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typical and application
In order to simplify the exposition of a typical fully apportioned cost analysis, let us assume the application of the analysis to an electric utility company supplying a single city with power generated by its own steam-generation plant.
In the typical application of ANOVA, the null hypothesis is that all
< imagemap > Image: Operating system placement. svg | thumb | A layer structure showing where the operating system software and application software are situated while running on a typical desktop computer
A typical application is furnished by the Arzelà – Ascoli theorem and in particular the Peano existence theorem, in which one is able to conclude the existence of a function with some required properties as a limiting case of some more elementary construction.
A typical DBMS cannot store the data of the application it serves alone.
A typical DBMS cannot store the data of the application it serves alone.
It is suggested that in a typical schoolbook application ( e. g. learning word pairs ), most students remember only 10 % after 3 – 6 days ( depending on the material ).
In a typical design flow, an FPGA application developer will simulate the design at multiple stages throughout the design process.
The particular criteria optimized depends on the application, but some typical examples include maximizing the number of deadlines met, minimizing the lateness of tasks and maximizing the number of high priority tasks meeting their deadlines.
No steam turbine is truly isentropic, however, with typical isentropic efficiencies ranging from 20 – 90 % based on the application of the turbine.
This was a fairly typical limitation of all CP / M programs of the time, since there was no mechanism to hide the complexities of the underlying hardware from the application program.
In 2008, HP introduced new OEs for HP-UX 11i v3 to align application bundles with typical systems ' use.
* The wavelength of radiation from the Big Bang: The blackbody radiation resulting from the Big Bang is also a typical application of Wien's law.
We will go over a typical application of Zorn's lemma: the proof that every nontrivial ring R with unity contains a maximal ideal.
Although not being a typical application for a microcontroller, its purpose was to generate the background music of the game.
* Power – Brakes are often described as " powerful " when a small human application force leads to a braking force that is higher than typical for other brakes in the same class.
A typical application is in the area of embedded systems.
OSI's session management in connection with the typical transport protocols ( TCP, SCTP ), is contained in the transport-layer protocols, or otherwise considered the realm of the application layer protocols.
One of the most significant differences is that the advanced application programming interfaces ( APIs ) on smartphones for running third-party applications can allow those applications to have better integration with the phone's OS and hardware than is typical with feature phones.
The application layer data service follows a typical request-confirm / indication-response structure.
In practice it is typical to use instructions which will execute on anything later than an Intel 80386 ( or fully compatible clone ) processor or else anything later than an Intel Pentium ( or compatible clone ) processor but in recent years various operating systems and application software have begun to require more modern processors or at least support for later specific extensions to the instruction set ( e. g. MMX, 3DNow !, SSE / SSE2 / SSE3 ).
A modern typical application would be Honda motor's use of 5W-20 viscosity oil for 12, 000 km ( 7, 500 mi ).
* A typical application is resonant energy transfer, useful, for instance, for charging electronic gadgets without wires.
This application of typical English tactical procedures had also been used by the Portuguese on the previous battle of Atoleiros and was especially effective against cavalry ( the speciality of both the Castilian and the French armies ).

typical and making
It was possible to make estimates of the quantum yield by observing the extent of reduction of a uranyl oxalate actinometer solution illuminated for a known time in a typical reaction cell and making appropriate conversions based on the differences in the absorption spectra of uranyl oxalate and of chlorine, and considering the spectral distribution of the light source.
Chartier's typical undergraduate course focuses upon the making, remaking, dissemination, and reading of texts in early modern Europe and America.
Walter Goffart believes it is probable that in this narrative Paul was making use of an oral tradition, and is sceptical that it can be dismissed as merely a typical topos of an epic poem.
A typical proposal would involve a debtor making monthly payments for a maximum of five years, with the funds distributed to their creditors.
Thus, much of the spirits used in making a Canadian whisky, prior to aging, may have less grain-derived flavour than typical single malts or U. S. " straight " whiskeys.
The city center retains a large number of monumental buildings, whereas in many streets there are canals of which the borders are connected by typical bridges, altogether making this city a notable tourist destination.
A typical launcher would allow the player to select which files to load from a menu, making it much easier to start.
They have fairly low coefficients of thermal expansion ( 7740 Pyrex CTE is 3. 25 /° C as compared to about 9 /° C for a typical soda-lime glass ), making them more dimensionally stable.
Undergraduate enrollments among the Ivy League schools range from about 4, 000 to 14, 000, making them larger than those of a typical private liberal arts college and smaller than a typical public state university.
The 1907 British Pharmaceutical Codex's instructions for making nutritional extract of malt do not include a mash-out at the end of extraction, and include the use of lower mash temperatures than is typical with modern beer-brewing practices.
Also, optimization of the access to the first microcode words during the decode stages helps in making several frequent instructions execute significantly more quickly, especially in their most common forms, and in typical cases.
A typical Fighting Fantasy gamebook tasks players with completing a quest, with players then making choices in an attempt to successfully finish the adventure.
Even though the typical LCD monitors of today are locked at 60 Hz, making extremely high frame rates impossible to see in realtime, playthroughs of game “ timedemos ” at hundreds or thousands of FPS for benchmarking purposes are still common.
A typical Perdo Imaginem spell is granting invisibility to the caster by making one's image disappear.
The acid from the maggots ' digestive system breaks down the cheese's fats, making the texture of the cheese very soft ; by the time it is ready for consumption, a typical casu marzu will contain thousands of these maggots.
The dependence of resistance on temperature therefore makes resistance depend upon the current in a typical experimental setup, making the law in this form difficult to directly verify.
For the typical Matchbox collector, Hot Wheels are inferior in scaling and model choice, making Hot Wheels less desirable.
Around this time, the band began enthusiastically embracing the rock-video age, making elaborate videos typical of the era's superstar bands.
First, they usually are ( and always should be ) much longer — 20 to 30 characters or more is typicalmaking some kinds of brute force attacks entirely impractical.
As is typical of bird-eating raptors, Peregrine Falcons are sexually dimorphic, females being considerably larger than males .< ref name =" White94 ">< ref name = bwp > The Peregrine is renowned for its speed, reaching over during its characteristic hunting stoop ( high speed dive ), making it the fastest member of the animal kingdom.
If a typical mammalian cell ( diameter ~ 10 micrometre ) were magnified to the size of a watermelon (~ 1 ft / 30 cm ), the lipid bilayer making up the plasma membrane would be about as thick as a piece of office paper.
Sonotone had the technology for making sintered plate nickel – cadmium batteries that can be recharged very rapidly and are lighter than a typical automobile lead – acid battery.
For a typical GTO with a semimajor axis of 24, 582 km, perigee velocity is 9. 88 km / s and apogee velocity is 1. 64 km / s, clearly making the inclination change far less costly at apogee.

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