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addition and historical
In addition, there are several historical uses of the term that provide some background as to its meaning.
In addition to Kanem-Bornu, two other states in the region, Baguirmi and Ouaddai, achieved historical prominence.
Most political economists emphasize private property as well, in addition to power relations, wage labor, class, and the uniqueness of capitalism as a historical formation.
In addition, study of classical documents led to the realization that some historical documents are less reliable than others, which led to the beginnings of biblical criticism.
In addition to his historical and textual works Neusner has also contributed to the area of Theology.
In addition to tabletop role-playing, LARP was preceded and possibly influenced by the Society for Creative Anachronism, childhood games of make believe, play fighting, costume parties, roleplay simulations, Commedia dell ' arte, improvisational theatre, psychodrama, military simulations, and historical reenactment groups.
India has remained one of its biggest trading partners ; in addition India has deep social and historical links with a large portion of the population of Mauritius, India is the country's second largest source of foreign assistance.
Today it is usually used to refer to mainstream economics, although it has also been used as an umbrella term encompassing a number of other schools of thought, notably excluding institutional economics, various historical schools of economics, and Marxian economics, in addition to various other heterodox approaches to economics.
Formulas for expressing the roots of polynomials of degree 2 in terms of square roots have been known since ancient times ( see quadratic equation ), and for polynomials of degree 3 or 4 similar formulas ( using cube roots in addition to square roots ) were found in the 16th century ( see cubic function and quartic function for the formulas and Niccolo Fontana Tartaglia, Lodovico Ferrari, Gerolamo Cardano, and Vieta for historical details ).
In addition to aficionados, reproductions of historical clay styles are used by some re-enactors.
In addition, he also proposed his historical perception that a country cannot escape from the fate of the boom and bust cycle.
In addition to rhythm and bar, samba brings a whole historical culture of food, varied dances ( miudinho, coco, samba de roda, and pernada ), parties, clothes such as linen shirts, and the NAIF painting of established names such as Nelson Sargento, Guilherme de Brito, and Heitor dos Prazeres.
In addition, several historical structures were demolished from the project.
In addition to the historical events outlined above, the Book of Ether contains several interpolations by Moroni, regarding points of doctrine or lessons illuminated by the actions of the Jaredites, such as how faith works and the importance of following Jesus Christ to be blessed as a nation.
The construction of new airports or addition of runways to existing airports, is often resisted by local residents because of the effect on countryside, historical sites, local flora and fauna.
In addition to these four mainstream branches, there are a number of much smaller groups which, like Protestants, originated from disputes with the dominant tradition of their original areas, but are usually not referred to as Protestants because they lack historical ties to the Reformation, and usually lack a classically Protestant theology.
In addition, the Great Vowel Shift, a historical linguistic process in which the quality of many vowels in English changed while the spelling remained as it was, greatly diminished the transparency of English spelling in relation to pronunciation.
In addition studies are mandated in pastoral care and psychology, the historical development of Judaism ; and academic biblical criticism.
Its rabbinic studies are mandated in pastoral care, the historical development of Judaism, and academic biblical criticism, in addition to the traditional study of rabbinic texts.
Le Havre ’ s historical significance in urban planning and revolutionary architecture culminated in the site ’ s addition to the World Heritage list under the UNESCO in 2005 ( Global Compact Cities Program 2007 ).
:: This latest addition to the beautiful Bandar Seri Begawan is strategically overlooking the historical Kg.
In addition to soliciting and administering unrestricted funds, the foundation also administers donor-designated funds supporting particular educational, humanitarian, historical preservation, and peer recognition programs of the IEEE.
PASSIA hosts regular work ­ shops that address different but inter-connected issues pertaining to Je ­ rusalem, such as freedom of access, Israeli settlements, and the various religious, politi ­ cal, cultural, historical, and civil as ­ pects of life in the city, in addition to municipal ar ­ rangements for Jeru ­ salem as the capital of two independent states.
In addition to his 1801 work, he wrote various other historical works, among which are Ueberlieferungen zur Geschichte unserer Zeit ( Contributions to the History of Our Time, 1811 – 27 ) and Des Schweizerlandes Geschichte für das Schweizervolk ( History of Switzerland for the Swiss People, 1822, 8th ed.
