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paper and presented
An excellent summary of advantages concerning the uniform fiscal year and coordinated fiscal calendars was contained in a paper presented by a public finance authority recently.
An axiomatic approach to Kolmogorov complexity based on Blum axioms ( Blum 1967 ) was introduced by Mark Burgin in the paper presented for publication by Andrey Kolmogorov ( Burgin 1982 ).
In 1928 he first presented a paper at the International Congress of Americanists in which he presented his translation of a Nahuatl document held at the Peabody Museum at Harvard.
Before leaving Whorf presented the paper " Stem series in Maya " at the Linguistic Society of America conference, in which he argued that in the Mayan languages syllables carry symbolic content.
In this paper, elaborating on the works of Lewis, and the valence bond theory ( VB ) of Heitler and London, and his own earlier works, Pauling presented six rules for the shared electron bond, the first three of which were already generally known:
In one paper presented at an ABA conference on class actions in 2007, authors commented that " competing cases can also provide opportunities for collusive settlement discussions and reverse auctions by defendants anxious to resolve their new exposure at the most economic cost.
His first paper, " On a recent formation of freshwater limestone in Forfarshire ", was presented in 1822.
An influential paper presented these results in 1980.
The paper was originally presented as a Herbert Spencer lecture at Oxford in November 1979.
The news about Davy's lamp was made public at a Royal Society meeting in Newcastle on 3 November 1815, and the paper describing the lamp was formally presented on 9 November.
Despite the opposition, Hubble, then a thirty-five-year-old scientist, had his findings first published in The New York Times on, 1924, and then more formally presented in the form of a paper at the January 1, 1925 meeting of the American Astronomical Society.
Dyson's paper and also his lectures presented Feynman's theories of QED ( quantum electrodynamics ) in a form that other physicists could understand and undoubtedly facilitated the physics community's acceptance of Feynman's work.
In 1785 he presented a paper entitled Theory of the Earth to the Royal Society of Edinburgh.
One year later, he was outraged and agitated by a paper presented by Julius König at the Third International Congress of Mathematicians.
In his paper " Versuche über Pflanzenhybriden " (" Experiments on Plant Hybridization "), presented in 1865 to the Naturforschender Verein ( Society for Research in Nature ) in Brünn, Mendel traced the inheritance patterns of certain traits in pea plants and described them mathematically.
He presented a paper which posed the question of correctly formed definitions in mathematics, i. e. " how do you define a definition ?".
In 1892, Fleming presented an important paper on electrical transformer theory to the Institution of Electrical Engineers in London.
The detailed MultiMate word processor documentation, which quickly grew to three volumes, gave the product a solid " office production " feel, using high-quality paper with its main reference section presented in a padded binder with fold-out easel.
At this stage, designs were presented solely on paper.
The paper was presented to leaders in Ireland and Northern Ireland to prominent people in the USA.
A slice of ice-cream cake made with mousse mixture and ordinary ice cream, presented in a small pleated paper case.
The economics of network effects were presented in a paper by Bell employee N. Lytkins in 1917.
Rømer presented his results to the French Academy of Sciences, and it was summarised soon after by an anonymous reporter in a short paper,, published 7 December 1676 in the Journal des sçavans.
In some universities, the word parchment is still used to refer to the certificate ( scroll ) presented at graduation ceremonies, even though the modern document is printed on paper or thin card ; although doctoral graduands may be given the option of having their scroll written by a calligrapher on vellum.

paper and by
Hamilton was bent over his desk, drafting a legal paper by the light of a candle.
Young Morris, who, while attending the University of Pennsylvania, also taught and edited a paper, found time to write Henrietta twenty-page letters on everything that engaged his interest, from the acting of Sarah Bernhardt in Philadelphia to his reactions to the comments of `` Sulamith '' on the Jewish reform movement being promulgated by the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati.
Years were to pass before these plans came off the paper, and Wright was justified in thinking, as the projects failed, that much of what he had to show his country and the world would never be seen except by visitors to Taliesin.
A Bay State supporter said, `` Mr. Hearst's fight has been helped along greatly by the starting of his paper in Boston ''.
He started by making free sketches to loosen up his thinking so that images would appear on paper.
Place mold or paper pattern on rolled clay and cut clay by holding knife in vertical position ( cut more pieces than required for project to make allowance for defects ; ;
This paper was signed by forty-five persons, subscribing a total of two hundred shares.
The medical title of `` Lobar Ventilation In Man '' by Drs. C. J. Martin and A. C. Young, covers a brief paper which is one part of a much larger effort to apply electronics to the study of the respiratory process.
However, they do demonstrate the presence of large normal pressures in the presence of flat shear fields which were forecast by the theory in the first part of the paper.
However, there are photographs of suspended drops of cyclohexanol phthalate ( viscosity 155 poises ) suspended in corn syrup of 71 poises in a paper by Mason and Bartok.
When paper electrophoresis was to be used for preparation, eight strips of a whole serum sample or a chromatographic fraction concentrated by negative pressure dialysis were run/chamber under the conditions described above.
A second explanation is suggested by the material described in Rowlands' paper.
One other paper deals with a phonologic problem: Vowel Harmony In Igbo, by J. Carnochan.
The model of this paper considers an industry which is not characterized by vigorous price competition, but which is so basic that its wage-price policies are held in check by continuous critical public scrutiny.
Instead of isolating the literal flatness by specifying and circumscribing it, the pasted paper or cloth releases and spreads it, and the artist seems to have nothing left but this undepicted flatness with which to finish as well as start his picture.
Surrealists like Hans Arp and Max Ernst might talk of creation by hazard -- of composing pictures by walking on them with painted soles, or by tossing bits of paper up in the air.
It was `` window '' -- the tinsel paper dropped by bombers to jam radar sets, to fill the scope with hundreds of blips that would seem to be approaching bombers.
By the time Felix turned up it was early afternoon, which, one would think, would be late enough so that by then, except for small children and a few hardy souls who had not yet sobered up, it could have been expected that people would no longer be having any sort of active interest in the previous night's noisemakers and paper hats.
The abacus gives blind and visually impaired students a tool to compute mathematical problems that equals the speed and mathematical knowledge required by their sighted peers using pencil and paper.
Historian Thomas Woods argues that the crashes were caused by various privately-owned banks with state charters that issued paper money, supposedly convertible to gold, in amounts greatly exceeding their gold reserves.
In general, external alpha radiation is not harmful since alpha particles are effectively shielded by a few centimeters of air, a piece of paper, or the thin layer of dead skin cells.

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