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addition and Lincoln
In addition to his work on bridges Ammann also directed the planning and construction of the Lincoln Tunnel.
In addition to the Main Campus, Louisiana Tech also has of land located on the South Campus, of farm land west of the Main Campus, of forest land in Winn, Natchitoches, and Union Parishes, of land in Shreveport, a golf course in Lincoln Parish, of land for an arboretum west of the Main Campus, and a Flight Operations Center at the Ruston Municipal Airport.
In addition, both Dolphy and Little backed Abbey Lincoln on her album Straight Ahead and played on Max Roach's Percussion Bitter Sweet.
Despite the conference's name, the Big Ten actually consists of twelve schools, following the addition of Pennsylvania State University in 1993 and the University of Nebraska – Lincoln in 2011.
" In addition, Lincoln finds the ship to be a part of a larger pattern of religious disposal and sacrifice of hair and nails among the Indo-Europeans ( see below ).
In addition, residents relocated all the buildings in Abram to Lincoln, merging the two communities.
In addition, educators in the agricultural high school and in the county public schools became aware that the youth of Copiah and Lincoln Counties needed educational opportunities beyond the level of the 12th grade.
In addition to present-day Elizabeth Borough and Elizabeth Township, this also included areas which are now Forward Township, Lincoln Borough, Port Vue Borough, Liberty Borough, the City of Glassport, and the Tenth Ward of the City of McKeesport.
A $ 300, 000 addition was added to Lincoln High School on September 8, 1968.
On stage in the 1953 dramatic reading of Stephen Vincent Benét's John Brown's Body, Massey, in addition to narrating along with Tyrone Power and Judith Anderson, took on both the roles of John Brown and Abe Lincoln in the same work.
It has had a more upscale Mercury branded version entitled the Sable ( 1986 – 2005 ; 2008 – 2009 ), as well as a performance variant, the Ford Taurus SHO ( 1989 – 1999 and 2010 –); in addition, it served as the basis for the first-ever front-wheel drive Lincoln Continental ( 1988 – 1994 ).
In addition, the construction of the Lincoln Tunnel had devastated much of Hell's Kitchen to the south of 39th Street.
In addition to Lincoln, on Gillman's teams through the ' 60s were these notable players: wide receiver Lance Alworth ; offensive tackle Ron Mix ; running back Paul Lowe ; quarterback John Hadl ; and defensive linemen Ernie Ladd and Earl Faison ( Alworth and Mix are Hall of Famers ).
Meanwhile in Lincolnshire, the new Spalding to Lincoln direct line opened from Spalding via Sleaford to Ruskington on 6 March 1882 and on the Lincoln on 1 August, on which date the Great Northern and Great Eastern Joint Railway came into being comprising in addition to the new Spalding-Lincoln line, the former GNR March to Spalding and Lincoln to Doncaster lines and the former GER Huntingdon to March line plus the Ramsey branch from Somersham.
In 2004, the center was expanded through the addition of Jazz at Lincoln Center's newly built facilities, the Frederick P. Rose Hall, at the new Time Warner Center, located a few blocks to the south.
In addition, the Club for Growth also makes independent expenditures to pressure certain moderate Republicans to vote more conservatively ( e. g. running ads against Senators George Voinovich of Ohio, Olympia Snowe of Maine, and Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island after these Senators objected to certain aspects of President Bush's tax cuts ).
On July 1, 1862 President Lincoln signed into law the Pacific Railroad Act that in addition to promoting the transcontinental railroad allowed the Union Pacific Railroad to make subsidiary railroad branch lines, including one through Kansas.
In addition to artifacts from the China Trade period, the museum's grounds include a log cabin replica and a collection of Lincoln memorabilia.
In addition to documents from Mormon history, Hofmann also forged and sold signatures of many famous non-Mormons, including George Washington, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Daniel Boone, John Brown, Andrew Jackson, Mark Twain, Nathan Hale, John Hancock, Francis Scott Key, Abraham Lincoln, John Milton, Paul Revere, Myles Standish, and Button Gwinnett, whose signature was the rarest, and therefore the most valuable, of any signer of the Declaration of Independence.
In addition to his son, Lincoln, he had a daughter, Mary Ellis ( Mel ) Borglum Vhay ( 1916 – 2002 ).
In addition, all US coins bear the image of a noteworthy American statesman on the obverse ( such as Abraham Lincoln on the penny and George Washington on the quarter ).
In addition, a number of Lincoln's family items, his coat ( without the blood-stained pieces ), some statues of Lincoln and several large portraits of the President, are on display in the museum.

addition and had
Montero had set up a strong position, using every bale and box we had in addition to barricades of logs and brush.
They'd peddled the soap virtually alone, and without much success, until about a year ago, when -- with the addition of `` SX-21 '' to their secret formula and the inauguration of a high-powered advertising campaign -- sales had soared practically into orbit.
Present at the scene -- in addition to the dead man, who was indeed Louis Thor -- had been Thor's partner Bill Blake, and Antony Rose, an advertising agency executive who handled the zing account.
Graceful as his fencing and dancing lessons had taught him to be in addition to the natural grace of his slight, wiry frame, he cut enough of a figure to have evoked a nickname in the college, to which he himself referred in Prolusion 6::
In addition, he said, he has answered more than 400 messages of congratulations which led him to the comment that he himself had decided he wouldn't send another congratulatory message for the rest of his life.
In addition, many of the hard-surface cleaners used for walls and woodwork had their genesis in trisodium orthophosphate, which is still the major ingredient of a number of such products.
In addition one serum was obtained from a donor ( R. E. ) who had been sensitized 6 years previously.
The concentration of effective power in Rabat leads not only to party bickering, but to distraction from local activity that might have had many auxiliary benefits in addition to contributing to more meaningful elections.
In addition to his personal recollections, he had access to the records of Henry Chadwick, the game's first statistician and archivist.
In addition to this, the land the Ainu lived on was distributed to the Wajin who had decided to move to Hokkaido, who had been encouraged by the Japanese government of the Meiji era to take advantage of the island ’ s abundance of natural resources, and to create and maintain farms in the model of western industrial agriculture.
When his district was redrawn by the Whigs, that party had won the past two gubernatorial elections, in addition to gaining control of the legislature.
In some area codes, multiple additional prefixes had been reserved for test purposes, in addition to the standard 958 and 959.
In addition, Thyestes had an affair with Atreus ' wife, Aerope.
A keyboard was developed, and the keyboard had an expansion port ( which was the SIO port from Atari's 8-bit computer line, though the 7800 could not run Atari computer programs ) allowed for the addition of peripherals such as disk drives and printers.
In addition, Serbia's ruler Milan Obrenović IV was annoyed that Serbian opposition leaders like Nikola Pašić, who had escaped persecution after the Timok Rebellion, had found asylum in Bulgaria.
In addition to establishing the level and denomination of the final contract, the final contract may be doubled ( by the opponents ) or redoubled ( by the declaring side after the opponents had already doubled ), in which case the score for the hand is increased, whether the contract is made or defeated.
In addition to the Pacific Northwest, the Great Lakes region and the Southeastern United States have had many reports of Bigfoot sightings.
For one thing they had too good an opinion of their own ability ... Another point was their faulty field dispositions, and in addition there was rampant indiscipline and inexperience displayed ...
In addition to being buried with her wand, she had received great riches which included horses, a wagon and an Arabian bronze pitcher.
In addition, he had established his hegemony over neighbouring Sarmatian and Bastarnae tribes.
In addition to the drinking problems, it had become obvious that he also was having serious mental problems ; Martha Maria said that, " It was like sometimes he was drunk even when he wasn't drinking.

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