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similar and vein
In a similar vein, but writing from the opposite side, Thomas Taylor, a private in the 6th Alabama Volunteers, in a letter to his wife, stated: `` you know that my heart is with you but I never could have been satisfied to have staid at home when my country is invaded by a thievin foe, by a set of cowardly skunks whose motto is Booty.
The campaign continued in a similar vein, lasting for a total of ninety days.
Pagan Publishing has released a series of supplements in a similar vein, by the name Delta Green, that is set in the 1990s ( although later supplements add support for playing closer to the present day ).
The third book continues along a similar vein, condemning cosmetics on the grounds that it is our souls, not our bodies, that we should seek to beautify.
Another American writer in a similar vein was Thorne Smith, whose works ( such as Topper and The Night Life of the Gods ) were popular and influential, and often adapted for film and television.
In 1997, Tom Vanderbilt wrote in a similar vein in The Baffler magazine:
In a similar vein, CBS-backed iWon. com gave away $ 10 million to a lucky contestant on an April 15, 2000 half-hour primetime special that was broadcast on CBS.
In a similar vein, the alf found in the fairy tale The Elf of the Rose by Danish author H. C. Andersen is so tiny that he can have a rose blossom for home, and has " wings that reached from his shoulders to his feet ".
* In a remarkably similar vein, science fiction artist and author Wayne Douglas Barlowe wrote Expedition: Being an Account in Words and Artwork of the 2358 A. D. Voyage to Darwin IV, which was a natural history study of an alien planet and its indigenous wildlife, written as though published in the year 2366.
Another example of Gothic parody in a similar vein is The Heroine by Eaton Stannard Barrett ( 1813 ).
In a similar vein, a " hack " may refer to a math hack, that is, a clever solution to a mathematical problem.
Finnish born nationalist and linguist Kaarle Akseli Gottlund ( 1796 – 1875 ) expressed his desire for a Finnish epic in a similar vein to The Iliad, Beowulf and the Nibelungenlied compiled from the various poems and songs spread over most of Finland.
In a similar vein, there are many similar unique innovations in Germanic, Baltic and Slavic that are far more likely to be areal features than traceable to a common proto-language.
" In a similar vein, C. L ' Estrange Ewen, a specialist in the witch trials, referred to them in 1938 as simple " fancies " that were nothing but " vapid balderdash.
An ancestor to the easy listening format is Beautiful Music, a now-rare format ( though XM features one channel of it, called Sunny ) focusing mostly on smooth jazz or classical arrangements of pop music and original compositions in a similar vein.
In 1970, the act evolved into the Pink Fairies, which carried on in a similar vein.
In a similar vein, all prime numbers bigger than 5, written in the usual decimal system, end in 1, 3, 7, or 9, since even numbers are multiples of 2 and numbers ending in 0 or 5 are multiples of 5.
" Purple Party " is also used as an academic hypothetical of an undefined party, as a centralist party in the United States ( because purple is created from mixing the main parties ' colours of red and blue ) and as a highly idealistic " peace and love " party -- in a similar vein to a Green Party, perhaps.
In a similar vein, some real-life organizations recognize that technical people may be very valuable for their skills but poor managers, and so provide parallel career paths allowing a good technical person to acquire pay and status reserved for management in most organizations.
Curry & Chips set out to satirize racist attitudes in Britain in a similar vein to Speight's earlier creation, the hugely successful Till Death Us Do Part, with Milligan ' blacking up ' to play Kevin O ' Grady, a half-Pakistani / half-Irish factory worker.
In a similar vein, Colts defensive end Bubba Smith would later refuse to wear his Super Bowl V ring because of the " sloppy " play.
In a similar vein, Kofi Annan, at the time United Nations Secretary-General, stated that it is " time to set aside debates on so-called ' state terrorism '.
In a similar vein, Rabbi Akiva ( ca. 50 – ca. 135CE ), is said to have learned a new law from every et ( את ) in the Torah ( Talmud, tractate Pesachim 22b ); the word et is meaningless by itself, and serves only to mark the direct object.
Foreign Affairs ( 1977 ) was musically in a similar vein to Small Change, but showed further artistic refinement and exploration into jazz and blues styles.

similar and Martin
Gauntlett bought a 12. 5 % stake in Aston Martin for £ 500, 000 via Pace Petroleum in 1980, with Tim Hearley of CH Industrials taking a similar share.
