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addition and Mark
Its producers Mark Liggett and Chris Barbosa changed and refined the electro funk sound with the addition of Latin-American rhythms and a syncopated drum-machine sound.
Critical scholarship generally holds to the two-source hypothesis as most probable, which argues that the author used the Gospel of Mark and the hypothetical Q document in addition to unique material, as sources for the gospel.
Mark Taylor then started pursuing increased quality in addition to better speed, and released version 3. 0 featuring gpsycho, a new psychoacoustic model he developed.
" In addition, official letters from the FBI in support of a Whitacre pardon were published in Floyd Perry's September 2009 book, Mark Whitacre: Against All Odds.
Some scholars regard the reference in Mark as a late addition, and the reference is possibly based on the Gospel of Luke.
They were, in addition to Gutfreund, sharpshooting coach Kehat Shorr, track and field coach Amitzur Shapira, fencing master Andre Spitzer, weightlifting judge Yakov Springer, wrestlers Eliezer Halfin and Mark Slavin, and weightlifters David Berger and Ze ' ev Friedman.
In addition to Phil Simms and Lawrence Taylor, the team was led during this period by head coach Bill Parcells, tight end Mark Bavaro, running back Joe Morris, and Hall of Fame linebacker Harry Carson.
We learn in Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead, that in the Doctor's future he will upgrade the sonic screwdriver, in addition to Mark VI settings, " red settings " and " damper settings ".
In addition to their great passing attack the Raiders also had a powerful running game, led by fullback Mark van Eeghen ( 1, 012 rushing yards, 17 receptions ) and halfback Clarence Davis ( 516 rushing yards, 27 receptions ).
In addition, Buffalo's defense knocked Chiefs quarterback Steve DeBerg out of the game and intercepted backup quarterback Mark Vlasic four times
In addition to the third devaluation of the Thai Baht, on September 22, 1985, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, France and West Germany agreed to sign the Plaza Accord to depreciate the U. S. Dollar in relation to the Japanese Yen and the German Deutsche Mark.
The Oilers were a young, strong team featuring, in addition to Gretzky, future Hall of Famers including forwards Mark Messier, Glenn Anderson and Jari Kurri, defenceman Paul Coffey, and goaltender Grant Fuhr.
The exception for divorce at Matthew 5: 32 in the case of porneia may be a Matthean addition ; it is not present in Luke 16: 18, Mark 10: 11, or 1 Cor 7: 10 – 11 ; and in 1 Cor 7: 12 – 16, Paul gives his own exceptions to Jesus ' teaching.
In addition, there were exhibitions of Mark Tobey's paintings and of Asian art, drawn from the collections of the Seattle Art Museum ; and an additional exhibition of 72 " masterpieces " ranging from Titian, El Greco, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, and Rubens through Toulouse-Lautrec, Monet, and Turner to Klee, Braque, and Picasso, with no shortage of other comparably famous artists represented.
In addition, Mark occasionally uses an unusual word or phrase where Matthew uses a common word.
In addition to releasing albums under the moniker 7 & 7iS, he has recorded several instrumental albums with bandmate Mark Harmon.
In addition to his own material, Keaggy recorded two Mark Heard songs for the album: " I Always Do " and " Everything is Alright.
In addition to his own recordings, Norman produced music on his Solid Rock label for Randy Stonehill, Mark Heard, Tom Howard, Pantano / Salsbury, David Edwards, and Salvation Air Force.
In addition to the above release, a separate album featuring 40 minutes of Mark Mancina's score from the film was released on 30 August 1994.
In 1987 a redesigned version of the console, now branded as the Master System, was released and featured the addition of a built-in Yamaha YM2413 FM sound chip, a rapid fire unit and 3-D glasses ; all of which had been separate accessories for the Mark III.
The Mark III was built similarly to the SG-1000 II, with the addition of improved video hardware and an increased amount of RAM.
In addition, the city is home to the University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville ( UACCB ), and NASCAR driver Mark Martin.

addition and IV
In addition, Serbia's ruler Milan Obrenović IV was annoyed that Serbian opposition leaders like Nikola Pašić, who had escaped persecution after the Timok Rebellion, had found asylum in Bulgaria.
