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addition and 51
: Version 5. 1 contained 20 known crashing and wrong result bugs in addition to the 35 present in version 5. 0 ( almost all fixed as of release 5. 1. 51 ).
" In addition to providing the first photographs of the distinctive contrail previously reported by many, the significance of this sighting was enhanced by Douglas ' reports of intercepts of radio transmissions: " Air-to-air communications ... were between an AWACS aircraft with the call sign " Dragnet 51 " from Tinker AFB, Oklahoma, and two unknown aircraft using the call signs " Darkstar November " and " Darkstar Mike ".
In addition to standards and popular tunes, Mills occasionally showcased his own original compositions, including " I'm In Love With The Sound Effects Man " ( in the episode " Amusement Park " ( 06 / 17 / 41 ) and later covered by Spike Jones ), and " The Cocky Cuckoo " ( in the episode " Businessmen's Symphony ", ( 06 / 12 / 51 )).
While details remain undisclosed, several sources cite Matsuzaka as having received a guaranteed $ 52 million for a six-year contract ( with elevator clauses potentially bringing the value up to $ 60 million ), in addition to the $ 51. 1 million posting fee that the Red Sox paid his former team, Seibu Lions, to release him.
In addition, the small sizes of the species ' subpopulations, already spread thin throughout their fragmented range ( on 1986, about 51 individuals are found in a 20 square kilometer area ), make contact with any more than a solitary individual a rarity.
It is the largest association of international adoption agencies in America, and in addition to working in 51 different countries, advocates for ethical practices in American adoption agencies
In addition, the camp has a large modern kitchen, a 300 seat campfire amphitheater, BB gun and archery ranges, and 32 miles ( 51 km ) of hiking trails.
In addition both Article 6 of the amended Treaty of European Union and Article 51 ( 2 ) of the Charter itself restrict the Charter from extending the competences of the EU.
In addition, an infamous new type of coffee was introduced, Mischkaffee ( mixed coffee ), which was 51 % coffee and 49 % a range of filler including chicory, rye, and sugar beet.
In addition to Vaucluse, she also polled over 25 % in nine other departments: Aisne ( 26. 33 %, 78, 452 votes ), Meuse ( 25. 82 %, 29, 038 votes ), Corse-du-Sud ( 25. 71 %, 19, 081 votes ), Pas-de-Calais ( 25. 53 %, 216, 753 votes ), Gard ( 25. 51 %, 106, 646 votes ), Haute-Marne ( 25. 26 %, 27, 624 votes ), Aube ( 25. 12 %, 40, 740 votes ), Haute-Saône ( 25. 12 %, 36, 807 votes ), Oise ( 25. 08 %, 109, 339 votes ).
In addition to Saint Pierre and Miquelon, she also polled over 10 % in the Collectivity of Saint Martin ( 12. 51 %, 665 votes ), in New Caledonia ( 11. 66 %, 10, 409 votes ), in Saint Barthélemy ( 11. 41 %, 310 votes ), in French Guiana ( 10. 48 %, 3, 920 votes ) and in Réunion ( 10. 31 %, 37, 549 votes ).
In addition to Paris, she polled less 10 % in Hauts-de-Seine ( 8. 51 %, 62, 447 votes ).
The current press box was added in 1969, and the stadium reached the capacity of 51, 171 in 1982 with the addition of the north endzone stands and the expansion of the east stands ( The south endzone is still vacant, with the ground of the bowl covered with the school's logos.
In addition, Australian resident Hew Raymond Griffiths, the self-admitted leader of DrinkorDie, fought extradition to the United States for almost three years, but eventually lost and was sentenced to 51 months, though he was credited for the time served in an Australian jail.
They are organized into four groups, in addition to the wing commander's immediate staff, in order to carry out their mission to be America's premier mobility team providing world-class air refueling, responsive airlift and airbase support to Headquarters USCENTCOM, Headquarters USSOCOM and 51 other mission partners that all call MacDill home.
In addition to singing about U. S. Highway 61 on his album Highway 61 Revisited, musician Bob Dylan also commemorated Highway 51, covering Curtis Jones ' folk song " Highway 51 Blues " on his eponymous album Bob Dylan.
In addition to these motor cars the following trailers have seen use some use including lightweight trailers 37 and 49, bulkheads 40-48 which usually accompany the winter saloons, lightweight trailer 51, converted disabled saloon 56, closed saloons 57 and 58 and 61-62.
