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addition and said
In addition, he said, he has answered more than 400 messages of congratulations which led him to the comment that he himself had decided he wouldn't send another congratulatory message for the rest of his life.
The Revenue Service said the addition of the attachment does not keep the range from coming under the Federal manufacturers' excise tax on household-type appliances.
In July 2009, the minister of defense, Nelson Jobim, said that Brazil will expend about 0. 7 % ( US $ 13 billion ) of the GDP per year to modernize the forces in addition to the 2. 6 % yearly defense budget.
In addition to the drinking problems, it had become obvious that he also was having serious mental problems ; Martha Maria said that, " It was like sometimes he was drunk even when he wasn't drinking.
In addition to these foodstuffs, drink, chewing gum, water, or other items processed into said food items are part of the legal definition of food.
He said of his costar, " his powers of observation must be absolutely incredible, in addition to the fact that he remembered it.
Because the result of scaling by whole numbers can be thought of as consisting of some number of copies of the original, whole-number products greater than 1 can be computed by repeated addition ; for example, 3 multiplied by 4 ( often said as " 3 times 4 ") can be calculated by adding 4 copies of 3 together:
In addition to Joseph Smith, several other early Mormons said they had visions where they saw the angel Moroni.
In addition, Davis downplayed her Hollywood goals: MGM promotional material in 1949 said that her " greatest ambition " was to have a " successful happy marriage "; decades later, in 1975, she would say, " I was never really a career woman but one only because I hadn't found the man I wanted to marry.
Among the rejected Lake translation: " not genuine " writings must be reckoned also the Acts of Paul, and the so-called Shepherd, and the Apocalypse of Peter, and in addition to these the extant epistle of Barnabas, and the so-called Teachings of the Apostles ; and besides, as I said, the Apocalypse of John, if it seem proper, which some, as I said, reject, but which others class with the accepted books.
In addition to the Vedas, the principal texts of Hinduism, the core themes of the Sanskrit epics Ramayana and Mahabharata are said to have their ultimate origins during this period.
The Military Balance 2009 said that in addition to Wadi Sayyidna ( north of Omdurman ), the other main air base was at Khartoum International Airport.
It can be said that 1993, with the addition of ground effect wrap-around type spoilers marked the beginning non-stock sheetmetal and from that point forward, stock cars were quickly allowed to differ greatly from anything available to the public.
In computer science, a function or expression is said to have a side effect if, in addition to returning a value, it also modifies some state or has an observable interaction with calling functions or the outside world.
Togo football federation spokesman Aime Ekpe said another 25 people from the delegation — 19 of them players — in addition to the driver were injured in the crash.
In addition, in Greek the name of the day is Triti ( Τρίτη ) meaning literally the third ( day of the week ), adding weight to the superstition, since bad luck is said to " come in threes ".
In addition, even order harmonics are said to be generally harder to hear than odd order.
The USS Defiant, introduced in the third season of Deep Space Nine, was said to use ablative armor in addition to shields ; this technology also appeared in the alternate time line of the early 25th century shown in the Star Trek: Voyager series finale " Endgame ", where it withstood repeated assaults by Borg weaponry and tractor beams.
If in addition all of the elements in the codomain are in fact mapped to by some element of the domain, then the function is said to be bijective ( see figures ).
The week of September 11, 2001, Robertson discussed the terror attacks with Jerry Falwell, who said that " the ACLU has to take a lot of blame for this " in addition to " the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays, and the lesbians have helped terror attacks of September 11th happen.
In addition to its use as a trial of strength in combat, sumo has also been associated with Shinto ritual, and even certain shrines carry out forms of ritual dance where a human is said to wrestle with a kami ( a Shinto divine spirit ).
In addition, scholars have noted that the Svartálfar, who, like dwarfs, are said in the Prose Edda to dwell in Svartálfaheimr, appear to be the same beings as dwarfs.
In other sources, he is said to have introduced the first principal actor in addition to the chorus.
In addition, DiCaprio is said to be involved in the pre-production of Ridley Scott's project Brave New World, Marc Forster's The Chancellor Manuscript and the biopic Sinatra, a film about Frank Sinatra to be directed by Martin Scorsese.

addition and There's
There's another addition to the Stevens line, the pump-action Model 77 in ( under $75 ), which you may or may not consider a kid's gun ; ;
At the peak of its popularity, No Limit became notorious for producing lengthy albums that consisted of up to 20 tracks and featured numerous cameo appearances by other No Limit artists ( Fiend's 1998 release, There's One in Every Family, for instance, contained fifteen ), in addition to the cheap packaging of its CDs in cases that consisted mostly of cardboard stock and a small amount of plastic, as well as spearheading the movement of garish Pen & Pixel-designed album covers.
In addition to the songs previously mentioned, the score also includes the film's love theme " There's Always Tomorrow ", sung by the reindeer Clarice after Rudolph is kicked out of the reindeer games ( the song is included in the version aired on CBS and in the DVD version, but is removed from the version aired on CBC Television in Canada ).
in addition to the Sky One series There's Something About Miriam.
In addition to the publicity about the coming-out of a character, " There's Something About Marrying " was discussed a lot in the media before its airing because of its gay marriage theme.
Political topics addressed on The Simpsons include homophobia and gay marriage ( in the episodes " Homer's Phobia " and " There's Something About Marrying "), immigration and border control (“ Much Apu About Nothing ,” “ Midnight Rx ”, “ Coming to Homerica ”), drug and alcohol abuse (" Brother's Little Helper ", " Weekend at Burnsie's ", " Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment ", " Duffless ", " E-I-E-I -( Annoyed Grunt )", and " Days of Wine and D ' oh ' ses "), gun rights (" The Cartridge Family "), environmental issues (" The Old Man and the Lisa ", " Trash of the Titans ", " Lisa the Tree Hugger ", " The Wife Aquatic ", " The Squirt and the Whale ", in addition to being an important plot device in the feature-length film ), election campaigns (" Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish ", " Sideshow Bob Roberts ", " Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington ", " See Homer Run ", " E Pluribus Wiggum ", " Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson "), and corruption (" Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington ").
In addition, this song also reveals that Eminem had tried to stop Ja Rule & 50 Cent's feud, but lost it when he heard Ja Rule making fun of his daughter on a track called " Loose Change "-(" The Ja Shit, I tried to squash it, It was too late to stop it, There's a certain line you just don't cross and he crossed it, I heard him say Hailie's name in his song and I just lost it ").

