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subsequent and radio
In the subsequent months and years, many musical acts associated with disco struggled to get airplay on the radio.
While De Forest's addition of a third element to the Audion ( the grid ) and the subsequent move to modulated ( voice ) radio is not disputed, De Forest did not put his device to work.
" George Fenneman, his radio and TV announcer, good-natured foil, and lifelong friend, often related a story in subsequent years of one of his final visits to Groucho's home: When the time came to end the visit, Fenneman lifted Groucho from his wheelchair, put his arms around his torso, and began to " walk " the frail comedian backwards across the room toward his bed.
He has a cult following and has influenced subsequent songwriters despite having little radio or music video support.
A subsequent radio broadcast states that Moscow is being evacuated.
His half-uncle, Jean Hersholt, was an actor best known for his portrayal of Dr. Christian in the long-running radio series of the same name and the subsequent television series and films.
There have been four adaptations of the book: a serialisation in the Daily Express newspaper, a subsequent daily comic strip by Henry Gammidge and John McLusky in the same paper, the 1963 film version, and a 2012 BBC radio adaptation of the same name, produced by Jarvis & Ayres and starring Toby Stephens.
In the original radio series and subsequent LP adaptation, Ford was played by Geoffrey McGivern.
A subsequent section of Marvin's biography occurs only in the Secondary Phase of the radio series.
Recently this has been remixed to remove the Gary Glitter track to avoid controversy over his subsequent criminal convictions should any radio stations wish to play it over the Christmas period.
For this and all subsequent TV appearances, the troupe abandoned the idea of performing TV sketches as " radio sketches ", and presented their TV work in a traditional TV sketch show format.
Passive receiver development was abandoned with the advent of reliable vacuum tubes around 1920, and subsequent crystal radio research was the work of radio amateurs and hobbyists.
These are extensively used in the emergency services to record emergency telephone calls ( 911, 999, 112 ) and the subsequent radio conversations.
Information on series dates taken from the book Tony Hancock: Artiste ( 1978 ) by Roger Wilmut, Eyre Methuen ISBN 0-413-38680-5 ( subsequent reprints in 1983 and 1986 contain additional details ) Information on wiped radio episodes taken from the CD box sets ( BBC Worldwide, 2000 – 2003 ).
Locomotive control can be synchronous ( MU ), whereby control commands made by the engineer in the Lead unit are transmitted instantly via radio telemetry to — and are followed immediately by — all Remote units in the train, or independent whereby the engineer may set up and independently operate the Remote locomotives as a ' front ' and a ' back ' group ( or with Locotrol III and subsequent versions ; as ' Lead ', ' Remote-forward ', Remote-intermediate ', ' Remote-rear ', and ' Remote-trail ' groups — this latter at the rear of the train ).
) He becomes cruelly disillusioned as to the nature of their " liberators " when he is told by the new Race governor to make a radio propaganda broadcast praising the subsequent nuclear destruction of Washington, D. C ..
After much radio exposure and a successful UK tour with Stone, Bowlly was inundated with demands for personal appearances and gigs — including undertaking a subsequent solo UK tour-but continued to make the bulk of his recordings with Noble.
• Much of the material performed in the heralded first four shows ( 1976 – 1981 ) came from the rich repertoire of sketches and skits created in the preceding 15 years by Beyond The Fringe and the subsequent work of its alumni, and by Monty Python and its many stage, radio and TV antecedents.
Any radio frequency feedback oscillator topology can be operated as a regenerative receiver if modified to provide a controllable reduction in feedback loop coupling, a method of coupling the loop to an incoming signal source, and a method of coupling audio frequencies out of the loop to a subsequent audio amplification stage ( or high efficiency headphones ).
A report by an amateur radio operator who claimed to have received a faint SOS signal from Star Dust initially raised hopes that there might have been survivors, but all subsequent attempts over the years to find the vanished flight failed.
The US children's radio series Little Orphan Annie ( 1931 – 1940 ) and Captain Midnight ( 1938 – 1949 ), and the subsequent Captain Midnight TV series ( 1954 – 1956 ), were sponsored by Ovaltine.
