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addition and being
In San Francisco he has worked with Brew Moore, Charlie Mingus, and other `` swinging '' musicians of secure reputation, thus placing himself within established jazz traditions, in addition to being a part of the San Francisco `` School ''.
And this in addition to his usual fear of being among people of high society, his fear of making some inane or inappropriate remark.
Thus, there has come into being a situation in which the state must raise all of its own revenues and, in addition, must give assistance to its local governments.
But Schnabel was a great teacher in addition to being a great performer, and the fact that four of the ten versions I listened to are by Schnabel pupils ( Clifford Curzon, Frank Glazer, Adrian Aeschbacher, and Victor Babin ) also sheds light on the master's pedagogical skills.
In addition, the effects of the 1988 earthquake, which killed more than 25, 000 people and made 500, 000 homeless, are still being felt.
The high price was likely due to the rare documents and packaging offered in the sale in addition to the computer, including the original packaging ( with the return label showing Steve Jobs ' parents ' address, the original Apple Computer Inc ' headquarters ' being their garage ), a personally typed and signed letter from Jobs ( answering technical questions about the computer ), and the original invoice showing ' Steven ' as the salesman.
In addition to being married to Jochebed, Amram is also described in the Bible as having been related to Jochebed prior to the marriage, although the exact relationship is uncertain ; some Greek and Latin manuscripts of the Septuagint state that Jochebed was Amram's father's cousin, and others state that Amram was Jochebed's cousin, but the Masoretic text states that he was Jochebed's nephew.
As a public hygienic measure in addition to regular cleaning, antimicrobial copper alloys are being installed in healthcare facilities and in a subway transit system.
Titration involves the addition of a reactant to a solution being analyzed until some equivalence point is reached.
The latter flame, in addition, offers a more reducing environment, being ideally suited for analytes with high affinity to oxygen. A laboratory flame photometer that uses a propane operated flame atomizer
Amputations are traumatic experiences that reduce the quality of life for patients in addition to being expensive.
The prehistory of arithmetic is limited to a small number of artifacts which may indicate conception of addition and subtraction, the best-known being the Ishango bone from central Africa, dating from somewhere between 20, 000 and 18, 000 BC although its interpretation is disputed.
In addition to this, there are certain circumstances in which some candidates win what are known as overhang seats when the seats are being distributed.
Most lipids have some polar character in addition to being largely nonpolar.
In addition, if all human hemoglobin were free in the plasma rather than being contained in RBCs, the circulatory fluid would be too viscous for the cardiovascular system to function effectively.
In addition to being buried with her wand, she had received great riches which included horses, a wagon and an Arabian bronze pitcher.
The pope, in addition to being the Bishop of Rome and spiritual head of the Catholic Church, is also the Patriarch of the Latin Rite.
Several scholars consider the book to be anonymous, with verse 1: 1 being a later addition.
In addition to English being the film's primary language, French, Latin, and Scottish Gaelic are also spoken.
Today, there is a palette of attack techniques that a block cipher must be secure against, in addition to being robust against brute force attacks.
In 1846 Robert Smirke was replaced as the Museum's architect by his brother Sydney Smirke, whose major addition was the Round Reading Room 1854 – 1857 ; at in diameter it was then the second widest dome in the world, the Pantheon in Rome being slightly wider.
The next major addition was the White Wing 1882 – 1884 added behind the eastern end of the South Front, the architect being Sir John Taylor.
In 1604 James I ordered some further changes, the most significant of these being the addition to the Catechism of a section on the Sacraments.
In addition to being a place of worship, the cathedral or parish church was used by the community in other ways.
And being a citizen often meant being subject to the city's law in addition to having power in some instances to help choose officials.

addition and one
The networks for military communications are one of the best examples of networks which not only must be changed with the changes in objectives but also must be changed with the addition of new machines of war.
In addition, his definition of a tragedy invites our attention, because a serious and important action may very well be one that tests the moral fiber of the author or of the characters.
In addition one serum was obtained from a donor ( R. E. ) who had been sensitized 6 years previously.