In addition to that, the Mk IV became in 1967 so far the only racecar built entirely in the United States to win overall at Le Mans, whilst in the previous year Ford won with a British-built chassis and only an engine came from America.
In addition to this warning, additives have now been included into the tablets formulation to make the use of them by the IV route more difficult.
In addition to being a patron of the arts, Sixtus IV was a patron of the sciences.
The Mole Trilogy is made up of parts I, II ( The Tunes of Two Cities ) and IV ( The Big Bubble: Part Four of The Mole Trilogy ), in addition to releases of related material such as Intermission.
The Staufens, in addition to claiming the private Salian lands which clearly fell to them, also claimed all of the crown lands gained under Henry IV and Henry V. Lothair's attempts to seize the crown lands following approval from a group of nobles meeting in Regensburg provoked Staufen reaction.
In addition to miniatures, the production crew made a single, full-size X-wing for scenes in the Rebels ' Yavin IV base hangar ; combined with cardboard cutouts and careful editing, the Rebels appear to have dozens of fighters.
Paid for in the manner typical of the time-from the sale of boxes-in addition to a significant gift from Duke Friedrich IV, Vandelli created a design for the new theatre combining ideas from those in Piacenza, Mantua, and Milan, and it opened on 2 October 1841 with a performance of Gandini's Adelaide di Borgogna al Castello di Canossa, an opera specially commissioned for the occasion.
In addition to Phyllis Potter's son, Eliphalet IV ( known as Peter ), the Astaires had two children.
In addition to chapter II, Tigger also appears in chapters IV, VI, VII, and X of The House at Pooh Corner, and is mentioned in several others.
In addition to his alliance with the low county Bavarians, Philip also made links with the Dukes of Austria and of Savoy, by marrying his daughter Catherine to Leopold IV of Austria, and his daughter Mary to Amadeus VIII Savoy.
In addition to the palaces described below, other sources indicate the existence of a palace founded in the city by Thutmose I, which was still operating under the reign of Tuthmosis IV.
In addition to athletics, Edwardsburg also boasts a flight IV Marching Band.
Further modifications, especially the addition of pointed nose and stern areas, produced the Mk IV.
In CBC mode, the IV must, in addition, be unpredictable at encryption time ; in particular, the ( previously ) common practice of re-using the last ciphertext block of a message as the IV for the next message is insecure ( for example, this method was used by SSL 2. 0 ).
Two former students of Trungpa, John Steinbeck IV and his wife, wrote a sharply critical memoir of their lives with him in which they claim that, in addition to alcohol, Trungpa used $ 40, 000 a year worth of cocaine, and used Seconal to come down from the cocaine.
In addition to the dot-prompt, dBase III, III + and dBase IV came packaged with an ASSIST application to manipulate data and queries, as well as a APPSGEN application which allowed the user to generate applications without resorting to code writing like a 4GL.
Also dating from the artist's years in the service of Philip IV are various " history " paintings including Los Borrachos, Vulcan's Forge and The Surrender of Breda, in addition to two major compositions from the end of his life, namely The Fable of Arachne ( The Spinners ) and Las Meninas.
In addition to siege engineering, the Mongols were also adept at river-work, crossing the river Sajó in spring flood conditions with thirty thousand cavalry soldiers in a single night during the battle of Mohi ( April, 1241 ) to defeat the Hungarian king Bela IV.
Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst, a port of the Xbox version of Episode I & II with the addition of a new Episode IV, was released for Microsoft Windows in 2004 through digital distribution.
Blue Burst features a new episode titled Episode IV along with brand-new enemies, maps, and items, in addition to those included with previous episodes.
The “ Terraza de Plaza ”, the first food court to be established in the island, comprises the third level of the addition, along with two additional movie theaters ( Plaza III and IV ).
Aside from these departures from the norm, the first movement is " hardly able to be perceived as revolutionary " and " is not at all that adventurous, containing a development that ventures only to the levels of IV, II, and VI in addition to the mediant and tonic.

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