addition and nothing
In both cases, the text used is not only taken from a Greek addition, the readings also are the prayer of Mordecai, and nothing of Esther's own words is ever used.
In addition, security should not be an all or nothing issue.
Opponents also argue that school choice in the form of vouchers could result in nothing more than a cash-handout for many middle-class and wealthy families already sending their kids to private schools, with disadvantaged families either unable to secure enrollment or unable to cover costs in addition to the vouchers.
In addition, the traditional aging methods of cheese ( over two years ) reduces their lactose content to practically nothing.
Meeting minutes state that SEPTA “ discourage ( s ) disturbing the soil, digging up or removing the existing blacktop or adding blacktop to the site .... SEPTA would permit the borough to cover the existing blacktop with brick .” In addition, meeting minutes from 2003 state that the borough council was “ given certain constraints by SEPTA who preferred that the borough not disturb the soil .” Jane Spector, who designed a conceptual plan for the property, told park and recreation officials that “ a condition of the lease is that there would be no remediation of soils by SEPTA, nothing that, considering the property ’ s history, soils should not be moved or disturbed ; no soils test have been done ,” according minutes from a 2003 meeting.
In addition to the fasts mentioned above, Roman Catholics must also observe the Eucharistic Fast, which involves taking nothing but water and medicines into the body for one hour before receiving the Eucharist.
In addition to those already referred to may be mentioned his Essay on the Study of Antiquities, The First Principles of Christian Knowledge ; Reflections on the Controversial Writings of Dr Priestley, Emendationes in Suidam et Hesychium et alios Lexicographos Graecos ; The Bible, and nothing but the Bible, the Religion of the Church of England.
Interference is nothing more than the addition, in the mathematical sense, of wave functions.
pp. 89 – 91 ), points out that the stanza known to be Logan's addition to this ode is out of keeping with the rest of the poem, and is in the manner of Logan's established compositions, in which there is nothing to suggest the direct simplicity of the little poem on the cuckoo.
He had accumulated an immense private fortune ( though nothing compared to the avaricious acquisition of wealth of Concini, Richelieu, Mazarin, Fouquet, and Colbert ) possessing in addition to his see the revenues of seven abbeys.
In addition, schools of fish tend to move around ; so a hole may be productive for 10 minutes and then slow down to nothing for an hour before a school returns to that location.
In addition, through much of the White Terror, the Thermidoreans did nothing to stop the monarchist resurgence.
In addition, it was considered almost compulsory for the government to consult and secure the approval of the Council before making major changes to the Constitution, although nothing in the Constitution required it to do so.
In addition, Peter Panaro, the lawyer for Jesse Friedman, stated that Jesse had admitted to him that he was sexually assaulted by his father as a child and that " not everything he had said about ' nothing had happened ' was true.
In addition, it costs nothing, and avoids contributing to commercial activity ; it avoids the need to carry heavy, bulky sacks of litter home ; and it provides the cat with the same substance which it would use naturally.
In addition, Romano stopped at nothing to fire Dr. Legaspi, a psychiatric attending and love interest of Kerry Weaver.
... addition there were countless minor incidents, and it is at least partly to Waldersee's credit that nothing came of them.
However, nothing now remains of this addition to the Gaithersburg Latitude Observatory.
After originally remarking that " landscapes and trees have nothing to teach me, only people do ", Socrates goes on to make constant remarks concerning the presence and action of the gods in general, nature gods such as Pan and the nymphs, and the Muses, in addition to the unusually explicit characterization of his own daemon.
In 1885, Labouchère, whose libertarian stances did not preclude a fierce homophobia, drafted the Labouchère Amendment as a last-minute addition to a Parliamentary Bill that had nothing to do with homosexuality.
In addition to eating the meat, the Mandan used all parts of the buffalo, so nothing went to waste.
The patient is protected from acute frostbite with socks, gloves and mouth and ear protection, but in addition to that, wears nothing but a bathing suit.
Saussure argues that we should be concerned with the AB axis ( in addition to the CD axis, which was the focus of attention in Saussure's time ), because, he says, language is " a system of pure values which are determined by nothing except the momentary arrangements of its terms ".
Suppose in addition that there is nothing at all that can be done about the pollution.

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