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pessimistic and assessment
He returned to Washington on June 3 with a pessimistic assessment, stating he had an " uneasy feeling " about Chaney and his staff.
The central importance of dukkha in Buddhist philosophy is not intended to present a pessimistic view of life, but rather to present a realistic practical assessment of the human condition — that all beings must experience suffering and pain at some point in their lives, including the inevitable sufferings of illness, aging, and death.

pessimistic and cold
During this period, his visual style simplified ( owing in part to the constraints of the Hollywood studio system ) and his worldview became increasingly pessimistic, culminating in the cold, geometric style of his last American films, While the City Sleeps ( 1956 ) and Beyond a Reasonable Doubt ( 1956 ).
Those with a pessimistic explanatory style also tend to have weakened immune systems, and not only have increased vulnerability to minor ailments ( e. g., cold, fever ) and major illness ( e. g., heart attack, cancers ), but also have a less effective recovery from health problems.

pessimistic and war
Film noir, which was given its name by Nino Frank, is marked by lower production values, darker images, underlighting, location shooting, and general nihilism: this is because, we are told, during the war and post-war years filmmakers were generally more pessimistic ( as well as filmgoers ).
The war itself increased the pessimistic side of his nature.
More pessimistic predictions argue that a full-scale nuclear war could potentially bring about the extinction of the human race, or at least its near extinction, with only a relatively small number of survivors ( mainly in remote areas ) and a reduced quality of life and life expectancy for centuries afterward.
Wang was originally part of the pro-war group ; but, after the Japanese were successful in occupying large areas of coastal China, Wang became known for his pessimistic view on China's chances in the war against Japan.
Some military officers involved in the Revers Report scandal ( Rapport Revers ) like General Salan were very pessimistic about the way the war was being conducted, with multiple political-military scandals all happening during the war, starting with the Generals ' Affair ( Affaire des Généraux ) from September 1949 to November 1950.
Badoglio was not in favour of the Italian-German Pact of Steel and was pessimistic about the chances of Italian success in any European war but he did not oppose the decision of Mussolini and the King to declare war on France and Great Britain.
Unlike Taken at the Flood, in which there is a strong sense of post-war English society reforming along the lines of the status quo ante, After the Funeral is deeply pessimistic about the social impact of war.
Upon hearing this and what society would be like after the war ( a pessimistic view mirroring Wells ' own ), the Time Traveller and Nebogipfel mount the vehicle and insert the Plattnerite.
In 1914 at the start of the war he foretold a sad end for Germany, and between then and 1916 wrote the pessimistic poem Der Krieg ( The War ).
Though Croly eventually joined calls for American involvement in World War I, he became pessimistic and frustrated by the costs of war.
By August 2006, Peters had turned more pessimistic on Iraq, stating in an interview with FrontPageMagazine. com, " civil war is closer than it was (...) The leaders squabble, the death squads rule the neighborhoods.
In Winged Victory Yeates expresses a prescient and pessimistic view of the causes of war, far removed from the jingoism of many of his contemporaries: " For there's one thing financiers cannot or will not see.
However, detractors of Crowe, for example the historian John Charmley, argue that he was being unduly pessimistic about Germany and by making warnings like these was encouraging war.

pessimistic and Eden
The book is the fourth in Lem's series of pessimistic first contact scenarios, after Eden, Solaris and The Invincible.

pessimistic and There
There followed a long and sometimes bitter discussion of the feasibility of elections for the fall of 1957, in which it appears that the Minister of the Interior took the most pessimistic view and that the Istiqlal was something less than enthusiastic.
There are, however, some commentators who display an ambivalence towards him, noting that " his books are found everywhere and mentioned on most neo-fundamentalist websites, and arguing his " mystical approach " and " pessimistic views on the modern world " have resonated with some Muslims.
There are two mechanisms that Microsoft uses for locking: pessimistic locking, and optimistic locking.
There are two mechanisms for locking data in a database: pessimistic locking, and optimistic locking.

pessimistic and must
Through history, some have concluded that a pessimistic attitude, although justified, must be avoided in order to endure.
By this time Truman was pessimistic about international arms control and told his advisors " Since we can't obtain international control we must be strongest in atomic weapons.
Finally, it must be noted that all the lethal ranges given in the referenced graphs, and when discussing the range of Effects of nuclear explosions in general, one must keep in mind what is presented is the most pessimistic of weapon effects ranges.
Entreri developed an utterly pessimistic and pragmatic outlook, viewing the world as a hateful place where everyone exploits everyone else, unless they are too weak to do so ; to survive, one must possess the power to exploit others and the ruthlessness to do so without allowing emotions to encumber you.

