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survey and 2000
In 2000 KPMG reported in its survey of offshore jurisdictions for the United Kingdom government that over 41 % of the world's offshore companies were formed in the British Virgin Islands.
Revolutionary Europe, 1783 – 1815 ( 2000 ), scholarly survey excerpt and text search
Lesbians in the U. S. are estimated to be about 2. 6 % of the population, according to a National Opinion Research Center survey of sexually active adults who had had same-sex experiences within the past year, completed in 2000.
A survey of same-sex couples in the United States showed that between 2000 and 2005, the number of people claiming to be in same-sex relationships increased by 30 %— five times the rate of population growth in the U. S. The study attributed the jump to people being more comfortable self-identifying as homosexual to the federal government.
A 2000 survey by Dan Fuller and Doris Geide-Stevenson reports that of a sample of 308 economists surveyed by the American Economic Association, 45. 6 % fully agreed with the statement, " a minimum wage increases unemployment among young and unskilled workers ", 27. 9 % agreed with provisos, and 26. 5 % disagreed.
The Rosetta Project brings language specialists and native speakers together to develop a meaningful survey and near permanent archive of 1, 500 languages, intended to last from AD 2000 to 12, 000.
Writing in 2000, David Roffe argued that the inquest ( the survey ) and the construction of the book were two distinct exercises ; the latter being completed, if not started, by William II following his assumption of the English throne and quashing of the rebellion that followed and based on, though not consequent on, the findings of the inquest.
The National Association of Elementary School Principals ( NAESP ) conducted a phone survey of 755 principals in 2000, which revealed that 21 % of all public schools had a uniform policy, however, 23 % had firm plans to create one.
The 2000 – 09 research survey of the Social Sciences Citation Index ranks him as the world ’ s fifth most-cited social science scholar, and the foremost-cited communication scholar.
In 2000 the BBC commissioned a genetic survey of the British Isles by a team from University College London led by Professor David Goldstein for its programme ' Blood of the Vikings '.
Surveys of woodlands of County Kilkenny include A Woodland Survey of Kilkenny, undertaken in 1997 to identify woodlands in the county and A survey of broadleaved woodlands in three special Areas of Conservation, Barrow-Nore, River Unshin and Lough Forbes ( 2000 ) which covers some of County Kilkenny, and National Survey of Native Woodlands ( NSNW ) 2003-2008 which was one of the largest ecological surveys to be completed in Ireland and did its fieldwork in the county in 2003.
In 2000, an article by Treiman, Gleason and Bogard gave a survey of all the arguments used to conclude the SNC meteorites ( of which 14 had been found at the time ) were from Mars.
In May 2000, seven years after the Oslo Accords and five months before the start of the al-Aqsa Intifada, a survey by the Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research at the University of Tel Aviv found that 39 % of all Israelis supported the Accords and that 32 % believed that the Accords would result in peace in the next few years.
In the 2006 American community survey, the Wade Hampton Census Area had the largest increase in Hispanic population since 2000 with a 1572. 73 % increase.
Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America ( Twin Palms Pub: 2000 ) ISBN 0-944092-69-1 accompanied by an online photographic survey of the history of lynchings in the United States
An " active " IBO is qualified on the IBO Registration form: Based on an independent survey during 2001, “ Active ” means an IBO attempted to make a retail sale, or presented the Independent Business Ownership Plan, or received bonus money, or attended a company or IBO meeting in the year 2000.
In April 2007, the Eller College of Management conducted an assessment survey of Sahuarita residents due to the town's 529 % growth since the 2000 Census, because data from that census " on workforce and community characteristics is no longer applicable.
In 2000, Ballard and his team conducted an expedition that focused on the exploration of the sea bed about 15 – 30 km west of Sinop, and an additional deep-water survey east and north of the peninsula.
* The Action Plan for Australian Birds 2000, Garnett, Stephen T .; & Crowley, Gabriel M., Environment Australia, Canberra, 2000 ISBN 0-642-54683-5, a comprehensive survey of the conservation status of Australian species, with costed conservation and recovery strategies.
