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addition and opening
Alkenes react in many addition reactions, which occur by opening up the double-bond.
In addition, the opening of Breezes Super Club and Sandals Resort also aided this turnaround.
In addition to activation sensors automatically opening doors are generally fitted with safety sensors.
In addition to his pioneering work in bringing simple and effective bridge to everyday players, Goren also worked to popularize the Precision bidding method, which is one of many variants of so-called big club or strong club systems ( which use an opening bid of one club to indicate a strong hand ).
Intellivision's packaging and promotional materials, as well as television commercials, promised that with the addition of a soon-to-be-available accessory called the " Keyboard Component ", originally portrayed in TV ads as a larger box with an opening in the top that the Intellivision fit into.
In addition, Ribbentrop hoped that recognizing Wang would be seen as a coup which might add to the prestige of the pro-German Japanese Foreign Minister Yōsuke Matsuoka, who was opposed to opening American-Japanese talks.
In addition, many cities had by-laws to allow some pubs to extend opening hours to midnight or 1 am, whilst nightclubs had long been granted late licences to serve alcohol into the morning.
This was in addition to the S-Bahn North-South Link beneath Potsdamer Platz itself, which went forward to completion, opening in stages in 1939.
In addition, he also composed music for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics opening ceremony.
In addition, the opening theme music has been re-recorded in digital stereo.
Along with the addition of Robert Patrick to the main cast, the sequence used new images and updated photos for Duchovny and Gillian Anderson ( although Duchovny only appears in the opening credits when he himself appears in an episode ).
The majority of the palace buildings are quadrangular in plan, with all the rooms opening on to a central court ; and the whole reached its present size simply by the gradual addition of new quadrangles, designed on the same principle, though varying in dimensions, and connected with each other by smaller rooms and passages.
In addition to the inauguration of Peace Camp, Nicolas Sarkozy visited the site of a Louvre Museum branch which France is opening in the United Arab Emirates.
In addition to replacing the first season opening and the ending logos with Zoot, the Vincent Price episode was edited to remove the song s " I'm Looking Through You " and " You've Got a Friend " ( the latter of which would be removed again when released on the first season DVD ) as well as a sketch with the talking houses, while the Alice Cooper episode removed Robin's performance of " Somewhere Over the Rainbow ".
In addition to the five Douglas Theatres venues in Omaha, two more are opening, including Midtown Crossing Theatres, located on 32nd and Farnam Streets by the Mutual of Omaha Building.
In addition, the sudden opening of a cavity causes rock at sides of the fault to destabilise and implode inwards, the broken rock gets caught up in a churning mixture of rock, steam and boiling water.
In addition, the opening episodes of the first two serials-“ The Wrong End of Time ” and “ The Time of the Ice Box ”-were introduced by Peter Fairley, who was science correspondent for ITN.
In New York City, on April 30, 1951, the Board of Directors of the Knights of Columbus adopted a resolution to amend the text of their Pledge of Allegiance at the opening of each of the meetings of the 800 Fourth Degree Assemblies of the Knights of Columbus by addition of the words " under God " after the words " one nation.
In addition, a meta-reference appears in the opening scene of Back to the Future, in the form of a physical table clock which depicts the Safety Last!
" In addition, an exterior open-air stage was planned for an opening in 2011.
The car on display was nearly identical to the 2CV type A that would be sold the next year, but it lacked an electric starter, the addition of which was decided the day before the opening of the Salon, after female company secretaries had trouble using the pull cord starter.
Though the preface to the poem promises both joyous and dark tales ahead, the Nibelungenlied is by and large a very tragic work, and these four opening verses are believed to have been a late addition to the text, composed after the body of the poem had been completed.
* Technology: Motorola has announced a single-chip satellite navigation receiver, opening the possibility of the addition of location-specific functions to low cost ubiquitous computing devices.
Several changes were made at the traditional opening of the new model year ( beginning August 1964 ), including the addition of back-up lights on some models, the introduction of alternators to replace generators, and an upgrade of the V8 engine from to displacement.

