to being barred from his commanding officer's quarters.
The following year he was off to the Continent, carrying a letter of introduction to Benjamin Franklin, written by his mentor and distant cousin Dr. John Coakley Lettsome.
The queen was distrustful of the native-born aristocracy and wrote a letter to her cousin, Rothrud, Archbishop of Rouen, asking him to send one of her French relatives, on her mother's side, to help her govern.
His granduncle Dou Ying ( 竇嬰, Empress Dowager Dou's brother or cousin ) slipped in a knife pen, and he wrote a letter and then committed suicide.
He finally asserts this Byzantine ancestry based on a letter by Patriarch Nicholas I Mystikos discovered by byzantinists, in which he testifies that Emperor Leo VI of Byzantium, father of Constantine VII, had united his daughter to a Frank Prince, a cousin of Berta ( of Tuscia ), to whom came later a great misfortune.
However, the problem was invented by Daniel's cousin Nicolas Bernoulli who first stated it in a letter to Pierre Raymond de Montmort of September 9, 1713.
By 11 September that year, he referred to them in a letter to his cousin Oliver St. John as a " lovely company ".
The book takes the form of a letter to Hadrian's cousin and eventual successor " Mark " ( Marcus Aurelius ).
Shortly after Elizabeth Shippen, oldest sister of Peggy, became engaged to her first cousin Edward Burd ( m. Dec 1778 ) Benedict Arnold sent Peggy's father a letter asking for her hand.
The situation was aggravated by a letter Beatrice then received from her elder sister Victoria Melita (" Ducky "), in which Michael was blamed for having callously initiated the doomed romance ( when, a couple of years later Ducky, having divorced her first cousin Ernest Louis, Grand Duke of Hesse, was told that re-marriage to another first cousin, Grand Duke Cyril Vladimirovich Romanov, would likewise be forbidden by the Tsar, she refused to take no for an answer ; the couple eloped into exile ).
In 1864, Andrew wrote a letter to his close friend and distant cousin President Abraham Lincoln describing a woman named Lydia Bixby who lost five sons in battle and asking Lincoln to express his condolences.
* Oral History Interview with General Louis W. Truman, President Truman's cousin, on the Eisenhower letter about Summersby.
On 30 December, l ' Avenir published a letter sent to its editor by Prince Pierre Bonaparte, the great-nephew of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, and cousin of the then-ruling Emperor Napoleon III.

letter and 30
After three years of searching, on December 30, 1907, Spalding received a letter that ( erroneously ) declared baseball to be the invention of Abner Doubleday.
5, # 30 ( Sept. 2007 ), Stark receives a letter containing Rogers ' request that Bucky become the next Captain America, which Bucky agrees to do four issues later.
Acknowledging the controversy, Paul VI in a letter to the Congress of German Catholics ( Aug. 30, 1968 ), stated: " May the lively debate aroused by our encyclical lead to a better knowledge of God ’ s will.
Low business taxes-the maximum tax rate is 20 %-and easy incorporation rules have induced about 73, 700 holding or so-called letter box companies to establish nominal offices in Liechtenstein, providing 30 % of state revenues.
In 2011, an 1866 letter written by William Herndon, Abraham Lincoln's law partner, was auctioned off for US $ 30, 000.
Cros was a poet of meager means, not in a position to pay a machinist to build a working model, and largely content to bequeath his ideas to the public domain free of charge and let others reduce them to practice, but after the earliest reports of Edison's presumably independent invention crossed the Atlantic he had his sealed letter of April 30 opened and read at the December 3, 1877 meeting of the French Academy of Sciences, claiming due scientific credit for priority of conception.
On 30 August 1664, George Cartwright sent the governor a letter demanding surrender.
It was feared that the letter was destroyed in a house fire, but 30 years later, it was discovered intact.
The original letter, however, appeared and was authenticated in 1998 by Kathleen Guzman, an appraiser on the Antiques Roadshow, at $ 20, 000 –$ 30, 000.
* June 29 or June 30 – The first document is fully written in Romanian: the letter of Neacşu, a trader from Câmpulung, to Johannes Benkner, the mayor of Braşov, warning that the Ottoman Empire is preparing its troops to cross into Wallachia and Transylvania ; the script used is Romanian Cyrillic.
At the end of April, some 30 Galleanist letter bombs had been mailed to a host of individuals, mostly prominent government officials and businessmen, but also law enforcement officials.
On 30 October 2009, May wrote a fanclub letter on his website stating that Queen had no intentions to tour in 2010 but that there was a possibility of a performance.
Euler replied in a letter dated 30 June 1742, and reminded Goldbach of an earlier conversation they had
In the letter dated 30 June 1742, Euler stated:
He also submitted a letter of resignation to Adjutant General Samuel Cooper on December 30, 1863, but his request to be relieved was denied.
" In a subsequent letter of December 30, 1661 ( Technica Curiosa p. 52 ) he gives a somewhat amplified account.
Cao Cao wrote Sun Quan with a letter intending to intimidate, and in face of Cao's overwhelming force ( estimated to be about 220, 000 men, although Cao claimed 800, 000, against Sun's 30, 000 and the Lius ' combined force of 10, 000 ), many of Sun's subordinates, including Zhang Zhao, advocated surrender.
One of them, ( Judges 18: 30 ), is due to an alteration of the original out of reverence for Moses ; rather than say that Moses ' grandson became an idolatrous priest, a suspended letter nun ( נ ) was inserted to turn Mosheh into Menasheh ( Manasseh ).
On the same day that he replied to Banneker ( August 30, 1791 ), Jefferson sent a letter to the Marquis de Condorcet that contained the following paragraph relating to Banneker's race, abilities, almanac and work with Andrew Ellicott:
In a letter from the United States Secretary of the Interior responding to a Senate Resolution dated June 30, 1914, a Report on the Condition and Tribal Rights of the Indians of Robeson and Adjoining Counties of North Carolina was commissioned.
In 2011, Sting was among more than 30 signatories to an open letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron calling for the " immediate decriminalization of drug possession " if a policy review shows it has failed.
On April 30, 1877 he submitted a sealed envelope containing a letter to the Academy of Sciences in Paris explaining his proposed method.
A letter addressed to Emerson Mayor Lou Lamatina was received around 10: 30 a. m. in a small envelope, along with what appeared to be a computer-printed address pasted onto the front, authorities said.
In a letter sent to Chicago on September 30, 1879, Land Commissioner Charles E. Simmons communicated the layout of the series of towns in Brookings County to be passed through by the railroad.

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