In addition to being the spiritual leader of 300 million Orthodox Christians worldwide, he is the direct administrative superior of dioceses and archdioceses serving millions of Greek, Ukrainian, Rusyn and Albanian believers in North and South America, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Hong Kong, Korea, Southeast Asia and parts of modern Greece which, for historical reasons, do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Church of Greece.

addition and artifacts
The prehistory of arithmetic is limited to a small number of artifacts which may indicate conception of addition and subtraction, the best-known being the Ishango bone from central Africa, dating from somewhere between 20, 000 and 18, 000 BC although its interpretation is disputed.
In addition there are large numbers of cultural artifacts such as vernacular novels, how-to books, and children's books, which are in the process of being analyzed for clues as to how the average Chinese ( if there was such as thing ) lived.
Tours are available for the small museum, and the well-preserved ruins of a crossroads civilisation: in addition to the cultures mentioned above, Motian artifacts display Egyptian, Corinthian, Attic, Roman, Punic and Hellenic influences.
In addition to bone and man-made artifacts, archeologists find the remains of 100 extinct bison about twice the size of modern size.
In addition to the period log houses there is a museum with a short film on the life and times of James Knox Polk along with period clothes and other artifacts of the area and era.
In addition, the museum, which also chronicles modern times, displays hundreds of artifacts from other parts of the area's past to teach young and old alike.
In addition, community festivals that display many of the historical artifacts are conducted yearly, and a comprehensive plan is underway with five neighboring municipalities.
In addition, access to Kryptonian technology and artifacts is initially severely restricted such as the ship containing a phantom zone projector and Braniac's technology, although Superman later finds a devastated colony in Krypton's solar system with partially salvagable technology in addition to Kara In-Ze in her functioning cryostasis capsule.
The preliminary conditions already agreed on in Paris were moderate for France to not disturb the re-enthronement of the returned Bourbon king: France ' borders of 1 June 1792 were confirmed, and in addition, she was allowed to retain Saarbrücken, Saarlouis, Landau, the County of Montbéliard, part of Savoy with Annecy and Chambéry, also Avignon and the Comtat Venaissin as well as artifacts acquired during the war, while on the other hand she had to cede several colonies.
This overlapping, in addition to the energy-compaction qualities of the DCT, makes the MDCT especially attractive for signal compression applications, since it helps to avoid artifacts stemming from the block boundaries.
In addition, high-frequency response in the FM video demodulator and A / D-D / A converters was extended and flattened, increasing resolution and reducing visible digital artifacts.
In addition to the over 30, 000 artifacts, the museum also has a collection of 30, 000 photographs as well as a large collection of charts and rare books.
In addition, Interstel employees are instructed to seek missing information about Arth's history, ancient artifacts, and planets with optimum environments for colonization.
In addition to artifacts from the China Trade period, the museum's grounds include a log cabin replica and a collection of Lincoln memorabilia.
In addition, there is combination of informative educational displays ( mainly about water and sewage ), an old-fashioned film theatre, and collections of artifacts and pictures ranging from domestic appliances to trams.
In addition to a comprehensive look at how to DM a 4th Edition campaign or adventure, it contains information on building encounters, aquatic and mounted combat, skill challenges, traps and hazards, rewards, NPC creation, artifacts, monster creation, and template, along with a sample town and short adventure so that DMs can start running their first 4th Edition adventure right away.
In addition to the flint and bone artifacts three tiny earrings from lignite were found.
In addition to the rolling stock, there is a museum building housing a wide variety of railroad artifacts, an archive, and photography gallery.
Some of these chests represent various events that increase the hero's inherent abilities, such as magical strength or weekly income ; others may contain one of eight artifacts, which themselves provide a piece of the map, in addition to conferring their own unique powers.
Several other Time Lord artifacts named after him have a technological function, in addition to their ceremonial roles:
In addition to these, the museum has a large section devoted to artifacts found at Beycesultan Hüyük that includes some of the most beautiful examples of Bronze Age craft.
In addition, many of the false objects due to artifacts around the halos and diffraction spikes of the bright stars were identified and corrected as well as a number of reported errors.
The pavilion gallery is glass addition, which has two levels for which to display artifacts.
25E has been obliterated over several miles of its length and the original grade restored, including the addition of of elevation to restore the Gap to its original contour, with virtually all modern artifacts, buildings and roads removed.

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