Hillary Howard, a news anchor for the radio station WTOP-FM took over as host subsequent to McGarry's official retirement in November 2011.
Two years of hard work led up to a signing with Capitol Records in 1982, the release of the album Spring Session M, and the subsequent success of Missing Persons on radio and MTV.

subsequent and broadcast
Richard Burton starred in the first broadcast in 1954, and was joined by Elizabeth Taylor in a subsequent film.
Bentine appeared in a subsequent broadcast on a similar theme with Patrick Moore in 1980.
NASA had taken all the original tapes and erased them for use on subsequent missions ; however, the Apollo 11 Tape Search and Restoration Team formed in 2003 tracked down the highest quality footage among the converted recordings of the first broadcast, pieced together the best footage, then contracted a specialist film restoration company to enhance the degraded black-and-white film and convert it into digital format for archival records.
and popularized in a subsequent fictionalized account produced by the BBC and broadcast in the United States by PBS.
* Sammy Hung appeared as the nemesis to Nicholas Tse's character in the 2007 television series Wing Chun, a remake of the original series broadcast in 1994, and the subsequent film Wing Chun.
After the Covent Garden run of ten performances, the company presented the work in Manchester, but did not revive it in subsequent years ; it received a concert performance and broadcast in 1972.
This concert went out " live " in several European countries and was recorded for subsequent broadcast in the UK as part of a series: " Live From London ".
After the subsequent broadcast of the BBC Play for Today adaptation of To Encourage the Others, directed by Alan Clarke and starring Charles Bolton, Haler sought to deny that he had given any specific estimate of the size of the bullet that killed Miles beyond being " of large calibre ".
The most famous incident often cited as an example for the hypodermic needle model was the 1938 broadcast of The War of the Worlds and the subsequent reaction of widespread panic among its American mass audience.
On 28 March 1990, ITV broadcast the Granada Television documentary drama, Who Bombed Birmingham ?, which re-enacted the bombings and subsequent key events in Chris Mullin's campaign.
* It serves as a station identifier even if the language used in the subsequent broadcast is not one the listener understands.
On the November 9, 2008 broadcast of NBC Sunday Night Football, Madden responded to a fan's sign reading " JOHN MADDEN, BRING BACK TURDUCKEN " by calling his fixation with turducken " a thing of the past ," stating that he would return to a traditional turkey for subsequent Thanksgivings.
The original broadcast ( and subsequent bootlegs ) of the MTV concert featured " Venus as a Boy ", so it is unclear why that version could not be included here.
When originally broadcast, season two followed the guideline, but when season three began airing, the opening credits from season two were replaced with the opening credits from season three for daytime network rebroadcasts and subsequent syndication.
Thus in subsequent election years, the broadcast networks began increasingly limited their coverage, arguing that those interested can watch the proceedings on a cable news network such as CNN, MSNBC, or the Fox News Channel.
A subsequent change in ownership assigned full control of CTV Globemedia to Bell Canada Enterprises ; as of 2011, these transmitters remain in normal licensed broadcast operation.
A subsequent change in ownership assigned full control of CTV Globemedia to Bell Canada Enterprises ; as of 2011, these transmitters remain in normal licensed broadcast operation.
From Tuesday, January 11, 2011, the series was broadcast in three parts, on subsequent nights, on Channel 4, and was part of Channel 4's " Big Fish Fight " season.
This decline was principally due to the greater popularity of the broadcast media and the subsequent diversion of advertising revenues.
Gilligan's 29 May 2003 report on Today — that the British government had " sexed up " the intelligence dossier on Iraq, a report broadcast after Liddle had left the programme — began a chain of events that included the death in July that year of David Kelly, the weapons inspector who was Gilligan's source, and the subsequent Hutton Inquiry, a public inquiry into the circumstances of Kelly's death.
A Channel 4 documentary, East 17: The Reunion, which charted the group's rise and fall, along with their subsequent attempt to re-launch, was broadcast in May 2007.
The Dream with Roy and HG was a sports / comedy talk show, broadcast every night during the Sydney 2000 ( and subsequent Salt Lake 2002 and Athens 2004 Olympics ) presented by Australian comedy duo Roy and HG which achieved great popularity during the Games.

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