In addition the company has ownership in the newspapers Adresseavisen ( 34. 3 %), Budstikka ( 10. 1 %), Bergens Tidende ( 24. 4 %), Fædrelandsvennen ( 25. 0 %), Harstad Tidende ( who also own Bladet Tromsø ) ( 51. 0 %) and Stavanger Aftenblad ( 31. 5 %).
As of 2011, 51 lieux-dits are listed as Grand Cru, the latest addition being Kaefferkopf of Ammerschwihr in January 2007.
Cartoons, which later spun off three series: The Fairly OddParents, ChalkZone, and My Life as a Teenage Robot, in addition to 51 original short cartoons by a group of creators including the first films by creators like Butch Hartman, Rob Renzetti, Tim Biskup, Larry Huber, Pat Ventura, Seth MacFarlane, and Carlos Ramos.
In addition, the park contains two lakes that total 51 acres ( 0. 21 km² ) and a children ’ s playground.
In addition, it allows special provisions to be made by the State in favour of women and children ( Article 15 ( 3 )), renounces practices derogatory to the dignity of women ( Article 51 ( A ) ( e )), and also allows for provisions to be made by the State for securing just and humane conditions of work and for maternity relief.
In addition, he scored 51 and 25, the second highest Australian score in each innings in a low-scoring match, but India won to square the series, with off spinner Jasu Patel taking 14 / 124.

addition and Left
In addition to her own party's support, the leader of the Left Alliance, Suvi-Anne Siimes, gave her support for Halonen's future campaign.
In addition to his pediatric work, Spock was an activist in the New Left and anti Vietnam War movements during the 1960s and early 1970s.
In addition in " Left 4 Dead 2 ", on one of the final missions, the Parish, the military starts to bomb New Orleans while the group tries to make it across the bridge to a helicopter.
Left: page 188 of the Golden Treasury showing Keats's poem with title added by Palgrave ; right: page 321 containing footnotes, the first of which acknowledges Palgrave's addition ( s ).
* MEPs: 24 members ( in addition to 3 New Centre and 2 Modern Left members, total of 29 ) in the EPP Group in the European Parliament.
In addition, the 1966 MacDonald novel The Last One Left carries the author's inscription, " I dedicate this novel to TRAVIS McGEE, who lent invaluable support and encouragement.
In addition, his " willingness to break with liberal orthodoxy on taxes led to denunciations from the party regulars, but by the end of the race he had been embraced by much of the Left.
Their purpose was to offer in-depth analysis of current affairs that would counter the perceived bias of the newspapers in addition to being the company's response to the popularity of Gollancz's Left Book Club.
In addition, Stuart Murdoch of the band Belle & Sebastian has cited The Left Banke as one of the early influences on the sound of the band.
In addition, Gilbert spent his spare-time studying Marx's Das Kapital book and writing New Left theoretical papers on imperialism and U. S. domestic consumption, consumerism and " the new working-class.
In addition, the API is used to determine Adequate Yearly Progress as a part of the No Child Left Behind Act.
In addition to books, the LBC also produced a monthly newsletter — with began as a simple club news sheet Left Book News, but gradually developed into a key international political and social affairs paper ( as Left News )-with lengthy editorials from Gollancz.
In addition to his drum duties, Wilson has three song co-writing credits on Weezer songs-" The World has Turned and Left Me Here ," " Surf Wax America ," " My Name is Jonas "-and solo writing credits on " Automatic " and " In the Mall.
In addition to The Nation and Slates " The Big Money ", Featherstone's writing has also appeared in Lingua Franca, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Left Business Observer, Dissent, Sydney Morning Herald, Columbia Journalism Review, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsday, In These Times, Ms., Salon. com, Nerve, Us, Nylon, and Rolling Stone.
The parties running in this election were mainly the same as in 2001, with the addition of Social Democracy of Poland ( a splinter group from the Democratic Left Alliance ), and the Democratic Party formed from the Freedom Union ( UW ) and some SLD dissidents.
He had been charged, through the voice of Miron Constantinescu, with " grave deviations " and taking a " right wing opportunistic line, breaking away from the working classes " ( see Right Opposition ); in addition to sharing the blame, Pauker was accused of having taken a " left wing opportunistic line " ( see Left Opposition ) on various issues.
With the renovation of the park, and the addition of the Boardwalk, some of the distances have changed, with Left and Right Field now 325 feet from home plate.
In addition to his work, he was active in numerous left-wing organizations, including nationalist Indonesian student organisations and Links Richten ( Aim Left ).

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