pessimistic and be
The emphasis on dukkha is not intended to be pessimistic, but rather to identify the nature of dukkha, in order that dukkha things may be overcome.
Though evidence suggests Heart of Darkness may be pessimistic, Joseph Conrad ’ s Darwinian world view can counter this understanding.
Jellicoe took a pessimistic view, declaring that nothing could be done to defeat the U-boats.
Much of her work contains dark and pessimistic elements, which in retrospect can be seen as reflective of her troubled emotions.
The review recommended the book for " readers who enjoy vigorous writing ", who " will be glad to be rubbed the wrong way by Spengler's harsh aphorisms " and his pessimistic predictions.
A less pessimistic interpretation ( still pessimistic, to be sure ) understands the myth to say: countless evils fled Pandora's jar and plague human existence ; the hope that we might be able to master these evils remains imprisoned inside the jar.
It is not a trait of any political party to be pessimistic in and of itself.
Such waiting would be fostered by a pessimistic outlook.
Personality Plus opines that pessimistic temperaments ( e. g. melancholy and phlegmatic ) can be useful inasmuch as pessimists ' focus on the negative helps them spot problems that people with more optimistic temperaments ( e. g. choleric and sanguine ) miss.
The estimation of the IMF was proven to be somewhat too pessimistic, as Spain's GDP sank less than that of most advanced economies in 2009 and by the first quarter of 2010 had already emerged from the recession.
This gives a safe analysis ( the worst case is never underestimated ), but one which is pessimistic, since there may be no input that would require this path.
In some situations it may be necessary to use a pessimistic analysis in order to guarantee safety.
Often however, a pessimistic analysis may be too pessimistic, so an analysis that gets closer to the real value but may be optimistic ( perhaps with some known low probability of failure ) can be a much more practical approach.

pessimistic and much
Very much the political man, Helion felt himself deeply affected by the increasingly pessimistic atmosphere of France and all Europe, whose foundations seemed to him more and more shaky.
Frank Tipler and John D Barrow used pessimistic numbers and concluded that the average number of civilizations in a galaxy is much less than one.
In reaction to these hardships, Waits recorded Small Change ( 1976 ), which finds him in a much more cynical and pessimistic mood, lyrically, with many songs such as " The Piano Has Been Drinking ( Not Me ) ( An Evening with Pete King )" and " Bad Liver and a Broken Heart ( In Lowell )".
But this results in pessimistic values whereas the robot could be much more accurate and repeatable at light loads and speeds.
He found that the love-shy men had considerably more violent fantasies, were very pessimistic and cynical about the world, were much more likely to believe that nobody cared about them, and were much more likely to have difficulties concentrating.
In reaction to these hardships Waits recorded Small Change ( 1976 ), which finds Waits in much more cynical and pessimistic mood lyrically than his previous albums, with many songs such as " The Piano Has Been Drinking " and " Bad Liver and a Broken Heart " presenting a bare and honest portrayal of alcoholism, while also cementing Waits ' hard-living reputation in the eyes of many fans.
The last member, pessimistic scientist Kurt Mendel, doubts they can change history at all and wants to live his life as much as he can before the end.
Typically, where it is not possible to accurately predict a behavior, a pessimistic result is used, which can lead to the WCET estimate being much larger than anything achieved at run-time.
While the traditional world described in Revolt Against the Modern World would allow a man to fully realize his being in a united society, the world Evola describes in Ride the Tiger is much lonelier and even more pessimistic.
* Ronald Wright, who quotes Martin Rees with approval in A Short History of Progress ( at p. 125 – 6 ), is just as pessimisticmuch more so than Jared Diamond – and argues that human history reveals a disastrous series of technological progress traps.
He disagrees with Gibbon's pessimistic view of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, pointing out that ' The mere notion of empire continuing to decline and fall for five centuries is ridiculous ' and remarking that ' this is one of the cases which prove that History is made not so much by heroes or natural forces as by historians ', since ' if all the Roman historians had perished and only the inscriptions remained we should have a very different picture of the Roman Empire, a picture much brighter and, I think, much more faithful to truth.
The Forces of Evil sounded similar to Barrett's main band, although lyrically they were much more pessimistic.
But she was pessimistic of the hope that men and women would ever reach sexual equality, and she doubted that a woman could find such a thing in marriage, were she by law was much restricted and given to her husbands whims.

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