addition and Louvre
The galleries, which the museum had initially hoped to open by 2009, represent the first major architectural intervention at the Louvre since the addition of I. M.
Within the Louvre, in addition to the display of recent works in the Salon of 1802, visitors could see the display of Italian paintings, J. M. W.
In addition to the ceiling creations and wall paintings, Veronese also produced altarpieces ( The Consecration of Saint Nicholas, 1561 – 2, London's National Gallery ), paintings on mythological subjects ( Venus and Mars, 1578, New York Metropolitan Museum of Art ), and portraits ( Portrait of a Lady, 1555, Louvre ).
The chronology of Flinck's works, so far as they are seen in public galleries, comprises, in addition to the foregoing, the Grey Beard of 1639 at Dresden, the Girl of 1641 at the Louvre, a portrait group of a male and female ( 1646 ) at Rotterdam, a lady ( 1651 ) at Berlin.
* 1989 – I. M. Pei's pyramid addition to the Louvre is opened.
All this enormous mass of work, in which Benozzo was probably assisted by Zanobi Macchiavelli, was performed, in addition to several other pictures during his stay in Pisa ( including the Glory of St. Thomas Aquinas, now in the Louvre ), in sixteen years, lasting up to 1485.
In addition to receiving formal academic training, Perry spent much of her time studying the old masters at the Louvre in Paris.

addition and Abu
In addition to the Vietnam War, he has also been through the Iran hostage crisis and the Gulf War, plus a number of missions in the Soviet Union, and claims to have " had Abu Nidal's head in my gunsights ", but never got the green light allowing him to kill the man ( Clear and Present Danger ).
In addition to regular appearances in New Zealand ( currently using the Hamilton Street Circuit ), the series ventured to China at the Shanghai International Circuit in 2005, since 2006 has raced at the Bahrain International Circuit and since 2010 has raced at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi.
In addition to appearing in Tabarī's Tafsīr, it is used in the tafsīrs of Muqātil, ‘ Abdu r-Razzāq and Ibn Kathir as well as the naskh of Abu Ja ‘ far an-Nahhās, the asbāb collection of Wāhidī and even the late-medieval as-Suyūtī's compilation al-Durr al-Manthūr fil-Tafsīr bil-Mathūr.
We note that every time Abu Bakr ( radiAllahu anhu ) offered a greeting, its reply was the same with an addition.
The carrier links Cairo with Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Luxor, Aswan, Marsa Alam, Abu Simbel and Alexandria ( Egypt ) in addition to secondary regional destinations to complement the parent company's pattern of service.
In addition, the document investigates the conditions that led to the torture scandal at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, as well as further evidence of torture having been committed but not made known to the public.
In addition, two villages, including Saddam s birthplace of al-Auja and the small town of Abu Hishma were wrapped in barbed wire and carefully monitored.
In addition to its portal campus in Abu Dhabi, NYU currently operated ten Global sites on five continents.
In addition, she met with Sheikh Hahyan bin Mubarak Al-Nahyan, UAE Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Chancellor of Zayed University in Abu Dhabi.
• This is in addition to supervising The Arabic House ofOud branches, which were inaugurated in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in 2007, and in Constantine, Algeria, and in the library of Alexandria, 2011.
In addition to this work in Asia, KPF has completed projects in the Middle East including the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority Headquarters ( 2007 ) and the Marina Towers ( 2008 ), and has worked in South America, Africa and Australia.
In addition to the historian Baibars al-Dewadar who led the army of Al Karak, Abu al-Fida was another prominent historian who accompanied al-Ashraf in his Levantiane expedition.
In addition, comments allegedly made by Gordon Kromberg, a federal prosecutor in the Eastern District of Virginia, heightened the concerns that Abu Ali had faced torture during his detention and interrogation in Saudi Arabia.
Hadhrat Abu Hurairah ( Radiahallahu Anhu ) narrates this ( above ) Hadith from Rasulallaah ( Sallallahu alayhi wasallam ), with the addition that there is an Ayat in Surah Baqara, which is the chief ayat of the Qur ' aan.
In addition, he is the head of the UAE Offsets Program Bureau and is the head of the Abu Dhabi Education Council which was set up in September 2005 to develop education and vocational training.
In addition to this Abu Bakr assembled a fresh army of Ansar and Muhajireen in Medina that joined Khalid's corps at Butah.
Sorcar-famous magician, acting president of Bangladesh during the war of liberation Syed Nazrul Islam in addition to three other presidents of the country, namely, Justice Abu Sayeed Chowdhury, Ahsanuddin Ahmed Chowdhury.
The Show currently broadcasts throughout the week, because of their new addition to the show Al Qahera Al-Youm Weekend that runs on Thursday and Friday, hosted by presenter shafky Al Monayery and celebrity actor Ezzat Abu Ouf.
Abu ' Ali, in addition to being the ruler of the Samanid vassal state of Chaghaniyan, had been the governor of Khurasan since 939.
* In addition to helping Abu Qatada evade British authorities, the detainee transferred funds between branches of the Arab Bank at Abu Qatada s direction in 1999 or 2000.

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