A survey of the research literature from 1955 – 2000 suggests that as many as one in every hundred individuals may have some intersex characteristic .< ref > Intersex phenomena are not unique to humans.
The 2000 survey by the Yomiuri Shimbun found that 76. 6 % of Japanese do not believe in a specific religion.
This came as a disappointment to the many United fans who voted him as their choice for United's next manager in survey over the summer of 2000.
According to a survey conducted by Simmons Market Research in April 2000 for the Washington Blade, the median age of their readership was forty-one and 85 % of their readers were between the ages of twenty-five and fifty-four years old.

survey and people
The Federal Government is aiding local governments in several places to survey residential, commercial and industrial buildings to determine what fallout protection they would provide, and for how many people.
A cadastral survey seems also to have been instituted, and one of the documents relating to it states that a certain Uru-Malik, whose name appears to indicate his Canaanite origin, was governor of the land of the Amorites, or Amurru as the semi-nomadic people of Syria and Canaan were called in Akkadian.
Some people even believe that this was the biblical event of Noah's flood, but despite their historical significance, the first spectacular images of these submarine channels were obtained in 1999 ( Di Iorio, et al., 1999 ) in the frame of a NATO SACLANT Undersea Research project using jointly the NATO RV Alliance, and the Turkish Navy survey ship Çubuklu.
The 2006 sociolinguistic survey of all Basque provinces showed that in 2006 of all people aged 16 and above:
These data are then matched to census records and the number of people missed can be estimated by considering the number missed in the census or survey but counted in the other.
George Barna, a conservative Christian author and researcher, conducted a survey in the United States in 2009 that found gay and lesbian people having a Christian affiliation were more numerous than had been presumed.
The first survey of the fantasy sports market in the U. S. in 1999 showed 29. 6 million people age 18 and older played fantasy games.
However, that figure was reduced in later years when it was determined the survey also included people who play NCAA bracket pools, which are not exactly fantasy sports ( where you pick individual players ).
Fantasy sports continued to grow with a 2003 Fantasy Sports Trade Association survey showing 15 million people playing fantasy football and spending about $ 150 a year on average, making it a $ 1. 5 billion industry.
A survey of people in various Christian denominations showed a negative correlation between fear of death and religious concern.
Approximately a quarter claimed some Irish ancestry in one survey ( although the report's authors noted that many people were probably " exaggerating ").
A survey showed that among people with interstitial cystitis:
For example, people who have strong opinions or substantial knowledge may be more willing to spend time answering a survey than those who do not.
The general public have been found to hold a strong stereotype of dangerousness and desire for social distance from individuals described as mentally ill. A US national survey found that a higher percentage of people rate individuals described as displaying the characteristics of a mental disorder as " likely to do something violent to others ", compared to the percentage of people who are rating individuals described as being " troubled ".
The total number of formally employed people is decreasing steadily, from about 400, 000 in 1997 to 330, 000 in 2008, according to a government survey.
The CNNIC survey showed 82. 3 per cent of people using the Internet in China were below 35 years old and almost 40 per cent of the netizens were aged 18 to 24.
According to a survey by the University of London, one in ten people are now leaving their passwords in their wills to pass on this important information when they die.
One third of people, according to the survey agree that their password protected data is important enough to be passed on in their will.
In one 1904 survey, it was found that an average of sixteen people shared each apartment in Saint Petersburg, with six people per room.
Demographic survey data from 1999-2002 shows a significant minority of people from Europe and America, where there is reasonable freedom of thought and access to ideas but no outstanding recent reincarnationist tradition, believe we had a life before we were born, will survive death and be born again physically.
Waterhouse analyzed the influences of second-hand accounts of reincarnation, writing that most of the people in the survey had heard other people's accounts of past-lives from regression hypnosis and dreams and found these fascinating, feeling that there " must be something in it " if other people were having such experiences.

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