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addition and Bearcreek
In addition, the trend toward natural gas for heating and diesel locomotives caused the demand for coal to fall sharply, and Bearcreek ’ s production was in decline by the late 1940s.

addition and plays
In addition to asparagus, the production of hops plays a major role locally, the region having its own label, and there are still three independent breweries in the area.
While the addition to the electron-rich alkenes and alkynes is mainly electrophilic, the nucleophilic addition plays an important role for the carbon-heteroatom multiple bonds, and especially its most important representative, the carbonyl group.
In addition to parapsychology, the term also plays a role in some religions.
In addition to L, P and many other medieval manuscripts, there are also fragments of plays recorded on papyrus.
In addition he painted, wrote plays, and designed metalwork and stage sets.
Billy Joel famously plays the harmonica, in addition to his piano, on his signature song, " Piano Man ".
In addition to these clubs, there are numerous other activities which are pursued by the students of the university including sports like cricket, football, table tennis etc., street plays, theatrics and robotics.
In addition to weekly worship services, Mormons began participating in numerous programs such as Boy Scouting, a Young Women's organization, church-sponsored dances, ward basketball, camping trips, plays, and religious education programs for youth and college students.
In addition to estrogen, calcium metabolism plays a significant role in bone turnover, and deficiency of calcium and vitamin D leads to impaired bone deposition ; in addition, the parathyroid glands react to low calcium levels by secreting parathyroid hormone ( parathormone, PTH ), which increases bone resorption to ensure sufficient calcium in the blood.
Most sections also have an assistant principal ( or co-principal or associate principal ), or in the case of the first violins, an assistant concertmaster, who often plays a tutti part in addition to replacing the principal in his or her absence.
In addition to her acting career, Gordon wrote numerous well-known plays, film scripts and books.
* Vedia A10 plays Ogg Vorbis and FLAC in addition to MP3, AAC and other formats
In addition to these, Shakespeare also wrote a number of plays about English history, such as Richard II, which can be considered a tragedy, as the hero of the play exhibits many of Aristotle's definitions of what is required to obtain " tragic " status.
In addition to its proximity to and association with the limbic system and the amygdala in particular, which plays a key role in emotional experience, the anterior cingulate cortex shares afferent and efferent pathways with a number of thalamic nuclei as well as the posterior cingulate and part of some parietal, frontal and supplementary motor cortex.
In addition to the Brooks Museum and Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Memphis plays host to two burgeoning visual art areas, one city-sanctioned, and the other organically formed.
In addition to poetry ( his main literary focus ), he occasionally wrote short stories, plays, novels, essays, and translations.
In addition to the standard narrative dialogue style, theatre takes such forms as opera, ballet, mime, kabuki, classical Indian dance, Chinese opera, mummers ' plays, and pantomime.
BBC Radio 4 in particular is noted for its radio drama, broadcasting hundreds of new, one-off plays per year in strands such as The Afternoon Play, in addition to serials and soap operas.
In addition, photoperiodism, the physiological reaction of organisms to the length of day or night, is vital to both plants and animals, and the circadian system plays a role in the measurement and interpretation of day length.
The Shakespeare Festival presents year-round performances of both classic plays and performances of local interest, in addition to works of William Shakespeare.
In addition to its own spending, the government plays a significant role through the permit requirements and regulations pertaining to almost every aspect of economic activity.
In addition to singing and songwriting, he plays accordion, baritone and bass saxophone, clarinet, and keyboards for the group.
In addition to acting and aikido, Seagal also plays the guitar, and his songs have been featured in several of his movies ( such as Fire Down Below and Ticker ).

addition and host
' Gelignite ', or blasting gelatin, as it was named, was patented in 1876 ; and was followed by a host of similar combinations, modified by the addition of potassium nitrate and various other substances.
In addition, there are bus expansion cables which will extend a computer bus to an external backplane, usually located in an enclosure, to provide more or different slots than the host computer provides.
In addition, in order for gene therapy to provide permanent therapeutic effects, the introduced gene needs to be integrated within the host cell's genome.
At one point, OS / 2 was a supported host for VirtualPC in addition to a guest.
Type I restriction enzymes possess three subunits called HsdR, HsdM, and HsdS ; HsdR is required for restriction ; HsdM is necessary for adding methyl groups to host DNA ( methyltransferase activity ) and HsdS is important for specificity of the recognition ( DNA-binding ) site in addition to both restriction ( DNA cleavage ) and modification ( DNA methyltransferase ) activity.
When an operating system with a native windowing system hosts X in addition, the X system can either use its own normal desktop in a separate host window or it can run rootless, meaning the X desktop is hidden and the host windowing environment manages the geometry and appearance of the hosted X windows within the host screen.
U8TV: The Lofters combined the " special living environment " format with the " professional activity " format noted below ; in addition to living together in a loft, each member of the show's cast was hired to host a television program for a Canadian cable channel.
In addition, several host cellular proteins have been shown to interact with IN to facilitate the integration process.
In addition, parasites may be necrotrophic, which is to say they kill their host, or biotrophic, meaning they rely on their host's surviving.
In addition to high energy collider physics, Fermilab is also host to a number of smaller fixed-target and neutrino experiments, such as MiniBooNE ( Mini Booster Neutrino Experiment ), SciBooNE ( SciBar Booster Neutrino Experiment ) and MINOS ( Main Injector Neutrino Oscillation Search ).
In addition, deep fresh water lakes may host gas hydrates as well, e. g. the fresh water Lake Baikal, Siberia.
In addition to those departures, regular panelist Caroline Rhea also left the program in order to host her short-lived successor program to The Rosie O ' Donnell Show and Bruce Vilanch, who was also one of the show's writers, left with Goldberg ( who had hired him ) and made several infrequent appearances throughout the rest of the series.
In addition, many of the frequent panelists on the early episodes were not regulars later in the series, including Klugman, Arlene Francis, Bert Convy and Steve Allen, who was host of The Tonight Show when Rayburn served as announcer.
In addition to his in-story appearances, McClure appears as host of " The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular " and " The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase ".
They also host websites on classical and modern Mongolian literature and food, in addition to providing free Internet access.
In addition, the capsule and several factors embedded in the cell wall, including M protein, lipoteichoic acid, and protein F ( SfbI ) facilitate attachment to various host cells.
In addition to international cultural recognition, Tijuana has received political recognition and is a developing a political center currently host to eight consulates from European, Asian, and North American countries.
In addition to the County Fair, the Fairgrounds are host each year to the Illinois High School Rodeo Finals, the Mill Road Thresherman's gathering and the annual Schützenfest.
The addition includes a football field with an artificial playing surface that sports a large " C " at midfield and also includes an all-weather track, enabling the school to host track meets for the first time in many years.
La Plata has county offices, CIVISTA Medical Center ( recently enlarged ), a community theater ( Port Tobacco Players ), a large outdoor athletic complex, a large construction business, two nursing homes, and a host of stores and restaurants, in addition to a twice-weekly farmers ' market.
In addition to the annual Railroad Festival, in September of every other year, Amory is host to " Entertainment for Education ", also known as " Stars Over Mississippi ", in which a number of celebrities and entertainers host a benefit concert to raise funds for local scholarships.

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