Since emotional reactions in the higher vertebrates depend on individual experience and are aroused in man, in addition, by complex symbols, one would expect that the hypothalamus could be excited from the cortex.
Two very useful ways for modifying a form-dictionary are the addition to the dictionary of complete paradigms rather than single forms and the application of a single change to more than one dictionary form.
During the poetically sterile years he was writing novels at the rate of almost one a year and was, in addition, burdened with bad health ( he spent six months in bed in 1881, too ill to do more than work slowly and painfully at A Laodicean ).
It appears that an Orthodox girl in the community disrupted plans for an outing sponsored by one of the Jewish service groups because she would not travel on Saturday and, in addition, required kosher food.
In addition, several styles of music exist as the known arabo-andalous, one of the singers Chaoui style is Salim Hallali.
Acid-base conjugate pairs differ by one proton, and can be interconverted by the addition or removal of a proton ( protonation and deprotonation, respectively ).
In addition to this standard variety, in everyday life most Austrians speak one of a number of Upper German dialects.
* Melanchrus-he was overthrown sometime between 612 BC and 609 BC by a faction that, in addition to the brothers of Alcaeus, included Pittacus ( later renowned as one of the Seven Sages of Greece ); Alcaeus at that time was too young to be actively involved ;
Alfred's military reorganisation of Wessex consisted of three elements: the building of thirty fortified and garrisoned towns ( burhs ) along the rivers and Roman roads of Wessex ; the creation of a mobile ( horsed ) field force, consisting of his nobles and their warrior retainers, which was divided into two contingents, one of which was always in the field ; and the enhancement of Wessex's seapower through the addition of larger ships to the existing royal fleet.
These operations are compounding ( or the addition of one idea onto another, such as a horn on a horse to create a unicorn ); transposing ( or the substitution of one part of a thing with the part from another, such as with the body of a man upon a horse to make a centaur ); augmenting ( as with the case of a giant, whose size has been augmented ); and diminishing ( as with Lilliputians, whose size has been diminished ).
In addition, ASU is ranked 78th in the world / 45th in the US by the Academic Ranking of World Universities and was named as one of " America's Best College Buys " by Forbes magazine.
One must be careful here ; for instance, some analyses count an addition of two numbers as one step.
According to the special theory of relativity, the aberration looks as a transform of the celestial sphere due to different frames of reference and is virtually a special case of velocity addition, namely one of the light beam and frames ' relative velocity v. The formula from relativistic aberration can be simplified to
In addition, a 2010 Cochrane Collaboration review of trials of Risperidone, one of the biggest selling antipsychotics and the first of the new generation to become available in generic form, found only marginal benefit compared with placebo and that, despite its widespread use, evidence remains limited, poorly reported and probably biased in favor of risperidone due to pharmaceutical company funding of trials.
During the extended peak of the strip, the workload grew to include advertising, merchandising, promotional work, public service comics and other specialty work — in addition to the regular six dailies and one Sunday strip per week.
In addition, Jason Alexander, who performed as Pseudolus in one scene in Jerome Robbins ' Broadway, also won a Tony for Best Actor in a Musical.
In one common challenge students are divided into groups and given a quantity of wood sticks, a distance to span, and glue, and then asked to construct a bridge that will be tested to destruction by the progressive addition of load at the center of the span.
The complement of aircraft carried by the Minas Gerais included at one point six Grumman S-2E antisubmarine planes, in addition to several SH-3D Sea King helicopters and Aérospatiale Super Puma and HB-350 Esquilo helicopters.
The phrase ' advanced composites ' in FRP construction may indicate the addition of carbon fibre, kevlar ( tm ) or other similar materials, but it may also indicate other methods designed to introduce less expensive and, by at least one yacht surveyor's eyewitness accounts, less structurally sound materials.
For one thing they had too good an opinion of their own ability ... Another point was their faulty field dispositions, and in addition there was rampant indiscipline and inexperience displayed ...
Zosimus consistently refers to the migrants as " Scythians " ( unlike Ammianus, who refers to them as " Goths "), specifically stating at one point that, in addition, " Goths, Taifali and other tribes " were involved.

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