Runyon's stories also employ occasional rhyming slang, similar to the cockney variety but native to New York ( e. g.: " Miss Missouri Martin makes the following crack one night to her: ' Well, I do not see any Simple Simon on your lean and linger.
Martin & Co .), dovetail joints ( also used by CF Martin on the D-28 and similar models ) and Spanish heel neck joints, which are named after the shoe they resemble and commonly found in classical guitars.
The hypothesis that Japanese might be related to Korean has had some supporters due to some apparent overlap in vocabulary and similar grammatical features that have been elaborated upon by such researchers as Samuel E. Martin and Roy Andrew Miller.
Many opponents of school choice such as Martin Carnoy argue that public schools perform similarly to private schools when teaching similar groups of students, and that the conception of public schools as " failing " in comparison to private schools is more due to the demographic differences between public and private schools than to actual differences in the quality of the education the schools offer.
The first German celebration on a fairly large scale was held in 1805 ( the 1150th anniversary of his death ), followed by a similar celebration in a number of towns in 1855 ; both of these were predominantly Catholic affairs, which emphasized the role of Boniface in German history as opposed to Protestant views on the role of Martin Luther, and especially the 1855 celebrations were an expression of German Catholic nationalism.
In 1671, Swedish scholar Georg Stiernhielm commented on the similarities of Sami, Estonian and Finnish, and also on a few similar words between Finnish and Hungarian, while the German scholar Martin Vogel tried to establish a relationship between Finnish, Sami, and Hungarian.
Howard Jones, who had recently left his job as manager of The Haçienda, producer Martin Hannett, and Tim Chambers agreed to work with the band on an album, setting up Thin Line Records to release it, with Jones taking on management of the band, although they had already made a similar agreement with Caroline Reed in London.
It was Eck who argued that the beliefs of Martin Luther and Jan Hus were similar.
Leonard Whiting ( Romeo in Romeo and Juliet ), Graham Faulkner ( St. Francis in Brother Sun, Sister Moon ), and Martin Hewitt ( in Endless Love ) all left the film business after failing to secure similar high-profile roles.
In the early fifteenth century, however, the Koreans invented a form of movable type that has been described by the French scholar Henri-Jean Martin as ' similar to Gutenberg's '; the Western invention may have been stimulated by what had happened in the East.
In the June 1968 edition of Scientific American, Martin Gardner described in his " Mathematical Games " column a game by C. L. Baker that is similar to FreeCell, except that cards on the tableau are built by suit rather than by alternate colors.
In 2000 Bailey, Dunne and Martin found similar results from a larger sample of 4, 901 Australian twins.
The Common Swift ( Apus apus ) is a medium-sized bird, superficially similar to the Barn Swallow or House Martin but somewhat larger.
DeLorean's vision has been further vindicated by the adoption of similar designs in a slew of modern high-performance cars, including the Porsche 928, the Corvette C5, and the Aston Martin DB9.
Costume designer Edith Head created over 20 suits for Martin in similar fashion to those worn by Cary Grant or James Stewart.
By 1946, Martin was doing relatively well, but was still little more than an East Coast nightclub singer with a common style, similar to that of Bing Crosby.
Amongst those invited were Martin Gardner, Ray Hyman, James Randi, and Marcello Truzzi, all members of the Resources for the Scientific Evaluation of the Paranormal ( RSEP ), a fledgling group with objectives similar to those CSI would subsequently adopt.
* Martin ( bird ), several species of bird similar to swallows in the family Hirundinidae
On the strength of his samples and of his " Chip Martin, College Reporter " AT & T advertising comic-strip pages in Boys ' Life magazine, and of his similar Goodyear Tire ads, Adams landed the assignment.
Facel lost money on every car they built, the luxury car side of the company being supported entirely by the other work done by Facel Metallon, Jean Daninos's obsession being very similar to that of David Brown of Aston Martin.
Satyagraha theory influenced Nelson Mandela's struggle in South Africa under apartheid, Martin Luther King, Jr .' s campaigns during the civil rights movement in the United States, and many other social justice and similar movements.
During the late 1960s, Martin manufactured hollow-body electric guitars similar to those manufactured by Gretsch.
Martin stamped on them but look very similar to Schaller heads

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